Reincarnation (11–12)

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【Hundreds of Reincarnation】(11)[Reincarnation of a hundred generations]

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[Chapter Eleven] Unlucky Love

After the three girls returned to the dormitory, they immediately started chatting, and the topics they were discussing were exactly the same.It's Xiaobai Festival.

"Tell me, isn't that Xiaobaijie very handsome? Almost like the male protagonist who came out of a comic.That's it. "Chen Yijun said with a sigh. Among the three, she can say that she appreciates Xiao Baijie the most.Whether it's appearance, clothing, words or deeds, they all perfectly match the prince charming in my mindThe standard image, and Chen Yijun couldn't help showing his interest in Xiaobai Festival several times tonight.Gaffe.

"If you want me to say, I still think Brother Tianci is more handsome. I will leave handsome Xiao Xiao to the two of you."Zhou Jieyi shook her head and said.

"Zhou, Xiao, Yi! I've said it several times, don't get my brother's idea! And I'm also against this Mr. XiaoIf you're not interested, I'll leave it to you, little sister Yijun. "Song Sihan heard Zhou Jieyi's words and immediately corrected her words.Strictly warned Zhou Jieyi, then patted Chen Yijun on the shoulder and said.

"Hey! I said Song Sihan, you are too mean, right? I would rather be cheaper than other women in the futureintended for me to have him. Okay, I know you don't want to call me sister-in-law, do you? At most, I promise you not to call me in the future! returnIs... you actually want incest? "Zhou Jieyi said to Song Sihan not to be outdone.

"You... I told you to talk nonsense, I told you to talk nonsense!" Song Sihan had never won Zhou Jieyi in bickering,Of course, this time is no exception, and there are some flushed cheeks as if they were hit to the point, speechless, rushing forward immediatelyIn the past, he scratched Zhou Jieyi's hands up and down.

The two girls scratched each other's armpit, side waist and other parts, making both of them tremble with laughter.On the ground, disheveled and rolling on the bed. If this scene is seen by any man, the eyes must beIt will straighten up, and the dripping saliva will flow all over the basin.

"Hey, seriously, why don't you let me chase after your brother? I really think he's pretty good, he looksHe is also handsome, thrifty, and serious and responsible..." After the two finally stopped to catch their breath, Zhou JieyiCounting Song Tianci's strengths with his fingers again, he asked Song Sihan.

"Hey...don't do it, this is really weird!" Song Sihan frowned, shook his head and refused. besideThe two girls beside him didn't notice that Zhou Jieyi's complexion had gradually returned to normal while playing the scratching game together.Song Sihan's face was still flushed.

"Oh...please, Sihan, I really like him, for your good sister, let me be accommodatingCan't you? "Zhou Jieyi suddenly begged Song Sihan seriously, without any sense of joking.

"You...Are you serious?" Song Sihan looked at Zhou Jieyi's appearance, his face changed slightly.

" didn't mean it when you told me three years ago, did you?" Song Sihan saw Zhou JieyiAfter nodding his head, he asked again.

"Well... yes... Seriously, I have been secretly in love with your brother for three years... You have made me happy!" Zhou Jieyi blushedFace, said to Song Sihan like a confession, lowered his head shyly, not daring to look directly at Song Sihan.

"You...I...I'm serious too! If you really dare to touch my brother, we don't even have sistersGotta do it! "Song Sihan looked at Zhou Jieyi, his face changed, and finally left a word coldly, aloneLeft the bedroom.

Hearing Song Sihan's decisive words, Zhou Jieyi raised her head in a daze, but only saw Song Sihan's leaving back.Shadow, staring blankly at Song Sihan's leaving direction, his two big eyes were instantly filled with moisture, and then two tears flowed along thewith cheeks dripping down.

"Stingy, don't argue with her, Jieyi." Chen Yijun, who was on the side, came to Zhou Jieyi's side,Patting her on the back comforted her.

"It's not like you don't know, that's her mine. When did you pretend to be joking and ask her, isn't sheHow about a serious rejection of you? "Chen Yijun continued.

"I really don't know what's wrong with her. Every time I talk about this topic, it's like trying to rob her husband.Choking too much..." Chen Yijun muttered.

Suddenly, the two looked up at each other, thinking of the same possibility in their hearts.

"Tell me, she won't be real..." Zhou Jieyi asked nastyly, but she couldn't think of anything elsePossibility, can make Song Sihan, who attaches great importance to the friendship between the three handkerchiefs, lose such a big temper.

"Should, no way..." Chen Yijun murmured unconvincingly, but the past floated up in her heartExcept for this incident, it seems that Song Sihan has never lost his temper...not at all! Song Sihan in other thingsEmotionally, it can be said that he is tolerant to the two of them in every possible way, without the slightest temper, and never cares...

"What should I do?" The two looked at each other for a long while, but their eyes became more and more certain, and they finally asked at the same time.mouth to.

Song Sihan was walking alone in the campus, but the direction was unknowingly walking in the direction of the boys' dormitory;Lines of tears hung on his face, and the tears continued to drip down from his chin or cheeks.

"Bing..." The phone rang. Song Sihan looked down, wiped the tears off his face quickly, andAfter taking a few deep breaths, he picked it up.

the"elder brother……"

"Well, have you returned to the dormitory yet?" Song Tianci's voice came from the microphone.

"Well, I'm back." In order not to worry Song Tianci, Song Sihan said.

"Why are you so quiet? Where did your two noisy girls go?" Song Tianci asked suspiciously.

"Oh...they...they went to take a bath." Song Sihan said with an idea.

"Oh... no wonder, let me tell you, I found a job today." Song Tianci came from the phone with a happy tone.The words came.

"Ah? Really? So fast? Did you look for a job today?" Song Sihan asked in surprise.

"That's right, I'm fine after tidying up anyway, and I don't like shopping, so I went out to look for a job." Song TianciyuQuickly answered.

Thinking of being happily shopping at the night market with his sisters, Song Tianci was going to the merchants one by one.Song Sihan couldn't help but feel sour when asked if there was a shortage of people, and if he wanted to recruit work students. Plus just now and twoThe sister's unhappiness caused Song Sihan's tears to burst again in an instant, out of control.

"You... Sihan, what's the matter with you?" Song Tianci asked nervously when he heard the sobbing sound from the microphone.

" just..." Hearing Song Tianci's anxious tone, Song Sihan feltYi Nuan wanted to stop crying so as not to make the other party nervous, but he couldn't.

"I'm going to find you in the girls' dormitory now, and wait for me downstairs!" Song Tianci said involuntarily, and hung up the phone.Words, people have rushed out of the dormitory.

Song Sihan raised his head and looked around, trying to find out where he was loitering so that he could find the direction to go back to his daughter.Downstairs in the student dormitory, I found that I had reached the corner of Changxing Street, and was about to call Song Tianci, but I had seenA familiar figure appeared across the road, running towards him across the road.

"Brother!" Seeing Song Tianci appearing in front of him, Song Sihan, who had mixed feelings, couldn't help but throw himself into him immediately.In her arms, she cried bitterly while holding him.

"What's the matter? Tell brother." Song Tianci ran out of the dormitory in a hurry, and saw Song Sihan standing on the roadNext to the side near the school, see that there are no vehicles on both sides, and don't care about the zebra crossing, just cross like thisMa Lu came in front of Song Sihan, but unexpectedly, the other party rushed into his arms and hugged him, crying loudly.

Song Tianci patted Song Sihan's back gently, and after Song Sihan vented, his emotions stabilized slightly.After that, he repeated the question just now.

"I... that..." Song Sihan was awkward, but he was lying in Song Tianci's arms, unable to vomit a word.In a word.

"Hey, just say it, I have a brother to support you." Song Tianci patted Song Sihan's head and said encouragingly.

"It's that Zhou Jieyi...she said...she said she likes you and wants to chase you back." Song Sihan hesitatedTalking spittingly, Song Tianci's face flushed red while hiding in Song Tianci's arms.

"This... what's the matter? Didn't she joke with you a few years ago?" Song Tianci was dumbSuddenly laughing, just crying over such a small thing? It's really a woman's heart, the sea needle...

"She... She is very serious this time... I don't agree, and then we had a big fight." Song SiHan said coquettishly.

"Jieyi...she...she's a nice girl, and she's your good friend, why don't you let herdo you like me? Or do you think your brother and I are not good enough for her? " Song Tianci asked suspiciously, he really couldn't figure it out.I understand what these little girls are thinking.

"Because... I just don't allow it!...Who said you're not good enough for her?'s just you like her too? "Song Sihan was still acting coquettishly, talking intermittently,Suddenly thinking of what Song Tianci said just now when he praised the other party as a good girl, his face suddenly changed, and he raised his head to look at Song Tianciasked.

"What? Are you forbidding me to like her? What's wrong with her?" Song Tianci hadn't noticed Song Sihan yet.Having misunderstood what he said, he still asked back in puzzlement.

" really like her...?" Song Sihan left Song Tianci's embrace like lightning, his face paleBai looked at Song Tianci and asked.

"Uh... I didn't say that I like her, I'm just curious, why don't you allow me to like her?Does she like me? "Song Tianci saw Song Sihan's reaction, and quickly explained, but there was a trace of doubt in his heart graduallyrising.

"Because...because...I don't want to call her sister-in-law, it's very strange..." Song Sihan mutteredAfter a long time, a flash of inspiration finally came to his mind, and he used Zhou Jieyi's words that made fun of him just now as an excuse.

"Uh... okay." Song Tianci had a reason why he couldn't laugh or cry. His younger sister sometimes reallyIt's not growing up, the reason is as unreasonable as a three-year-old child.

"However, regarding Jieyi, don't treat her like this in the future. After all, whoever she likes is her freedom. II don't want you to lose a good friend because of this kind of thing. " Song Tianci said earnestly.

"I don't want to either, case she really comes after you..." Song Sihan said aggrievedlywith.

"Since my good sister is not allowed, of course I won't like her... Well, but if I refuseIt's too direct, it doesn't seem too good, huh? ...Oh, anyway, your brother and I will have a solution when the time comes,calm down! "Song Tianci patted his chest and said.

"No, she's so cute and has such a good figure. If you can't control yourself, how can you fall in love with her?manage? "Song Sihan still shookhead.

"Forget it... I don't care about you, you can do whatever you want.... But, speaking of it, yourNoisy classmate, his figure is really... tsk tsk tsk. "Song Tianci waved his hand, not wanting to argue withSong Sihan argued, but changed the subject, and commented on Zhou Jieyi's figure with a longing look.

"Brother! You...don't think too much!...Moreover, they actually have...not to lose..." Song SihanAngrily, he punched Song Tianci, but his words became softer and quieter, completely ignorant of herWhat are you talking about.

"Hey, it's getting late. Shouldn't you go back to the dormitory?" Song Tianci was punched by Song Sihan firmly.Hit in the chest, unexpectedly the other party was serious! In order to resolve the situation that I just thought of my sister and friend,Feeling embarrassingly obscene, he changed the subject.

"I... I just quarreled with them, and I don't want to... go back tonight." Song Sihan said sadly.

"Oh...then go to my place, my roommate hasn't come yet." Song Tianci said indifferently.Before the death of the grandfather, the two brothers and sisters lived in the same room. It was not until after the death of the grandfather that Song Tianci moved to the room of the grandfather.In Grandpa's room.

Song Tianci brought Song Sihan back to the dormitory. Although there were not so many people who reported on the first day,Still after entering the dormitory, on the short journey to the dormitory, I met a few people. T big manThe student dormitory does not have access control, and girls are not prohibited from entering, but this is a dormitory for freshmen after all.Everyone was surprised to see Song Sihan following Song Tianci.

"Isn't this guy too dick? He brought his sister back on the first day of his stay."The thoughts in the hearts of the students.

Seeing the strange looks in everyone's eyes, Song Tianci, who didn't think there was anything at first, also felt a little embarrassed, while Song Tianci who was on the sideSihan blushed even more, buried her head and hid behind Song Tianci, and returned to the dormitory step by step.

"Okay, I've made all the beds, so you can go to sleep; I'll just pick one and deal with it." Song Tianci pointedHe pointed to his bed and said.

"But you are so hard, you don't even have a mattress, and you don't even have a quilt..." Song Sihan looked at the otherThe three empty beds said in embarrassment.

"It's okay, it's just for one night... As for the quilt... just use this as a quilt." Song TianShi opened the wooden wardrobe, took out a thin coat and said.

Song Sihan was about to take off his shoes and get ready to go to bed when he suddenly remembered something. He touched his arm and looked at the woman lying on the bed.Song Tianci on the Internet was hesitant to speak.

"What's the matter?" Song Tianci asked when he turned his head and saw Song Sihan's behavior.

" haven't...haven't taken a shower yet." Song Sihan said shyly.

"Ah?...I don't have your change of clothes here, why don't you bear with it and go back to your dorm tomorrow morningShall I wash it? "Song Tianci said in embarrassment upon hearing the words.

"But, I feel so sticky, I can't sleep!" Song Sihan touched his arms and calves,Looking sad, she looked at Song Tianci with pitiful eyes, and said coquettishly.

"Oh... I really can't do anything about you." Song Tianci got up from the bed helplessly, and used his toiletHe handed the tool to Song Sihan, and took out a large T-shirt and a pair of sports shorts from the closet.

Song Tianci brought Song Sihan to the public bathroom. The men's room of T University is famous for being old and dirty.Seeing Song Sihan frowning, fortunately, it is late now, and there are not many people who have already moved into the dormitory, but noneOther male students are using it.

Song Sihan picked a relatively clean compartment and drew up the curtain; Song Tianci was guarding outside, so as toPrevent other students from intruding. Maybe it was because it was too dirty, Song Sihan washed it out after ten minutes.The usual time was reduced by half.

The two returned to the dormitory, Song Tianci didn't say anything else, and took the toilet paper bag from Song Sihan's handThe washbasin was brought over, and seeing Song Sihan spread the towel on it, feeling inexplicable, he opened it,Only then did I see the two undergarments below.

"I...I'll dry it by myself." Song Tianci took away the washbasin as soon as Song Sihan entered the door, and before he could say anythingThe towel was lifted before he could stop it, and he quickly picked up the two clothes in the basin with a blushing face and said.

Song Tianci scratched his head in embarrassment, and silently put away the washbasin; he thought Song Sihan would continue to wearThe original underwear, but she didn't expect that she took it off and washed it. She planned to dry it tonight, and when she got up tomorrow,just wear it.

Just now, after a glimpse, Song Tianci discovered that his sister's underwear... Although the style is very simple, it isThe seems that this...has matured a lot. Song Tianci has always been, although Song Sihan in his eyesHe grows up and matures day by day, but in his eyes, that impression stays in the day with two braids tied.In the image of a real girl, it was only at this moment that she suddenly realized that her sister was already a mature woman.

"I'm sorry, I don't know..." Song Tianci turned around with a little embarrassment and apology, and said halfwayHis words were interrupted by the sight in front of him.

Just now, Song Tianci just caught a glimpse of his sister walking out of the corner of his eye, so he turned around and turned on the dim light in the bathroom.Turn it off, and return to the dormitory without looking back; now I turned around and saw my sister's body after getting out of the bath.She looks like... a charming goblin who will bring disaster to the country and the people!

Song Sihan's straight hair was loose, with a few strands left at the ends.The water is dripping down, with the pureThe really flawless, delicate and lively face is as delicate and charming as a lotus emerging from water. Song Tianci wide white T-shirt coverOn Song Sihan's slender body, because it was slightly splashed wet, it was more close to the surface of Song Sihan's body,It made the exquisite and curvy concave-convex figure fully displayed. Because of the dripping water from the tip of the hair, the chest was soakedIt looks a little transparent when wet, and the two pink spots are faintly visible.

And the lower body was even more astonishing. The shorts I gave her were actually held in her hand! Maybe it's because SongThe T-shirt given by God was too long for Song Sihan, and it directly covered Song Sihan's lower body, including buttocks and thighs.Half of the thigh is inside, so there is no need to wear shorts. For others who don't know, maybeFortunately, it's not as good as the shock from the upper body; but Song Tianci is a person who knows, the panties have been taken off to wash,The shorts I gave her are also in my hands. Doesn't this mean... Song Sihan's lower body is... nothingwear it!

Song Sihan saw Song Tianci staring at him in a daze, couldn't help but his cheeks turned red, and felt a little nervous.While feeling ashamed, more of it is pride and joy; I have never seen Song Tianci with such eyes and expressions.I looked at myself affectionately, but it was this kind of look, which I had been looking forward to for a long time, and when those men saw me,similar eyes...

"Your shorts don't have a liner, so it's uncomfortable to wear directly..." Song Sihan saw Song Tianci's eyes wander toWhen he was holding the shorts in his hand, he threw the shorts over and said in his mouth.

"Gulu." After Song Sihan threw the shorts in his hands over, there was nothing covering his hands, and he was temptingThe scene was more clearly seen, making Song Tianci swallow a mouthful of saliva with difficulty.

"Uh... go to sleep." Song Tianci finally came back to his senses, turned around and lay down on his bed in embarrassment, and saidSaid vaguely.

"Hee look so cute." Song Sihan's teasing voice came from next to my ear,A sticky "Brother" made Song Tianci's heart flutter, and the scene just now appeared in his mind again.Now; Song Tianci quickly got rid of the distracting thoughts in his mind, and at the same time secretly sighed in his heart that his sister had really grown up, soFinally, be careful to avoid similar embarrassing and ambiguous scenes, but feel a fiery tender body sticking from behindClose to him, two groups of soft objects cling to his back.

"Don't...don't make a fuss...go back to sleep." Feeling the two balls of softness rubbing against his back, he evenWhen it gradually became clear that the two small bumps were gradually hardening, Song Tianci wanted to reprimand him dryly, sayingThere was no harsh feeling at the exit, but the trembling tone was extremely obvious.

"No, I haven't hugged my brother to sleep for a long time." Song Sihan behind Song Tianci had alreadyHis cheeks were flushed, he was very shy, his heart was beating thumping, and the sound of his heartbeat was getting faster and faster, even he seemed to hear it.but there is a voice in my mind telling me that I have to be more active, this is a rare opportunityYes, a good opportunity to confess, I must seize it!

Feeling Song Sihan's soft female body behind her, her waist is surrounded by the other's delicate hands, and a few strands on the back of her neckThe light brushing of the hair brought a faint crispy and itchy feeling; Song Tianci suddenly felt very comfortable, and his heart burst into tears.An idea that seems to be good if it goes on like this.

Seeing that Song Tianci no longer objected, feeling that the other party's stiff body seemed to be relaxing, Song SiThere was a trace of joy in Han's heart, resisting the shyness in his heart, and constantly encouraging himself to tell himself to be better.With one step, Song Sihan leaned close to Song Tianci's ear, quietly stuck out his tongue, and moved towards Song Tianci's ear with a trembling hand.Advance between the legs.

A moist feeling came from the base of my ear, and a warm hand touched the inside of my thigh at the same time.On the side, Song Tianci lightly touched the hard object between his legs, and Song Tianci lost his soul when the fire suddenly burned.Song Tianci suddenly turned around and hugged the delicate carcass behind him.

Looking at the shy and innocent beautiful face with red clouds in front of her eyes;There is a flood of water vapor hidden under the hair, which is hazy and seductive and makes people lose their minds. A string that was tense in Song Tianci's heart suddenly brokeNow, in a daze, her fiery lips covered Song Sihan's tender lips, eager and intensesucking.

A powerful sense of happiness and dizziness hit, Song Sihan only felt that he was going crazy with joy, and his body was tense.Trembling, the lips opened unconsciously, inviting the other person to enter, the lips and tongue were jerky but eagerly catered to the other personkiss.

The matter seemed to be out of control. The passionate kiss between the two ignited the passion, and it was the first time to taste the intimate contact between a man and a woman.Feeling dizzy, both of them groped each other's body with their hands; suddenly Song Tianci got into the other's T-shirtHis hand touched Song Sihan's chest, and held the soft and elastic breasts, making Song Sihan send out a sigh of relief.There was a sound of exhortation; and Song Sihan's hand also got into Song Tianci's pajama pants, holding the already hard chest.big cock.

Perhaps it was too excited, or Song Sihan was inexperienced and too jerky. In short, Song Sihan's nails were not good enough.Carefully stabbed the soft and sensitive part of Song Tianci's small head, causing Song Tianci to feel a slight painFeeling; it was this small tingling that made Song Tianci agitated, came to his senses, and suddenly felt a sharp painBounced backwards, the body slammed into the concrete wall with great force.

"What are you doing? She is your sister!" Song Tianci asked himself in his mind, feeling remorsefulIncomparably, my sister is still young and ignorant, and she is just beginning to fall in love; but I can't help but do such thingsCome on, Song Tianci scolded himself in shame, blaming himself for everything.

"Brother, what's the matter? Does it hurt?" Song Sihan leaned against her fiery delicate body again, and asked with concern.

"Sister, I'm sorry, it's all brother's fault..." Song Tianci said hoarsely.

"You...why do you say that?" Song Sihan's heart clicked, and he felt a bad feeling.

"Xiaohan, we can't do's wrong..." Song Tianci grabbed his head with both handsPulling hard, he said in pain.

"Brother, don't do this... I don't understand, what's wrong with it... Do you know? I treat you..."Song Sihan stepped forward and took Song Tianci's hands to stop his self-harm, and said eagerly.

"Stop talking!" Song Tianci roared.

"I want to say, I just like you!...Brother, in fact, we..." Song Sihan seemed to risk everythingSaid loudly to Song Tianci.

"If you still think of me as your brother, stop talking!" Song Tianci interrupted Song Sihan very seriouslyHe looked at Song Sihan and said.

Sensing Song Tianci's eyes, Song Sihan suddenly felt panic and froze in place. he knowsAs long as Song Tianci shows such eyes, it means that he has made a decision, and no one can change it!

Looking at Song Tianci in front of her, she didn't dare to imagine that if she continued to speak, she would have feelings for the two of them.How much damage is done.

Thinking of how he almost blurted out the secret that had been hidden in his heart for many years just now, Song Sihan wished so much to continueAfter saying that sentence, just one more second, I said it myself!

However, now that she has regained her senses, she can no longer muster up the courage to say it again!

Because once you say it, if Song Tianci doesn't have that kind of feeling towards him...they might really get along with each other.Even brothers and sisters can't do it... Now, at least he still loves his brother, and he can still rely on himStanding beside him, looking at him, playing and laughing with him, enjoying the care he takes for me...

Song Sihan didn't dare to gamble. Even though she knew in her heart that Song Tianci had the right to know this secret, she stillShe chose to conceal it selfishly... She had to wait, she had to be convinced that Song Tianci also fell in love with her, and then she had the courage to tell himOnly by revealing this secret can she be sure that she will not lose him after telling the truth.

Suppressing the tears that were about to burst, Song Sihan numbly got up, went back to her bed and lay down, buried her head in theinto the pillow, and let the tears flow down the cheeks.

And Song Tianci pursed his lips, watching Song Sihan's mechanical movements, suppressing the unbearable and wanting to comfort himHer impulsiveness allowed the other party to return to the bed; looking at Song Sihan who was trembling and sobbing, Song Tianci couldn't bear it.He closed his eyes in a hurry, cursing his obscenity in his heart, and tears of regret overflowed from the corners of his eyes.

This night was a sleepless night.

*** *** *** ***

The morning sun slanted into the room, and Song Sihan, who was in a haze, woke up from his sleep. last night in painAfter crying, she lay in a daze on the bed and didn't fall asleep until dawn.

I got up and saw that there was a breakfast on the table, and a note under a cup of soy milk.

Song Sihan picked up the note and took a look. It turned out that Song Tianci had already started work today. look in front of me likeSong Sihan felt sweet in his heart after eating a bag of decocted buns and a cup of iced soy milk, but when he thought of the conflict last night, he couldn't help it.I don't feel sad.

Looking at the neatly folded clothes beside the bed, the clothes that Song Tianci took off had been dried, including his own underwear.Clothes and panties, and it reminded me of the two who almost had a close relationship last night... Song Sihan was a little shy and sweet, and was deeply attracted.He took a deep breath, cheered himself up, and told himself not to give up.

He changed his clothes, picked up Song Tianci's washbasin and went out to wash, but after a while, his face was flushed.Under everyone's surprised and amazed eyes, he came back with a jog.

Song Sihan was sipping breakfast when the phone rang.

It turned out that it was Chen Yijun who called, reminding himself that the three of them and Xiao Bai were saving money.

Originally, after quarreling with Zhou Jieyi, I planned to go to work with Song Tianci today, but things happened.Things have changed, and going to him now seems to only embarrass the two of them. Besides, I forgot to ask SongThere is no way to go to the place of work given by God.

Song Sihan thought about it, he would have to face Zhou Jieyi sooner or later, not to mention the other three Song Tianci today.The roommate might come to report, so after answering Chen Yijun's call, Song Sihan went back to her room.The dormitory and the two girls met first, and then they set off for the school gate together.

Contrary to Song Sihan's expectation, the two women kept silent about what happened last night, and Song Sihan was naturally happy.This way let it pass without embarrassment.

Xiaobaijie appeared on time at ten o'clock, and the three girls had already taken several pieces of money from the bulletin board in the school before.A landlord's phone number and address, so a group of four people started a house inspection tour.

The three girls accompanied Xiao Baijie, watching from room to room, but Xiao Baijie just smiled and said nothing.After Dong left, he smiled and shook his head at the three girls; finally, after looking at the fifth room, Chen Yijun couldn't help asking Xiao Baijie where he was.What kind of house do you like, and why are you not satisfied with the few houses you have seen?

"Do all the rented houses in country T look like this?" XiaoBai Jie asked the three of them back.

"Uh... what else? Isn't the house rented in country M like this?" The three of them were taken aback when they heard the words, and looked at each otherAfter watching for a while, Chen Yijun asked a question.

"The ones we just looked at, with only a small room and a small bathroom, are called studios in ourIt is rare; but it is generally apartment-style, that is, there are kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. "XiaoBai Jie said.

"I'm more used to the ones with a little more room to move around. Isn't there any in Taipei?" Xiao Baijie continued.

It was only then that the three girls suddenly realized that what Xiao Baijie was looking for was not a student apartment at all, but an ordinary family living room.Apartment.

"Then we don't need to look at the rest of us." Zhou Jieyi said.

"What about now?" Xiao Baijie spread his hands and asked indifferently. In fact, he doesn't care, anyway,Until I find a house I like, I just live in a hotel.

"Go to the real estate agent and ask. I remember seeing one around the corner." Chen Yijun thought about it for a while.said later.

So with Xiao Baijie's willing consent, the four of them came to the intermediary on the corner of the street, and quickly filled in theAfter completing the form, the receptionist said that as soon as there is news, I will notify you immediately. However, since Xiaobaijie does not have a mobile phone yet, personallyThe contact information filled in the personal information became her mobile phone number after Chen Yijun volunteered.

"I think it's time for me to buy a mobile phone?" Xiao Baijie scratched his head and said with a silly smile.

The three girls couldn't help laughing together when they saw Xiao Baijie's embarrassed and honest look.

"Then how about we accompany you to buy a mobile phone first, and then you treat the three of us to dinner?" Zhou Jieyi smiledSaid.

"What's the problem? It's my honor to invite three beauties to dinner." Xiao Bai nodded and smiled.

Xiao Baijie casually picked a trendy mobile phone from the store's introduction, and after completing the formalities, it was activated.After that, he asked the three girls where they wanted to go for lunch.

I don't know if Zhou Jieyi wanted to cheat Xiao Baijie, and when the other two women had no objections, she proposed toVery famous and expensive "Ru Si Kui" western restaurant for lunch. In fact, this restaurant Xiaobai Festival was in country MI go there quite often, and naturally I don't care about its expensive price, so I agreed without thinking about it.

The four of them came to their seats under the guidance of the waiter. Song Sihan flipped through the menu, wondering about the price tag on it.There was a feeling of uneasiness; she had never eaten in such a high-end western restaurant.The behavior felt a little inappropriate.

As for Chen Yijun and Zhou Jieyi, although they both had experience of dining here accompanied by their parents,It is the first time to eat with companions of the same age;May come here often.

As a result, except for Song Sihan who ordered the cheapest fried prawns, everyone else ordered a set meal.The woman ordered the steak set meal, while Xiao Baijie ordered the lamb chops set meal. The three of them didn't persuade Song Sihan to order a set meal,But under her insistence, she had to give up.

"This girl has quite a personality." Xiao Baijie glanced at Song Sihan, thinking with interest.

Under the leadership of Xiao Baijie, the four chatted happily while waiting for the meal.

The sound of beautiful music came. When the three girls heard the familiar music, they couldn't help listening intently, and then stopped.conversation. Xiao Baijie, who was left on the sidelines, couldn't help laughing dumbfounded when he saw the expressions of the three girls in front of him.

"Unexpectedly, you all like Alice's song." After listening to the song, Xiao Baijie said with a smile.

"Yes, we all like her very much." Chen Yijun said first, Song Sihan and Zhou Jieyi agreednod.

"Don't you like her song?" Chen Yijun then asked.

"How dare I not like it." Xiao Baijie looked at the eyes of the three girls staring at her waiting for the answer, and helplessly let go.hand said.

Since the three women didn't know about the relationship between Xiao Baijie and Alice, no one would have noticed Xiao Baijie's implication.agree.

"Hey, do you know why Alice doesn't have a boyfriend?" Zhou Jieyi suddenly asked XiaoBai Jie, but looked at the other party and nodded unexpectedly.

" also watched that interview?" Zhou Jieyi asked after a moment of thought.

"What interview?" Xiao Baijie asked in amazement.

"The NCB interview, Yijun and I watched it online in the dormitory last night." Zhou Jieyi said. but sawXiao Baijie shook his head.

"Then you said that you know, but then you tell me why Alice didn't have a boyfriend?"Zhou Jieyi asked.

"Well... this is her privacy... I can't say it." Xiao Baijie put away the smile that was always on his lips,Very serious answer.

"Hmph, I said you just pretend to understand." Zhou Jieyi's proud mouth raised again.

"Let me ask you, do you know that Alice has a first love boyfriend who was her classmate in college?" ZhouJieyi said again, seeing Xiao Baijie still nodding, she couldn't help being a little annoyed, what, obviously nothingI don't know, and I have to nod every time I pretend to know.

Zhou Jieyi snorted to express her dissatisfaction.

"So, you also know that it was because she was dumped by her boyfriend when she was in college that she was so sad that she came toAre you unwilling to trust men now and make boyfriends? "Zhou Jieyi deliberately distorted the facts, and wanted to wait for Xiao Bai to waitWill nod again and tear him down, but I didn't expectXiao Baijie didn't nod this time.

"Where did you hear that sentence?" Xiao Baijie asked Zhou Jieyi.

"She said it herself during the interview." Zhou Jieyi bit the bullet and made it up. If Xiao Baijie knew that she wouldIf he lied to himself, it meant that he had watched the interview, or she was caught lying.

"No, Alice probably wouldn't say that..." Xiao Baijie lowered his head in thought, and at the same time muttered to himself.He spoke, but the volume was so loud that the three girls around could hear him.

" can you be sure that she won't say that?" Zhou Jieyi saw Xiao Baijie's serious expression, and her heart ached.Asked falsely.

"If I say, I know Alice, do you believe it?" Xiao Baijie raised his head and looked at the three of them.Then he said with a smile.

"Cut... Come on, I still know Brad Pitt." Zhou Jieyi was the first to jump out and snortSaying that, the other two also showed expressions of disbelief.

Xiao Baijie smiled mysteriously at the three of them, then picked up his mobile phone and dialed the number. After dialing, he switched the phone toAmplification mode.

"Hello, this is Alice's manager, Gina, where can I find it?" A series of messages came from the phone.Fast English, but fortunately, the English listening skills of the three high-achieving students in T majors are not bad, and they can generally understand them.

"Hi, Gina, I'm Jay Xiao, please ask Alice to answer the phone." Xiao Baijie also spoke fluent Englishanswered. The English name of Xiaobai Festival is "Jay" (Jay), which is pronounced exactly the same as Jie.

"Wait, she's rehearsing on stage; or do you want her to call you later?" Gina said.

"It's okay, I can wait." Xiao Baijie replied.

Looking up at the three girls who were listening attentively to the conversation, Xiao Baijie said with a smile: "It may take a while.Two minutes, after she finished singing this song, Gina will talk to her. "But the three women didn't care about Xiao Baijie's words at all.Concerned, the three of them, full of curiosity, listened intently to the various voices coming from the phone, trying to judge the truth from the clues.Find out whether Xiao Baijie really called Alice.

While Xiao Baijie was speaking, the sound of music came from the mobile phone. After careful identification, it really wasAlice's song, and with the gradually clear music, it can be determined that Gina is approaching the front desk with her mobile phonemiddle.

"Alice, do you answer Jie's call? Or should I call back later?" Gina's voice came from her hand.The machine came.

"I'll take it... let's stop here today, everyone has worked hard." Another woman's voice came, butBecause it's not next to the microphone, it's not very loud, and I can't tell who it is.

"Hello, Festival?" Alice's voice came from the phone, very clear, as her fan,The three women were 80% sure at once.

However, Xiao Baijie's next conversation with Alice caused the three of them to fall into petrification.

"Hey, sister-in-law, are you still rehearsing songs so late?" Xiao Baijie said happily. The most surprising thing was that XiaoBai Jie actually spoke Mandarin.

"Well, the record company and the brokerage company agreed to discuss the trip to Asia only after I finished my tour in country M, soI want to do it quickly. "Alice spoke in Chinese, although with an accent, it was extremely fluent.

As for the three beauties sitting next to Xiao Baijie, they lost their image. Everyone's mouth was wide open.Yes, with an unbelievable look; the first few sentences of Alice's conversation just now were in normal English, I didn't expectShe was able to converse with Xiao Baijie fluently in Chinese!

"Please, how fast can you be? Country M has fifty-two continents, and each state does it once a week.It will take a year! What's more, it takes more than a week just to set up the stage, and you will spend more time! "Xiaobai FestivalSaid disapprovingly.

"I know, but I don't want to hold so many shows. The current plan is at most thirty-five, sir.About a year and a half over. " Alice said.

"Well, by the way, I heard that you were interviewed on TV a few days ago, and said that you were abandoned by my brother soBoyfriend, is there such a thing? " Xiao Baijie asked.

Just when Xiao Baijie mentioned the TV interview, Zhou Jieyi's face turned green, before she waved her hand to stop it, XiaoBai Jie has asked a question.

"Which idiot did you hear that from? I didn't say that." Alice replied flatly.

", I just heard from the diners at the other table, that's why I called you."Xiao Baijie glanced at Zhou Jieyi and said jokingly.

"It's all right, is it midnight over there? Go to bed early, I'll die first." Xiao Baijie said.

"Well, let's do this first... By the way, you can spend less time chasing girls and concentrate more on learning Chinese, you know?"Alice said.

"Yes, as ordered. Then goodbye." Xiao Baijie replied with a smile.

"You're being rude to me again...bye." Alice also put away the line.

When Xiao Baijie put away his mobile phone, he was greeted by six eyes full of electricity from three people, followed by PitianThe voices of covering and scrambling to ask questions filled his ears.

"Stop! Ask one by one." Xiao Baijie raised his hand and shouted to stop, showing a villainous expression.

"By the way, Alice called you an idiot, aren't you angry?" Xiao Baijie said to Zhou Jieyi teasingly.

"You...huh!" Zhou Jieyi blushed, but in order to satisfy the curiosity in her heart, she finally enduredIf you don't have an attack, let Xiao Baijie go for the time being.

"Why do you call her sister-in-law? Could it be that she married your brother in secret?" ThreePeople glanced at each other, veryThe tacit decision was made by Alice's number one fan, Zhou Jieyi, who regularly searches the Internet for her related news every day.ask.

"The first boyfriend you mentioned just now is my brother. They are not married." Xiao Baijie shook his head and said,There was a little sadness in his eyes.

"Call her sister-in-law because she likes me and my sister calling her that." Xiao Baijie continued.

"What about your brother? What does he do? Why is he so powerful? He has never been photographed with Aliceappeared? "Zhou Jieyi continued to ask.

"To me, my indeed the most powerful and remarkable person in the world. As for why he wasn'tGot it... because he's been missing for ten years. "Xiao Baijie suddenly looked into the distance, talking about the first half of the sentenceAt the moment, the eyes are bright, and there is a kind of fanaticism in the eyes; but in the second half, there is endlessThe meaning of desolation.

"You guys, do you want to hear the story between my brother and Alice?" Xiao Bai seemed to have opened up the chatterbox.Jie looked at the three women in front of him, who were listening attentively, and asked actively.

Looking at the three girls who were nodding in front of them, Xiao Baijie shook his head and smiled, sorted out his mood, and began toLet's talk about Xiao Bailian's genius deeds, and then the story of the two falling in love after meeting Alice...

【to be continued】★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★【Hundreds of Reincarnation】(12)[Reincarnation of a hundred generations]

By Armageddon2010/06/11 Posted in: Chunman, Fengyue, Longtan

**********************************Author's Announcement: The boss will come back from abroad next week, and will soon return to the normal days of meeting and writing papers, so the update is fast.The speed will be reduced, readers please forgive me.**********************************

【Chapter 12】Crossing Yang with Hundred Steps

Song Tianci was refilling drinks at the back of the freezer, filling up the drinks that were already empty or were about to be taken by the guests.Recalling that I asked five convenience stores one by one yesterday, it wasn’t that the store manager was not asking him to fill in the application materials,It is to say that there is no shortage of people at present. There are also a few preparation resumes for him to find this kind of job,Letters of recommendation feel sniffy.

This store is the sixth store. The store manager happened to be looking at the store yesterday. At the beginning, he directly said that there was no shortage of people, butWhen Song Tianci offered to leave personal information, the store manager did not refuse. It happened that Song Tianci filled out the form.At that time, I inadvertently saw the resume in Song Tianci's hand.

Song Tianci thought he would be teased again, but he didn't expect the store manager to ask him what he was after reading his resume.When can I go to work.

Afterwards, Song Tianci also asked the store manager why he changed his mind about hiring him. The store manager's original answer was..."Because you actually prepare a resume for this job, which shows that you are careful and serious in doing things. And look at your resumeI did this job before, and I have done it in the same shop for five years, which means that you have experience and I don’t need to retrainpractice; and being able to do it for five years means that you are very determined and will not be absent or resign at will. "

After Song Tianci filled up all the drinks in the freezer, he walked out with a wooden splint with paper sandwiched between them.Come.

"Tianci, it's ok, you go back first, it's already half an hour after get off work." The shopkeeper standing at the counterThe chief said after seeing Song Tianci coming out.

"Okay, I'll just order the goods on the shelf and leave." Song Tianci replied with a nod.

"Order something, it's not your job, wait for Ah Xiong to come and let him order it himself!...Speaking of whichAxiong, I was late again, and I had to arrive at least half an hour before the shift, and it turned out that half an hour had passed since the shiftTime hasn't shown up yet! "The store manager muttered dissatisfied.

"It's okay, I don't have anything important to do anyway, just help him order some, otherwise he will waitAfter that, there were so many things piled up together, it was too busy. "Song Tianci smiled indifferently.

The store manager sighed, shook his head and stopped talking. At this moment, the electric door ding-dong sounded, and aPeople came in in a hurry.

"Oh, store manager, I'm sorry... I was stuck in traffic just now, so I was late." This person is obviouslyThe man named Ah Xiong, whom the shop manager said just now, quickly put on his vest and uniform and said.

"Hmph, you liar! I don't know where you live? And you are riding a motorcycle, traffic jam? IIt seems that you have gone too far in Internet cafes again, right? "The store manager said bluntly with a clear look.

"Oh...the store manager, you and I know it well, why bother to hurt our feelings?" Ah Xiong was caughtHe didn't blush when he exposed it, Pippi said.

"Ah Xiong, this is the list I ordered just now, so you don't need to order...Then the store manager, I'll go first."Song Tianci came over, handed the plate in his hand to Axiong, and greeted the store manager before turning and leaving.

Song Tianci returned to the dormitory, and when he walked into the dormitory, he saw three strange boys in the roomchatting. When the three of them saw Song Tianci, they stopped chatting and stood up.

"Hehe, everyone is finally here. You are the first one we arrived but no one has seen you.Mysterious roommate? "One is about 1.7 meters tall, middle-agedWait for the figure, said the boy wearing glasses.

"Hi, hello, my name is Song Tianci, Department of Psychology." Song Tianci smiled and nodded, taking the lead generouslyMade a short self-introduction.

"Hello, I'm Xu Ziqiang from the Department of Electrical Engineering." The boy of medium build just introduced himself.

Afterwards, the other two also introduced themselves to Song Tianci one after another. One was Guan Yu from the Department of Entomology, short and fat.He also wears a pair of glasses, and looks honest; the other is Liang Tianjun from the Department of Medicine, withA tall and strong figure, taller than Song Tianci, who is 1.77 meters tall, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, and facial featuresVery profound, with a handsome crew cut, just like a handsome guy; and Song Tianci's slender figure, gentle faceThe kind of handsome that belongs to a completely different taste.

After the four of them introduced themselves, they chatted all over the place, and three of them got mixed up together.One day, Song Tianci was already familiar with him, and Song Tianci had a very easy-going personality. Not long after he joined, he also got along with him.The other three mingle together.

When the four young boys with fresh blood gather together, what topics can they talk about? So in the fourAfter chatting for a while about cars, games, 3C products and other things that boys are interested in, the topics of discussion gradually became more and more interesting.around the woman.

"Let's tell me, what kind of girl do you like?" Xu Ziqiang suggested.

After the other three heard it, they all nodded in agreement, but the four looked at each other, but no one wanted to speak first.

"I like girls who are innocent and cute, with a generous personality and no pretentiousness." I didn't expect it to be a girl with a personalityThe simple and honest Liang Tianjun spoke first.

"I like those who are quiet, temperamental, and gentle. It doesn't matter if they don't need to be too pretty." Guan YuThen he said.

"I... I don't know... um... as long as the personalities are compatible, right?" Seeing the other threeEveryone looked at him, Song Tianci scratched his head and said hesitantly.

Song Tianci is also a man, so he will naturally be interested in women. However, due to the financial burden, heHe has never thought of having a girlfriend; in addition, because of his own poverty, he always has a little inferiority complexPsychologically, I feel that I am not qualified to have a girlfriend.

"No way, there is no such thing, you have to be more specific?" Xu Ziqiang and the three booed and said.

" more specific...let me think about it." Song Tianci had no choice but to close his eyes and try to imagine himselfThe image of a perfect woman in my heart.

"Long hair, big eyes, handsome features, well-proportioned figure...uh... and blond hair..." Song TianciAfter describing the nonsense, I realized that the face of my younger sister Song Sihan appeared in my mind, and I stopped immediately.Standing down, he tried hard to expel the image of his sister from his mind, when suddenly the face of a blonde beauty appearedIn his mind, he subconsciously said it.

"It's really specific..." The three people next to them seemed to be looking at a mental patient who suddenly had a seizure, and they were stunned.Looking at Song Tianci in a daze, after a while, Guan Yu whispered.

"Uh... what about you, Xu Ziqiang?" Song Tianci touched his head in embarrassment, and asked Xu Ziqiang.To draw everyone's attention, and at the same time silently recall the last face that appeared just now... as if he was in theThe girl that flashed in my mind when I went north...

"Mine is simple, please listen carefully..." Xu Ziqiang looked at the three of them with great interest and said.

"The face is as beautiful as it needs to be, the hotter the body, the better, and the personality is informal... It's best to comeThe kind whose parents are super rich and can save 20 years of hard work..." Xu Ziqiang wanted to continue, but was caughtThe two who couldn't keep listening were beaten up, while Song Tianci looked at the three fighting in front of him with a smile on his face, enjoyingWith this lively and happy atmosphere.

After the four of them laughed and made a fuss, they realized that it was time for dinner, so they went to the dormitory restaurant together.

*** *** *** ***

Three girls, Song Sihan, Zhou Jieyi and Chen Yijun, listened to the love story between Xiao Baijie's brother and AliceAfter that, I couldn't help but sigh, and at the same time, I felt even more sad that Alice was such an infatuated woman.Admiration, the love and admiration for Alice in my heart has also been raised to a new level.

After Xiao Baijie finished telling the story, he seemed to be in a low mood, and he also felt that he would meet Cai just now.The three daughters were a little surprised when they said these things.

Maybe it's been buried in my heart for too long, after all, Xiao Baijie has never said these things to anyone. andI miss my brother in my heart, and because I don't want to add to the pain of my family, I never show it in front of them.Come; this time, by telling the three girls these things, the depression that had been accumulated in my heart seemed to have disappeared a lot.

After Xiao Baijie settled the bill, he went to a nearby department store with his three daughters again, but was immersed in theXiao Baijie, whom I missed, seemed unusually silent, no longer talking and laughing like before, cheerful and positive.The appearance of the light made the atmosphere in the room of four a bit dull.

"I'm sorry, I disturbed your interest in shopping because of me." Xiao Bai suddenly reactedFestival, said to the three of them apologetically.

"It's me who should say I'm sorry. I shouldn't have mentioned you... those things." Unexpectedly, Zhou JieUncharacteristically, Yi responded first, with a very sincere attitude in her words.

Xiao Baijie also couldn't think of what he said earlier., actually made Zhou Jieyi change her opinion of herself, and no longer treat herHe has his own prejudices, which is something he did not expect.

Seeing that Xiao Baijie's mood had not completely improved, the three girls still held on to their smiles and accompanied the three of them.Going shopping, I feel really sorry, after a random walk around, Zhou Jieyi is the first to say that she is a little tiredTo go back to the dormitory to rest, the other two women also echoed.

Xiao Baijie naturally knew the real reason. After driving the car to the door of the dormitory, he said to the three women again.I apologize, and I would like to express my gratitude to the three girls for helping me find a house and buy a mobile phone today, and said that I will ask the three girls again if I have the opportunity.The words of thanks for the female meal.

After getting along today, the three girls have grown a lot of affection for Xiao Baijie, especially when they were originallyChen Yijun, who appreciates Xiaobaijie very much, has already secretly agreed with her heart, and naturally agreed to everything.

After the three girls returned to the dormitory, they also found that their fourth roommate had arrived.

As the saying goes, there is no coincidence without a book. I didn't expect that the fourth roommate was also a little beauty;She is different from the three of them, but her beauty is not inferior at all, beauties of the same level!

"Hello, my name is Fan Xiaolei, please give me your advice!" Fan Xiaolei introduced herself.

The three women looked at the long hair and shawl in front of them, the oval face, and the long and dense eyelashes on the big eyes.Wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses, still can't block those charming electric eyes. The figure is hidden under the large T-shirtIt is dark and shallow, but according to the visual inspection of the three women who are also women, at least it is uneven, fine and slender, and theThe temperament exuded by her eyes and demeanor is a bit elegant and artistic.The fairy-like classical beauty who came out of the painting.

"I'm Zhou Jieyi, this is Song Sihan, the two of us are from the medical department; this is Chen Yijun, butYou can call her Mr. Vegetable Market, she is from the Department of Electrical Engineering. "Zhou Jieyi generously introduced all three girls.Fan, but Chen Yijun stared at her very dissatisfied.

Hearing Zhou Jieyi's funny lines when introducing Chen Yijun, Fan Xiaolei froze for a moment, and then the four girlsThen they looked at each other and laughed relatively.

"What about you, Xiaolei? What department are you in?" I have to say that Zhou Jieyi, who is extroverted, is quite knowledgeable.First, he made the four of them laugh out loud by not following the rules, and then directly called Fan Xiaolei by his name, instantly drawing them closer.distance from each other.

"I'm from the Department of Psychology." Fan Xiaolei replied with a smile.

"Hey, isn't your brother Sihan also from the Department of Psychology?" Zhou Jieyi turned her head in surprise and asked Song Sihan.

Song Sihan was taken aback when she heard Fan Xiaolei's answer, and then nodded to Zhou Jieyi.

"Sihan's brother is also a freshman of T University this year, and he is from the Department of Psychology just like you." Zhou Jieyi turned her head to faceFan Xiaolei explained.

Fan Xiaolei just nodded with a smile, without any indication. On the other hand, Song Sihan is at the side of Zhou Jieyi.After mentioning it, he remembered what happened last night, and thought that he hadn't spoken to Song Tianci on the phone today.

According to myself, Song Tianci has already gone to work after waking up. There are eight-hour shifts. By now, Song Tianci should have already left.It's time for work, but he didn't call himself... Song Sihan knew that it should have happened last night, which caused the conflict between each other.It was caused by an embarrassing situation, and I felt melancholy...

*** *** *** ***

Every September, when the new school year begins, various orientation activities begin to be held. andIn addition to the welcome camps and welcome dances held by each department; when it comes to the largest event, it is held byThe "School-wide Welcome Dance Party" and "Freshman Cup Basketball Competition" held by the Student Union were held.

Of course, these activities have nothing to do with Song Tianci. For him, instead of participating in these activities,It's better to spend time on reading or working part-time.

Therefore, all freshmen are busy participating in various orientation activities according to their own interests; orChoose to join the community to participate in community activities. As for the players in the class who participated in the Freshmen Cup, they were busy practicing,training camp.

On the other hand, Song Tianci is the most innocent of the freshmen. Apart from going to class every day, he goes to work.Read more books in spare time, life can be said to be extremely monotonous.

After Song Tianci finished handing over to the shift changers, he saw that there were more customers for a while, so he picked up a rag to helpWipe the glass to ease the burden on your colleagues.

"Tianci, let it go, I'll just wipe it when I'm not busy." The colleagues in the next shift were embarrassedSaid.

"It's okay, anyway, I'll be fine later, it'll be quick to wipe this off." Song Tianci said without turning his head.

Song Tianci's colleague sighed in his heart and had no choice but to give up; this was not the first time, he knewDao, with Song Tianci's personality, would definitely wipe the glass before leaving.

"Hey, Song Tianci, why are you here?" Accompanied by a few exclamations, a person suddenly called hisasked the name.

"Hey, why are you here together?...I'm working here." Song Tianci turned his head and saw that the two women and fourThe male group turned out to be all classmates in his class.

"Our class has a game today, let's buy some drinks for the players." The class representative nicknamed Lao Wang repliedroad.

" that's the case." Song Tianci nodded and said.

"Well, wait a minute, I'm getting better soon." Song Tianci thought for a while, then said immediately.

After a while, Song Tianci put away the cleaning tools,After walking into the electric door, run straight to the rear, "BinAfter a while, he carried a box on one shoulder, carrying a total of two boxes of drinks, and walkedout.

"Xiaoji, I've already filled out the checklist for these two boxes. I'll go first." Song Tianci stood at the counter facing each other.My classmate's colleague who was in a daze said, and at the same time looked at the other person's eyes strangely...

It turned out that his colleague was looking at Fan Xiaolei, Song Tianci shook his head helplessly, he was surprised just now,Why would it take six people to buy a drink? Presumably these four men all want to be in the "class flower" Fan XiaoleiShow it in front of you!

Sure enough, two of the students who responded quickly stepped forward and took the two boxes of drinks from Song Tianci's shoulders.In the past, while the other two took out the wallet before Fan Xiaolei took out the money. But obviously Fan Xiaolei did notHe didn't appreciate it, and insisted that this was the money that the girls in the class had agreed to pay together, and there was no reason for the two of them to pay for it.

"I didn't have time to participate in class activities before, so let me invite you this time." Song Tianci patted and snatchedThe two people who paid the bill finished speaking to the three people including Fan Xiaolei, then turned around and waved in front of the eyes of their colleague Xiaoji.After waving his hand and waking him up, he said what he had just said again.

"Let's go." After turning around and taking off his vest, Song Tianci said to everyone.

Fan Xiaolei's original impression of Song Tianci was not very good.

Song Tianci's performance in class is very low-key, and his participation rate in departmental and class activities is also extremely low.It is said to be zero. Song Tianci did not participate in the orientation camp and the orientation dance in the department, this time the freshmenHe was also absent from the Cup, and he didn't even come to the sidelines to cheer for the team in his class.

And Song Tianci's behavior, in Fan Xiaolei's eyes, is a personality that doesn't fit in and withdrawn. rightHis impression is naturally not good.

However, Song Tianci's hearty and generous statement just now that he wanted to treat the players in his class to drinks did not seem like an isolatedPeople who are withdrawn and out of gregarious... made Fan Xiaolei's evaluation of Song Tianci a little shaken.theA group of people came to the basketball court and found that the game had already started. Five students from the department wearing light blue jerseysFighting with five other players in red jerseys.

"Ban Dai, you are back." Several students in the department saw Song Tianci and the group, and turned to the leaderLao Wang said hello.

"How's the score?" Lao Wang asked, but he hurriedly looked at the scoreboard without waiting for others to answer.

"Don't worry, it's just the beginning." Someone around replied. Lao Wang also saw the score at this time, two to zero.

Lao Wang stood on the sidelines and took a look. He found that the people who ended up on the stage were different from what he thought. When he turned his head, he saw four people around him.The pale player in the jersey.

"Why don't you end?" Lao Wang asked in surprise.

"Because the game is in the evening, you can't eat before the game. Brother Kun said that you should eat a little at noon.Then I took everyone to an off-campus restaurant for lunch, who knew that everyone would have diarrhea one after another since the afternoonAt this point, the child can't play at all. said a player with a pale face.

"Then... what should we do now?" Lao Wang said anxiously.

"What else can I do? Didn't you see that Brother Kun himself fell ill, and there are only a few queens who can still fight?"Reserve players, it's a snicker that there are still five standing on the court when the final whistle sounds. "Another player was helplessSaid.

"It's over, I will be killed by the senior. The senior also said that the freshman cup of the Department of Psychology has never made it to the top eight.Qiang, it’s not easy to come this time with a brother Kun who has the ability to protect his health, and you have a few newcomers who are all very good.Health, if you want me to keep an eye on you guys, don't give a hammer... ruin... I will be scolded to death. "Old Wang squattedmuttered to himself on the ground. The other students also looked at the game weakly with extremely disappointed expressions.

Song Tianci looked at the players on the field. Song Tianci, who can be said to be a layman to basketball, watched it for a while.Tian also only understands that it is about throwing the ball into the opponent's basket, and then preventing the opponent from throwing into the basket that he is defending;As for what the rules are, I really don't understand them just by standing on the sidelines and looking at them like this.

However, Song Tianci discovered another thing, that is, the player on the court was wearing his own jersey, and his height was based onAccording to my own visual estimation, it is about 1.9 meters tall, and the tallest student, Wu Zhengkun, seems to be in a very bad condition. he knowsDao, a classmate nicknamed Brother Kun, was selected as a body cadre because he was superior to others, which is the abbreviation of sports officer. ThisHe is in charge of the preparation and training for the Freshman Cup. I heard that he has played in high school leagues before, so he has a solid foundation.players.

But just looking at his weak, usually flushed face, now it is pale, and he is sweating coldly.The appearance of taking a cold obviously means that there is a problem with the body, and it is no longer possible.

"It should be better to replace Wu Zhengkun, right? You can see that there is obviously a problem with his current physical condition.Will there be any accidents if we hold on to the fight? "Song Tianci said to Lao Wang worriedly.

"This...but who is going to play?" Lao Wang said in embarrassment.

"Change to another one at will." Song Tianci replied inexplicably.

"Let's not talk about whether he will agree to leave the court. Those who can play basketball on the sidelines and have no physical problems are here.It's down, who will replace it? "Old Wang said.

"Ask whoever is willing to go up next to you. If there is someone else, I'll change..." Lao Wang said helplessly.

Song Tianci glanced at the male classmates around him, many of them were pretending not toTo hear is to look at Song TianciJust ignore it. Song Tianci suddenly discovered that all the male students who were not wearing jerseys and were not players, except himself and Lao WangOther than that, they were all surrounded by Fan Xiaolei, and they immediately figured it out.

If you can fight, you can go up and fight hard to show your masculinity; but if you can't fight, go upIt's just being played by others and losing face. And no boy in the class is willing to lose face in front of Fan Xiaolei.

"Change me." Song Tianci said. If you don't end up yourself, how can you have the right to accuse others of not ending up?help?

"You? Can you fight?" Lao Wang glanced at Song Tianci. The height is not bad, it is ranked in the top ten in the classThe height is too high; but whether the thin body can withstand the impact, Lao Wang is extremely skeptical.

"No." Song Tianci said simply shaking his head, and at the same time walked to the basketball court: "How do I change? That's it.Do you end up like this? "

"No! No!...Come back!...Go to the referee's stand to report, and wait for the referee in the field to let you change you.go up. "Old Wang instantly understood what Song Tianci said would not be, and to what extent it belonged to, and quickly sent Song TianciTianci pulled back and explained.

"Oh...then how do I report it?" Song Tianci asked back.

" come with me." Lao Wang looked defeated, and now he still has 100% basketball like youThe probability of the existence of laymen is lower than that of discovering dinosaur fossils, right?

"Monkey, give him your jersey." Lao Wang said to Bai Wuchang No. N on the sidelines.

After taking over the jersey and letting Song Tianci put it on, Lao Wang took Song Tianci to the referee's seat and said that he wanted to change players.People are waiting there. After a while, when the opponent scored again, the referee blew his whistle and made a substitution.gesture.

In fact, Wu Zhengkun, who was already at the end of his battle, heard Lao Wang calling his name on the sidelines, and turned his head to see Lao WangIt was only after waving to himself to tell him to end that he staggered back to the rest area.

"Huh! Huh!...He...will he fight?" Wu Zhengkun asked with his whole body stretched out on the ground. Song TiancishiIt's too low-key now, so even though he knew he was in his class, he couldn't call out his name for a while.

"No." Lao Wang said very bluntly, because he would know soon, and he couldn't be fooled even if he wanted to.

"Then you still replace me?" Wu Zhengkun shouted dissatisfied.

"I said Brother Kun, you can see for yourself... Can you still fight like this?" Lao Wang said lightly.

Wu Zhengkun had to be supported even when he sat up to watch the game. Of course he knew that his physical strength was exhausted.He was speechless, opened his mouth but couldn't speak.

"I'll be fine if I take a break. I'll play in the second half." Wu Zhengkun added one last sentence.

After Song Tianci came on the field, he followed the example of the other four teammates and ran around on the field;A regular running in the gap, only he is aimless, I don't know why everyone is doing this.

Perhaps it was because he was running irregularly. After the point guard nicknamed Azhe dribbled the ball across the half court, he looked forWhen he was looking for an opportunity, he saw Song Tianci running out of a gap.

Song Tianci saw the basketball flying towards him. After reaching out to catch it, he immediately turned around and faced the direction of the away.

"Beep!" Song Tianci's behavior, of course, resulted in a walking violation and a change of side of the ball.the result of.

Not only the students from the Department of Psychology, but also the students from the Department of Public Health (Department of Public Health) of the enemy were all sent to school by Song Tianci.Terrified by his actions, the arena was silent for a few seconds, and then burst into roars of laughter.

"Haha... What's wrong with the Department of Psychology? Is there no one left? Why did you send a layman who doesn't understand basketball at all?"Contest? "All kinds of similar teasing and teasing sounds came from the Department of Public Health, and the students of the Department of Psychology, after laughing,Feeling ashamed, I wish I could find a hole in the ground and go in.

"What happened just now?" Song Tianci walked to the stunned Azhe and asked.

" have to dribble like this person, or you'll just stand still." Azhe said simplyExplaining that there is no time to explain to him when it is time to drive the ball to the basket, or a jump shot with a stepIt's a skill, as long as he doesn't make such low-level mistakes as "walking".

"Now it's our turn to defend. Just find someone who is unguarded by the opponent and follow him. Don't let him dribble and layup."Ah Zhe continued to order. Don't even think about stealing, hot pot, Song Tianci can do well to prevent the other party from easily surpassing othersZhe was very satisfied.

However, Song Tianci's behavior just now made the opponent see his "rookie-level" skills. When the ball came to Song Tianci's defenseIn the hands of the guard, he easily tricked Song Tianci with a feint and scored a layup.

"Ah... there's no show to sing." No matter if it was Song Tianci's teammates on the field or his classmates on the sidelines, allSome people lost confidence in their hearts. Looking at the score board, which had reached a gap of 20 points, they shook their heads in unison.sigh. But even so, no one chose to leave first, perhaps this is thanks to the always cheering on the sidelinesFan Xiaolei.

Since the teammates knew Song Tianci's level, they tried to avoid passing the ball to him until seven minutes later.Due to a negligence, Azhe was forced into a dead corner by the opponent, so he had to collect the ball and find his teammates to pass the ball. CoincidentallyYes, again only Song Tianci has a spare time.

"Throw!" Ah Zhe said when throwing the ball to Song Tianci. He was afraid that the opponent would walk away again and throw the ball casually.Throwing to the basket, there is always a chance of accidentally getting in.

After Song Tianci got the ball, he was very obedient.Throwing the ball to the basket, the posture of the shot is not as good as he just put his heart into itLooking at the other nine players on the field, they turned out to be very standard, and it was hard to see that they were laymen. I saw the ball inHigh in the air, it flew straight towards the basket, and then slowly fell down. It turned out to be a...

Hollow outside the basket! It turns out that posture alone is useless...

"The vote was too high just now, and it feels weird and not going well..." Song Tianci was ridiculed by others again.In the middle, I thought silently in my heart.

Song Tianci was sent to the freezer for the achievement of walking one bread at a time, and was completely frozen by his teammates.Get up; they told him to stand outside the three-point line, if he got the ball, he must stay put and pass the ballto the nearest teammate.

Song Tianci has always kept his teammates' orders in mind. Every time a teammate had to pass the ball to him, he would immediatelyImmediately find other teammates and pass the ball; this simple ball guiding action is actually done well, making the team'sThe offense has become flexible, and the chances of scoring goals have gradually increased.

As time passed, there was less than a minute left before the end of the first half.

Song Tianci got the ball again and was about to pass it to his teammates, but found that everyone was watched to death;Fang saw that Song Tianci was only guiding the ball, and he didn't shoot or luck, so when Song Tianci got the ball, he simply ignored it.Watch the other four people die.

Song Tianci silently calculated how much strength he should use after the hollow outside the basket just nowOnly then can he make a shot, but his teammates didn't give him a chance, so he obediently followed the instructions of others; after all, he didn'tBut as a basketball rookie, it's always right to listen to other people.

Song Tianci waited for a few seconds, and found that among the four, none of them could break through the opponent's defense, and there were gaps to take over.The ball, looked at the basket immediately, recalled the feeling just now, made a slight correction, and shot.

"It went in." Song Tianci felt that the ball would go in after he shot it. He even vaguely saw it in the air.A goal trajectory.

With a sound of "Swipe!", the ball crashed into the net.

"Well, that's the feeling, remember it." Seeing that the cones were as he expected, Song Tianci was stunned by the crowd.He was dumbfounded for a while, and then said that the ball was just a matter of good luck, and smiled with satisfaction in his heart.

"Beep..." The whistle sounded, and the first half ended.

Song Tianci pulled Azhe aside to ask for advice on the rules of basketball, and after several demonstrations by Azhe, he finally managed to do it.Understand the difference between walking and driving layups, spot jumpers, catch-and-step jumpers, etc. Then Ah ZheEnthusiastically took Song Tianci to the next door to watch the games of the other two departments, and explained from the side.

While memorizing the rules, Song Tianci studied, analyzed, and copied other people's movements, with a look ofThe appearance of enlightenment.

"Thank you!" The short rest time passed quickly, the assembly whistle sounded, and Song Tianci patted AhZhe's shoulder to thank.

"You're welcome, but do you really understand everything?" Ah Zhe asked in disbelief.

"Well, it's almost there." Song Tianci smiled confidently.

"Brother Kun, let me forget it, don't be brave." Lao Wang watched as he tried to get up from the ground, but he couldn't get upBrother Kun said.

"Uh... rest for another ten minutes." Brother Kun replied stiffly, but he knew in his heart that he couldn't do it today.field.

In the first half alone, they had already lost by 30 points, with a score of 51:21.

With all the students in the Department of Psychology giving up all hope, the second half began.

The referee threw the ball into the air, and the center of the public health department jumped high at the same time, and immediately threw the racket at himselfteammates.

A blue figure flashed and intercepted his teammate before he could catch the ball. The figure rushed out.After the person reacted, he rushed towards the backboard of the public health department.

After Song Tianci copied the ball, before everyone could react, he quickly brought the ball across the half court.Go beyond the three-point line; pull up, jump shot, turn around and leave without looking back. The basketball thrown to the hoop draws in the airA beautiful arc accurately fell into the basket.

There was an uproar inside and outside the stadium. Song Tianci's one goal made everyone feel suspicious.Did he have a twin brother who was proficient in basketball, and the two secretly switched during halftime.

Because Song Tianci's performance just now is like a veteran who has been immersed in basketball for many years.Whether it is the instant judgment and sensitivity required for copying the ball, or the accuracy of the three-pointer, and the confidence in the shotA full attitude is not the level that a layman should have.

Looking at Song Tianci who ran back to the team, A Zhe felt a huge wave in his heart.

If it is said that Song Tianci's performance at the beginning was just pretending, then he is undoubtedly a genius;A basketball master deliberately put on that kind of extremely uncoordinated movements, and his clumsy body shape, compared to asking him to play a zeroMistakes, perfect ball games without flaws are even more difficult.

And if Song Tianci's performance at the beginning is true, then in basketball, he is definitely a geniusGenius!

Under the influence of the momentum of Song Tianci's ball just now, the players in the public health department lost their quasi-shooting.The quick guide and pick-and-roll created a gap, but the jumper missed.

Song Tianci's teammate grabbed the rebound, handed the ball to defender Azhe, and led it steadily across the half.

This time, the Department of Public Health finally sent someone to follow Song Tianci, and it was no longer a situation of letting him go and ignoring him.It's a pity that the current Song Tianci is no longer Wuxia Ameng. He suddenly turned around and quickly circled the bottom line.Turned around, got rid of the player defending him, appeared from the other side, and came to a forty-five-degree angle.

Ah Zhe subconsciously handed the ball to Song Tianci. In addition to because he is empty, I also want to see if he isIt can reproduce the ball just now.

However, after Song Tianci received the ball, he turned around and made a fake move to cut in. He dropped the ball and went back to the right.Take a big step, come outside the three-point line, and shoot.

The ball hit the net again.

"Beautiful!" Ah Zhe couldn't help shouting, but he heard Brother Kun on the sidelines shouting the same words.

Song Tianci ran towards A Zhe, and reached out his hand to give A Zhe a high-five. This is what he just learned from watching footballAn action of encouraging each other among the players who came here is exactly the so-called learning and selling.

The morale of the Public Health Department has been hit so far, and then they failed to make it again, and then Song Tianci scored another three pointsball.theOnly three minutes into the second half, the Department of Psychology played a 9:0 spurt in this round. The scoreIt was 51:30, shortened to 21 points behind, forcing the captain of the Public Guards to call a timeout.

"Song Tianci, I have you!...I'll call you a shooter from now on!" Brother Kun patted Song Tian in the rest areaGi's shoulder, and said loudly.

"No, it should be... the sharpshooter!" Lao Wang said with a smile on his face.

"What, there are still 17 minutes left, 21 points left, are you sure?" Ah Zhe was extremely seriousAsk Song Tianci.

"Azhe, how is your layup and mid-range jumper?" Song Tianci asked after thinking about it.

"The level is average, but it's okay to deal with these people." Although Ah Zhe spoke a little modestly, he was very knowledgeable.A tone of confidence.

"Well, then leave it to me to control the ball. You can just concentrate on running and finding gaps." Song Tianci nodded to the teamfriend said.

"It's almost time, let's cheer up and shout a slogan!" Lao Wang said from the side.

Everyone formed a circle and joined hands.

"Psychology department, focus on the heart! Go! Go! Go!" Everyone shouted in unison, and the morale was soaring.vertex.

After the timeout expired, both teams returned to the court, and the ball from the public health department.

After a short period of composure, the public health players stabilized their minds a little, guided the ball steadily,Running position, when cutting in a gap, made a beautiful pass, so that the center of the public health department got the ball under the basketThe ball, jumped up and dunked the ball into the basket.

With Brother Kun not on the court, no one in the psychology department could check and balance the center's dunk.

"The position is locked, don't let him get the ball under the basket!" Azhe reminded his teammates, don't make the mistake just now.

It's a pity that the morale boosted by the public health department's dunk just now, the fourth time Song Tianci threw in 30 seconds laterUnder a three-pointer, he was pressed again.

With fifteen minutes left, the score was 53:33, a gap of 20 minutes.

"Fuck! The two of you defend him!" The captain of the public health department, that is, the center forward, pointed at the two rear guards.Wei said.

Everyone knows that this will cause an emptiness in the internal defense, but at present, they can only do this, and then rely on quick fillingTo make up for the internal defense.

The public health department once again tried to guide the ball quickly, coupled with a tacit double pick-and-roll, the psychology department's defense once againThere is a gap.

The defenders of the public health department quickly dribbled the ball and cut in, making the psychological department players who originally guarded the center forward have to step up.Cover the front and try to block the opponent's cut. When the players from the psychology department stepped forward to stick to the guards from the public health department, the opponent'sThe ball passed through his armpit quickly and passed to the unguarded center forward.

Is it another wonderful story...?

Before the center captain of the public health department could be happy, a light blue figure flashed out of the corner of his eye, and the ball had been robbed.

"Back to defense!..." The captain of the public health department had just shouted out when he saw Song Tianci dribbling the ball beyond the three-point lineoutside.

"So fast!" This was the common thought of the nine players on the court.

There was also a guard from the public health department who was outside the three-point line. He quickly turned around and chased after Song Tianci, but he was surprised to find thatThe distance between the two is getting farther and farther.

Side by side... half a step away... a step away... a step and a half away...stopped!

The defender of the public health department jumped up and rushed forward, and Song Tianci's ball had already left his hands.


Another three points.

The score was 53:36, with fourteen and a half minutes left.

That is to say, it only took thirty seconds for the public health department's attack and Song Tianci's fast break.

The following time, for the Department of Public Health, was like hell.

Against Song Tianci's two-person defense, it failed. Song Tianci's speed made it impossible for the two of them to force each other at the same the sideline or corner; the two tried to block Song Tianci's shot, only to find that Song Tianci jumped more than both of themHigh, and he will make wonderful passes to create assists!

If there is a chance inside, he will immediately pass the ball without thinking; if there is no chance, he willHe would jump high in front of the two of them abruptly, shoot in the air, and still hit the target with every shot.

It's not just that there is a problem with the defense. The public health department is most proud of the fast guide ball with single and double pick-and-rollThe tactics were also solved by Song Tianci's stealth and interception.

"Beep..." The final whistle finally sounded.

People in the public health department seem to have fallen from heaven to hellGenerally, the complexion is blue and white.

Those in the Department of Psychology didn't get much better. They felt like they were on a roller coaster, with ups and downs.

But of course there is still a difference. The Department of Public Health finally left with a dejected expression;The Department of Psychology is in joy and excitement.

The final score of the game was written on the scoreboard. Department of Public Health: 59; Department of Psychology: 76.

Song Tianci was undoubtedly the main contributor to this victory, and the title of sharpshooter spread like wildfire.

13 of 13 three-pointers and 8 assists. Of course, Song Tianci's big hollow face outside the basket in the first halfPacking the ball was automatically ignored by everyone.

All the students in the Department of Psychology were surprised and admired by Song Tianci. The competition endedAfter that, they still surrounded Song Tianci in the middle, asking him questions, complimenting him, orcongratulate him.

Song Tianci gave high fives and hugs to his teammates who fought side by side, and then, after Ban Dai's proposal,At the end of the day, the whole class decided to go to a snack bar outside the school to have a supper, drink beer, and have a celebration banquet.

Undoubtedly, the halo tonight will belong to Song Tianci.the 【to be continued】★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

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