"The True Story of Xue Tao" ((四)裸女闪闪亮,照我去射精)

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(4) The naked girl is shining, let me ejaculate

One cunt one world,

One dick and one demon.

*** *** *** ***

I couldn't help swallowing again, and made a "grunt" sound, which seemed quite loud. Aunt Jane turned her head immediatelyLooking towards the crack of the door, he asked doubtfully, "Xiaotao?"

These two simple words scared the crap out of me, I turned around and crawled back to my room like flying. heartJumping frantically, "thumping, pounding", almost cramp. I kept thinking in my heart: "It's over, it's over, it's over by Jane.Auntie found out, what kind of ears are those? It works so well, what should I do now? What should I do? "

After a while, Aunt Jane came out of the bathroom after taking a shower, and the scent after taking a bath soon wafted to me.here. I sneaked to the door to spy on the enemy. Aunt Jane's long black hair was hanging on her shoulders, facing the living roomThe large mirror is elegantly combed. She was wearing a white nightgown, although it was opaque, it was illuminated by the light.Shoot it down, and you can see every inch of the body twisting inside. The pair of fat big breasts are also swinging in the nightdress,It made me mesmerized.

After combing her hair, she turned off the light in the living room and walked straight to my room. I immediately startle from intoxicationWake up, it’s broken, has Aunt Jian come to ask my teacher for a crime, what should I do? How to do? By the way, not guiltyHow about it? Let's just say she's blind. Well, this method seems to be quite useful, I am really good at adapting to changing circumstances,That's it.

Aunt Jian walked into my room, rubbed her hair gently, and said to me: "Xiaotao, can you help me?"Aunt massage. "

I was stunned. They didn't come to settle accounts with me, so I can rest assured. I nodded quickly and said, "Okay, okay."what. "

Aunt Jian lay down on my bed, turned her head and said with a smile, "Thank you, Xiaotao. Come on, fromStart rubbing your shoulders down. "

I looked at Aunt Jane's delicate body, hesitated for a moment, then reached out and rubbed her shoulders. This isI touched Aunt Jane's body again. Her shoulders felt so soft and boneless.Even layers of clothing can feel the silky smoothness of her skin.

Auntie Jian closed her eyes enjoying herself, and said after a while: "Well, okay, let's go on and give Auntie a press."Lower back and waist. "

I pressed on her back for a while, then touched her waist. Unexpectedly, as soon as my hand touched Aunt Jane'sWaist, she laughed out of joy, and her body twisted accordingly.

I asked, "What's the matter, Aunt Jane?"

"You're creeping me out." Aunt Jane got up and said to me, "Isn't it easy to knead while wearing clothes?Auntie, take off your clothes. After finishing speaking, she turned her back to me and took off her nightgown, which only hadPutting on a pair of red panties, she lay down on the bed again.

My heartbeat began to speed up again. At this moment, Aunt Jane only had a pair of panties on her body, lying on my stomach half naked.In front of her, the smooth jade back and high buttocks form a beautiful arc. My hands tremblingly pressed on JaneAuntie's jade back.

what! Is this a woman's skin? It feels so comfortable to the touch, smooth and tender, warm and slightly cool, like silk.

I saw Aunt Jane closed her eyes, so I boldly let my penis engorged with blood. can't put it downAfter stroking her a few times, Aunt Jane suddenly took my hands, placed them on both sides of her breasts, and said to me, "HereAunt rubbed here. "

Because of her lying on her stomach, a lot of milk overflowed from both sides of her body. My hands were on these two pieces.Kneading and pressing on the tender meat made Aunt Jane very comfortable, and so was I. Then he helped her rub her waist and legs, and rubbed her bodyI touched it so happily that I was so excited that I almost fainted. The first time I touched a woman like this, I felt like a fairyWant to die.

After rubbing her calf, Aunt Jane said, "Help Auntie take off her panties."

"Ah?" I couldn't quite believe my ears, and Aunt Jane repeated again: "Take Auntie's innerI took off my pants and rubbed my butt for my aunt. "

I came back to my senses and said repeatedly: "Okay, okay." I reached out and took off her panties tremblingly.

Now Aunt Jane is lying naked in front of me. After taking off her panties, she immediately put her legs together.Closed. I put my hands on her big white buttocks and kneaded them. Aunt Jane's buttocks are big, soft and elastic.The feel is really great. I have also gradually adapted to this level of sexual stimulation, which is stronger than the level, and I am slowly relieved and bold.enjoy it.

Aunt Jane's body began to twist slightly under my kneading, and she hummed softly from time to time.It's asking me to push harder.

After a while, she said to me a little pantingly: "Xiaotao, spank Auntie's ass! Hurry up! Hit Auntie!Ass, hit hard! "

I was stunned and didn't understand what Aunt Jane meant. I asked her, "Aunt Jane, what do you want me to do?"

Aunt Jane opened her eyes, turned around and grabbed my hand, patted her butt vigorously, and said to me at the same time:"Just like this, hit Auntie's big white buttocks, hit with both hands, hit hard, fast!"

Although I still don't understand why Aunt Jane wants me to do this, but seeing her eager face, I stillHe raised his hand and tentatively slapped Aunt Jane's right buttock, making her snow-white buttocks tremble. simpleThe aunt said excitedly: "Yes, yes! That's it! Hit again! Hit hard! Hit quickly!"

I am carefulI hit the ground a few more times, and Aunt Jane moaned "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". simpleMy aunt turned to me and asked, "Xiaotao, why don't you hit me? Hurry up and hit me!"

I said, "Aunt Jane, did I hurt you just now?"

Aunt Jane smiled and said, "Silly boy, Auntie called you because she felt so comfortable being beaten by you. You beat me very hard.Okay, come on, keep hitting, hit harder. "

I said, "Aunt Jane, are you really okay?"

Aunt Jian said: "Of course, Auntie is very comfortable. Don't be afraid, just play boldly."

Finally, with the encouragement and calling of Aunt Jane, I opened my hands left and right, beating vigorously like a tambourineAunt Jane's big ass. The white and tender buttocks trembled violently, and soon her butt was red from my beating. Jane AMy aunt also twisted her body crazily, constantly straightening her big buttocks to meet my slapping, her head desperatelyRaised upwards, moaning loudly in his mouth, this moaning sound made me feel very familiar, as if I had heard it somewhere.However, my attention was quickly attracted by Aunt Jane's big butt, so I put this question aside for the time being.the back of the head.

My strength became stronger and stronger, and Aunt Jane's reaction became more and more intense. Her hands and feet beat frantically on the bed.Hitting, moaning dissolutely at the top of his throat. A kind of inexplicable pleasure suddenly emerged in my heart, as if Jane AMy aunt's big butt completely belongs to me, I am very happy.

Finally, Aunt Jane's entire upper body was lifted up like a walrus, and after a few loud yells, the whole bodyThe individual lay limp on the bed, trembling all over with his eyes closed, panting heavily.When I saw her like this, I stopped and didn't dare to hit her again.

After lying on the bed for a while, Aunt Jane sat up lazily, grabbed her nightgown and put it on, then turned around and smirked at me.Ran smiled and said, "Xiaotao, thank you, Auntie was made so comfortable by you. Well, go to bed early, AuntieI'll cook something delicious for you tomorrow. "

After Aunt Jane finished speaking, she walked out of my room and closed the door casually.

The room fell silent, and there was a faint smell in the air, which smelled very exciting.The smell was mixed with the scent of Aunt Jane's body.

My hands are a little numb. It was really refreshing just now. I never thought that spanking a woman's butt would be so enjoyable.That elastic sensuality, as well as the woman's moans, are so beautiful.

I looked at my bed. There was a large wet mark on the bed sheet. It was left by Aunt Jane. Is it sweat or urine?Without thinking about it, I quickly took off my clothes, threw myself on the bed, and frantically licked the place where Aunt Jane lay on the bed sheet.Fang, especially the big wet marks, whether it's sweat or urine, as long as it's from Aunt Jane, I like it.

After licking it, I suddenly found a pair of red panties, which belonged to Aunt Jane, and she forgot to wear them when she left.Great! I immediately grabbed it, put it on my face, smelled and kissed vigorously, and lay my body on the ground where Aunt Jane layFang squirmed, Aunt Jane's panties smell so good, this scent is not the same as her scent, it's a bit likeThe smell in the house.

While I was having fun, the door of my room was opened. Aunt Jane stood at the door with a tigerish face, stared at me and said:"Xiaotao, what are you doing?"

"Ah! Jane, Jane, Jane, Aunt Jane..." I was dumbfounded when I saw Aunt Jane.Get overwhelmed.

"What are you holding in your hand?" Aunt Jane asked coldly.

I quickly stuffed her panties under the pillow.

"Quickly tell me, what is that!" Aunt Jane questioned me sharply, her face becoming more serious.

I was too scared to look at her, so I curled up on the bed, lowered my eyes, and whispered, "Yes, it's Aunt Jane.of... your clothes. "

At this moment, I was flustered and confused, and I kept repeating one word over and over in my heart: "It's over, it's over,It's over..."

"What are my clothes? They are obviously my underpants!"

I didn't dare to speak anymore, Aunt Jane approached me step by step, and finally stood in front of me angrilylooking at me. I finally couldn't bear Aunt Jane's oppressive force, and my mental defense collapsed. I crySaid: "Aunt Jane, I, I was wrong...in the future, in the future I will..." I was really about to cry, but JaneAuntie didn't wait for me to finish, she covered her mouth and began to giggle coquettishly, her voice was as sweet as a silver bell.

I was even more stupid, but seeing her smile, I felt a little more relaxed, not as scared as before.I timidly asked, "Aunt Jane, are you angry?"

Auntie Jian touched my face with a smile, and her voice became very gentle: "Silly boy, Auntie is making fun of you!"Son, how could you be angry. Don't be afraid, do you like Auntie? "

I was stunned for a while, then hurriedly nodded like a bug. Aunt Jane helped me to sit up and kissed me on the mouthAfter a while, he said, "Just tell me if you like Auntie, Auntie likes you too."

Before I could recollect the feeling of that kiss just now, Aunt Jane sat down beside me and put her arms around my neck,kissed me again.

I sat stupidly, letting Aunt Jane kiss my lips and lick my teeth. After a few kisses,Said to me: "Xiao Tao, open your mouth, don't close your teeth so tightly, kissing is not like this."

After finishing speaking, she continued to kiss me. This time, I opened my mouth obediently as Aunt Jane said.Aunt Jane's tongue immediately stuck into my mouth and stirred with my tongue, soft and sweet, as ifA hot, moist pudding.Coupled with the elasticity from her full lips, that feeling is really wonderfulWord.

At the same time, Aunt Jane freed up a hand to stroke my chest, and rubbed my little one with her fingers from time to time.Nipples, there was a very comfortable pleasure coming from the nipples.

After she touched it for a while, her fingers continued to move downstream, and she held my soft buttocks that were frightened by her, but nowThe little penis that was reborn from the blood was gently stroked. My dick was fully erect under her caress,Reproduce the demeanor of the little king.

Then Aunt Jane's lips and mine were slowly separated, and we were both gasping for breath, with tongues still pulling.There was a slender silver line of saliva.

I still had lingering fears and asked, "Aunt Jane, are you really not angry with me anymore?"

After taking a few breaths, Aunt Jian looked at me charmingly and said, "Of course, there is no hurry if Auntie likes you.How could I be mad at you? Did it scare you just now, don't be afraid, as long as you are obedient, AuntieIt will hurt you very much. Xiaotao, do you think Auntie's saliva is delicious? "

I quickly answered her: "Yeah, it's delicious, it's delicious, and it's very sweet."

Aunt Jane smiled, and while continuing to stroke my dick, she pressed her body towards meCome, say to me, "Come, open your mouth."

I opened my mouth obediently, and Aunt Jane slowly squeezed out a mouthful of saliva and spit it into my mouth.The saliva flowed in my mouth little by little. It didn't have any special taste, but it still felt smooth and refreshing.

After watching me swallow, Aunt Jane asked me happily: "How is it? Do you still want to eat?"

"It's delicious, it's delicious, I want to eat it." Under the influence of Aunt Jane, my guts gradually let go.After the auntie fed me a few mouthfuls of saliva, she kissed me deeply for a while and said, "Don't worry, Xiaotao, auntie not onlyThe saliva is delicious, and the other water on the body is also delicious. "

I said, "Aunt Jane, what water do you have on you?"

Aunt Jian said, "It's lewd water. Auntie will feed it to you later."

I said, "Aunt Jane, what is lewd water?"

Auntie Jian laughed and said, "Haha, my Xiaotao is so pure. The lewd water is what comes out of Auntie's cunt.The water that came was fragrant and saucy, but it was delicious. "

I wondered: "Huh? Cunt?"

"Auntie will show you later, let Auntie play with your little dick first. Well... so cute, it hasn't grown hair yetIt's so big, it's really exciting in the future, Auntie needs to train you well, heh heh. Bo..." Aunt JaneAs he said that, he kissed my little glans, and the feeling of electric shock surged from my little glans to mine instantly.small body.

Aunt Jian then quickly stroked my penis and said with a smirk, "Xiaotao, how are you?It's comfortable, isn't it about to shoot, haha. "

The pleasure of the little penis became more and more intense, and I couldn't help moaning "Aww" because of the comfort. Suddenly Aunt JaneShe stopped her hands, got up and stood opposite me, and pulled off her nightgown with a swipe. There was nothing in the skirthave to wear. She was completely naked, looking at me passionately, licking her lips sexyly with her sweet tongue.

Although I have seen Aunt Jane's nudes, this time I feel extremely exciting. This stimulus is transmitted from the retinaIt reaches the brain, and then a powerful energy is generated by the nerves of the brain, which is transmitted directly to my penis. final smallThe volcano erupted uncontrollably anymore, my little penis spewed out a lot of milky white liquid, all ejaculatedIt fell on Aunt Jane.

Aunt Jian stared wide-eyed, and said happily: "Wow, Xiaotao ejaculated, so much ejaculation, hehe, reallyGreat! awesome! "

With her hands, she hung up the liquid I shot on her bit by bit, and licked it into her mouth. while flatteringlySaid: "This is Xiaotao's virgin boy, it's so precious, Auntie should taste it carefully, it's a great tonic, hehe."

I, who didn't know the truth, was terrified at the moment. What did I just ejaculate? why am i nowDon't you have the impulsive desire just now?

I asked her worriedly: "Aunt Jane, what's wrong with me?"

Aunt Jane said cheerfully: "You ejaculated, you don't know yet. Hehe, it's okay, these thingsIt's the semen, that's what you just ejaculated, which means you're old enough to fuck women. "

I still have lingering fears: "I, um, am I really okay? Why don't I feel the way I did just now?up? "

Aunt Jian said: "It's okay, after ejaculating, of course there will be no desire.Aunt help you. "

My heart became a little more stable. Seeing Aunt Jane eating my semen beautifully, I couldn't help but ask her:"Aunt Jane, that... semen? Semen? Is it delicious?" Seeing the milky white color of the semen, it seems that it should bedelicious.

Aunt Jane sucked the last bit of semen off her fingers, then rushed over and pushed me down on the bed, laughingHe said: "You will know after a taste." After speaking, he kissed me passionately. I tasted what was left on the tip of her tongueSemen, fishy and salty, unspeakably unpalatable.

I uttered "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" twice, struggling to separate my mouth from Aunt Jane.

Aunt Jane asked me with a smile, "How does it taste?"

I shook my head with a bitter face, and Aunt Jane smiled and said, "Semen is what a man ejaculates for a woman, the more lewd it isWomen love to eat more. Alright, now it's time for Auntie to reward you and let you have a good taste of a woman. "

Aunt Jane slid down and clamped my little dick with her breasts.The cock rubbed and squeezed. I didn't expect Aunt Jane toI squeezed my dick between my breasts, and a pleasant feeling reappeared.

After pinching for a while, Aunt Jane opened her mouth and took my dick in her mouth, sucking it gently, with the tip of her tongue constantlyI spun around on my little glans head, and the pleasure quickly spread to my whole body. Suddenly a memory popped into my mindI remember, I once seemed to desire to be sucked by a woman like this, what is it? this memory is onlyAfter a flash in my mind, I was immediately overwhelmed by the surging pleasure.

(to be continued)
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