feel the moonlight

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When our family sat in the large living room of the villa, it was already 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and we walked for nearly 2 hours from the airport to our home.

After everyone sat down, Mom made an amazing move.

Mom asked me to help her up, walked up to Sister Xin, knelt down on the ground suddenly, and asked me to bring her a cup of tea.

"Mother-in-law, daughter-in-law will offer you tea! Today is Ching Ming Festival, and it is also an understanding of the short-term relationship between me and your son. I really want to love him well, but he is gone. There is no continuous rainy season, nor bleak scene, I still want to break up with him in front of you today, what I want to tell you is that my fate with him is over! Although our fate is short, he still left endless beauty in my life,More importantly, he left me, and us, endless hope!"

All the women present I and I were all stunned. No one knew what my mother was going to do, including my aunt who didn't know why her sister suddenly behaved like this.

Sister Xin's grandma passed through countless thoughts like lightning at this time, but she still couldn't guess what her mother wantedto do! She thought, since this stunning, graceful and noble woman in front of her knelt in front of her and made such a move in front of the whole family, it means that no matter what happens next, she will To continue. Because after all, she is the mother of the man she loves the most, and she is indeed her daughter-in-law.

"Hey! I don't have anything to give you. This is the dowry gift I prepared 25 years ago. I don't know if it's outdated now. Although you said that your fate with him is over, but It's not your fault, I think I'll give it to you! "Sister Xin returned a jade bracelet from her hand to her mother.

Mom was very happy to take it, and then asked me to help her up. I saw tears in her eyes, and she was talkingsomething, but I didn't hear anything clearly.

Mom sat in the center of Sister Xin's left hand. At this time, my aunt could hardly restrain her curiosity, she opened her mouth and said, "Sister..."

"Xiaotong, don't talk." Mom stopped my aunt.

"Mother-in-law, you are still my mother-in-law now, so I want to ask you for advice on something!"

"Say it!"

"You are my son's first woman, and also the grandson of our grandparents. Mother..." When the mother said this, all the people present felt the strange atmosphere, they didn't know what the husband's mother was going to doWhat happened later might be like a storm war.

At this time, Sister Xin also felt that the daughter-in-law she had just recognized was not kind, but she was kind in her heart.

"Yes, daughter-in-law!"

"No, I just said that I was your daughter-in-law just now. When I said something like this, I was no longer, should you be like Did I come here to serve me tea like that just now?"

With a "buzz", everyone present didn't know what to do, because it seemed that the development of the situation was completely beyond their expectations, Is mom trying to humiliate sister Xin and grandma? However, Sister Xin, whose face was cloudy and uncertain, suddenly became flushed and twitched, and after a while, she came over with determinationand knelt in front of her mother Come down: "Mother-in-law, my daughter-in-law will serve you tea!"

At this time, like grandma just now, the mother took off her bracelet and said, "This is the betrothal gift from my mother-in-law. Now I will give it to you. You, thank you for taking care of him for me!"

Sister Xin's entire pink face was like a red cloth, but she still lowered her head, stretched out her right hand, and asked her mother to wear it for her The bracelet that was just taken off.

At this time, my mother said to all the women sitting here: "You don't have to worship me anymore. I am a mother-in-law and you are daughters-in-law. I recognize it. It's just Wang Tong. You should come and serve me Serve tea! You are the representative of all the women present, and legally he is his wife, so it’s up to you!"

When the aunt heard her sister talking about her, she wanted to refute a few words, but Later, I also realized that my sister was not joking. Although she couldn’t hold back her face, she was sweet in heart, because after all, it was impossible for anyone to take her place. Thinking of this, her face like a fairy She stood up shyly.

My aunt walked over, knelt down in front of my sister, picked up a cup of tea and handed it to my sister: "Mother-in-law, please drink tea!" Let me give you my son!"

"No!" Mom's words aroused objections and protests from all the women present. Seeing that public outragewould be hard to offend, my mother didn't dare to say any more.

At this time, Sister Xin came over and put on the jade bracelet that she had just sent out and received back for her aunt, and strokedAuntie's face and said, "Thank you, granddaughter-in-law!"

Seeing that she was serious The atmosphere was a little out of control. At this time, my mother suddenly put away the face that she wanted to show
smiling, showing a majestic expression, and no one of the women present dared to continue to boo.

"My body has become what it is now." The mother said to the people present: "It's all dependent on my son.
efforts! So I really want to thank him today! But because of my health, I can't do it, at least for a whileI can't do it recently, so I wonder if I can make sworn sisters with Li Xin? "

Gratitude and sworn sisters were originally two things that couldn't be separated, but at this time, the women presentwho knew the relationship between my mother and me understood my mother's intentions, and those who didn't know I feel that my mother-in-law seems to be similar to myself! So all the women quietly watched the development of the situation.

At this time, the clever little Conch understood that her mother-in-law wanted her to solve this identity problem so that she could enter her son's harem in a legitimate way. At the same time, it also established the identities of Sister Xin and Wang Tong, paving the way for them to enter their son's harem.

At this time, I worshiped my mother like a fairy in the sky. She was so clever, she did everything for her son, and at the same time, she also told everyone about her body very secretly. Any changeis done by my son! In the end, what mother said was very illogical, but most of the women present understood what mother meant!

Sister Xin and my mother really sworn sisters in front of me, and all the women felt that something would happen soon, and also felt the joy of being able to be in the middle of it! They began to imagine what
would happen next.

"Sister Xin, you are the eldest sister, I think you should decide the rules of this family!"

"No, after all, you brought us men and happiness, I think it's better for you to say it!" Sister Xin said modestly and sincerely.

"Sister Xin, you are our root, aren't you?" Mom's words made Sister Xin blush and lower her head.

"You red girl, you are looking for a fight!"

"Tell me, Miss Xin, Xiao Yuan has long said that your heart is as broad as the sea, and you can accommodate this family!"

"Well, I'm the oldest, and I will definitely be the first to leave in the future, I told you!"

"Stop talking nonsense, you won't leave!" I said dissatisfiedly to Sister Xin who hadn't spoken for a long time.

"Thank you, Xiaoyuan, what I want to say is that this family really needs a rule, but if I come to say how to formulate one, two, and three rules, it will be a bit vulgar, not like This loving home of ours is a bit too much like the gate of a mansion in the feudal society in the past. Wouldn’t we have become wives and concubines?So I don’t think it’s necessary to do that, then we How do we set our rules? It should be said that I have said this to Wu Qiong in the early days, and I want to say it again here, Wang Hong, can you see if this works? And I want to There is no high or low among us people, since we have entered the family of the Sun family, we are called sisters, do you think this is okay, sister Hong?"

"I have no objection, this is also my idea !"

Sister Xin went on to say, "Except for the relationship between Wang Tong and Xiaoyuan, which needs some legal confirmation, we are all wives from the Sun family, aren't we?"

"Xin Sis, what you said is really good, we all agree! Tell me about your principle!" Little Conch was the first oneI couldn't wait, she urged.

At this time, most of the women present stood up, only Liu Fang was sitting on the sofa surrounded by a quilt. ButIt can be seen that she is also clenching her fists very nervously, waiting for Sister Xin to say the beautiful principle that is related to the rest of her life.

"Actually, I would like to ask everyone a question, that is, after I beat you into the Sun's house, have you felt dissatisfied in any way? You can talk about any aspect, including you men because of your physical and physical strength. There is no way to satisfy your sexual desires, and so on, you can talk about it.”

Sister Xin asked such a question, except for the mother, the women present have never experienced being penetrated with their nerves< Outside of the extreme beauty, all the women lowered their heads, and Liu Fang blushed and muttered: "Hey! Say this again, It was a life-and-death one, what can I say!"

Liu Although Fang spoke in a low voice, the people present almost heard them, because from their reactions, they had already entered that kind of imagination, all of them were flushed, and the aunt's legs were trembling a little, and she looked a little standing up
Unable to stop, Wu Qiong hurriedly supported her to sit down.

I glanced at all the women present at the side, feeling a strange happiness in my heart, I felt my desire being stimulated by this slim and fat scene filled my body little by little. But seeing Sister Xin talking seriously to them, I felt as if I was staying out of the matter and had nothing to do with me.

"It seems that no one feels dissatisfied anymore? Well, let me tell you. All the women present have fallen in love with the same man, and are they willing to give up their right to own him alone for him?"

"Yes, I don't want to deal with him alone! He is the worst villain in the world, and I'm an innocent little girl, how can I support it alone!" Little Conch said very seriously.

All the women present will smile heartily, because at this time, they basically understand what Sister Xin is going to say, because all the women here are human beings.

"We love him. In the future, we must learn to consider issues from his standpoint. I'm talking about his standpoint, his standpoint as a man, his goodness, his the bad, his integrity, his lustand his desire for us to live in peace in his backyard! All I want to say is that his happinessshould be our idea and pursuit! Of course, we can’t let him inflate our harem, right? I think we should set up a wife committee to veto some of his excessive demands, for example, he wants all the women in Zhifang Town The idea of ​​getting this backyard is not OK! "

I haven't listened to the following things anymore, because I know what they said is so grand, whatstands in my position, what I am their god, but in the end I still made a mess The "Wife Committee"comes to control me. It seems that I have been "suppressed" by them. room to sleep.

Liu Fang was the first to go back to the room with the support of Xiao Hailuo, maybe because the child needed to be fed, Zhong XinheAfter finding her own room, she went in and called the city government office to arrange work Yes, my aunt and mother went back to the room to rest due to physical reasons. Nan Ding was lonely alone, plus she was pregnant, and it was her first day living in this home. How familiar with my mother and aunt, but there was still a lonely expression on her face. The careful grandma Xin saw it and took the initiative to help her to her room, and accompanied her there say. Wu Qiong greeted Li Yuan and Zhang Yi and ordered the kitchen to prepare dinner together.


At this time, Jiang Yue and I were the only ones left in the big hall. I felt that the meeting might be over, but no one notified me, why? These women can despise their men now that they have a reputation?

I stood up angrily, and when I saw Jiang Yue was still there, the desire I didn't know where to hide suddenly burst out. Seeing that everyone was busy, Jiang Yue was about to go back to the room to rest for a while, but suddenly felt a hot gaze encircling her, and she suddenly understood in her heart that she was going to die !

Her first instinct was to run away. But for some reason, her legs didn't listen to her anymore, she stood there as if her legs were stiff, "wronged" like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. When I hugged Jiang Yue, she had no strength left, she just lazily rested on my arm.

Entering Jiang Yue's room, I found that this little girl has cleaned up her room spotlessly. It's as warm as a girl's boudoir, without the grace and laziness of a little woman .

"Bastard, there are so many people, why did you choose me, let him make a fool of himself in front of the big sisters, and I...I really want to escape, but...but...but I'm a little powerless!"

Looking at her inappropriate explanation, I wanted to laugh, but I didn't, because there was still time to laugh at this time. In the golden sunset, her beautiful body glowed withgolden light, I watched her twisting her body restlessly on the bed, the hair between her legs seemed to be covered with dew, It is also like a gemstone, reflecting an attractive brilliance.

"The person who hurts others, isn't he in a hurry now? Scoundrel, your woman has already resigned to her fate, huh! I don't know if someone will come to help me in a while, but I must Do your best to satisfy you bastard, let meCome on, my good man!"

Just take off her clothes! How could she have entered a state of madness? What's going on with women nowadays? I was very puzzled, but luckily I didn't think too much about it, I rushed over, held down my prey, kissed my lover, and penetrated into her body.

At this time, I felt her very strong convulsions, the whole body arched like a bow,It was a soft river clam convulsively wrapped around my dick. It’s just that at this time I didn’t realize that she had entered the prelude to a super orgasm, and was still twitching my dick hard, but my twitching was no longer on her as before The inside of her cunt is going back and forth, but it drives her vaginal wall to tear slowly together.

This kind of stimulation speeds up the speed of her orgasm, and the degree of stimulation is completely beyond her tolerance Ability, she climbed to the climax wave after wave while screaming.

I felt a spring of hot fluid gushing from her cunt and soaking the head of my cock. But the convulsivecunt is wrapped around my thick penis, and there is no outlet for the lewd water. I feel the pressure in it is getting stronger and stronger, and she also feels a different kind of stimulation, which makes her a broken man The little girl who was not long ago had a greater feeling of fullness,The feeling of soaring made her enter the hallucination, her limbs wrapped around me vigorously, and she babbled to herself.

Suddenly I felt her loosen her limbs, let go of her pussy, and collapsed on the bed, and the reservoir burst open, letting me, the big dragon still churning inside Stranded into the hole all of a sudden, I can thrust againIt's just that my twitching can no longer arouse her reaction, she has entered a super happy paradise.

"Young Master, it's time to eat!" Zhang Yi opened the door and came in. When she saw Jiang Yue's appearance, she blushed and didn't know what to do, so she stood at the door blankly. How could I let her go when I just arrived in mid-air, I took her very naturallyI pressed, stripped, parted her showy legs, and inserted into her plump pussy.

Of course, Zhang Yi didn't have the strength to resist, and quickly climbed to the top beside Jiang Yue.

I hate it in my heart, why is it so useless, I feel excited now, I just want to vent,But no women will fall into the net anymore, those women must have seen it, come up with a person like this The mud cow entered the sea, and I didn't dare to come up rashly!

Finally, I saw Grandma Xin, Xiao Hailuo and Li Yuan coming up together.

Later, when I was eating, I found out who they asked to come and who didn't dare to come. In the end, Sister Xin, the boss, had no choice but to bite the bullet and pull Xiao Conch and Li Yuan up together.

When the three of them and I were enjoying the warmth of each other on Sister Xin's big bed, the women belowhad given up their hope of waiting for their men to eat this meal together. Pregnant women didn't talk to anyone, and ate on their own, including Liu Fang, who also looked helpless! My heart is very unhappy!

But this time it didn't seem like I had to wait long, and I came down from upstairs with a radiant face, followed by 5 women, whose bodies looked tired, but their expressions were extremely happy.

"Huh!" The mother, aunt, Liu Fang, and Nan Ding who were eating made this sound at the same time. Wu Qiong, who has always been docile, deliberately didn't look up at me. It seems that it really offends people!

The five women who were irrigated by me just passed me and hurriedly sat in their seats, lowered their heads, and began to eat.

At this time, Sister Xin showed a sophisticated way. When walking, she clamped her thigh hard, because the uterus inside was filled with semen by her grandson just now, but on the surface she still wanted to relax and said: "Eat, eatah, I'm sorry to keep everyone waiting for so long, you also know that your man is lying in bed!"

"Oh! That's it, eat." Mom suddenly realized, and didn't say anything , looked at me sitting next to her with a very unnatural look, "Really... son... really... um! That's right!"

Mom started to eat abnormally , the women sitting here seemed to feel something strange, but no one said anything,Because the atmosphere at the dinner table was already very obscene, all the women present could guess that the mother's "hmm" was because of What, because his son was sitting beside her.

I also know why my mother made that very obscene moan, because one of my hands hanging under the dining table has reached into my mother's skirt, and gently stroked my mother's labia and small beans bean! The mother's clitoris is very sensitive. I can't control myself when I touch her!

"Son... son, let's eat!" My mother was so embarrassed that she pulled my hand out with her hands.

The people at the table had their own minds at this time, but Zhong Xinhe put down the bowl after taking a few mouthfuls, and one person pouts and gouges me with his eyes. I know she wanted me to call her up just now, but I didn't go, and she couldn't run over by herself, feeling depressed. There was a table downstairs just now, so she had to come down to eat by herself.

She thought about this, maybe she felt wronged, angry with herself, and she suddenly retched for some reasonI hurried over to help her gently beat her back, and asked her carefully: "Baby, What's wrong with you? You're not angry, are you? "

"Bah! How rare are you? I'm not going to be angry, I'm just not in good health at this stage, I just feel a little uncomfortable , don’t think I’m jealous! No way, it’s better if you never come, I’ll be quiet!”

“Really? Baby, so you think so? Then I But really..."

"Really what? You...you dare?" Originally, I really just wanted to tease her, but I didn't expect thatbefore I finished a word, she would I couldn't help but start to look like I was about to cry.

I really didn't expect her feelings to be so fragile, so I quickly explained: "Baby, my husband is teasing you, do you really take it seriously? It's not like the heart and demeanor of a big mayor Ah!"

"What big mayor, if you say you don't want me to do it, I will resign immediately, if you want me to divorce him, I will go to him regardless of anything Li! I'll just stay here in Zhifang Town and concentrate on giving birth to you."

It seems that she is really thinking about it, and I feel that I really need to clarify this matter, because I
We really love each other, I love her and want to possess her, but I can't be selfish enough to make her unhappy, let her bear my child on my bed, so I really look like those local rich lords in the Qing Dynasty.

"Sister He, what's wrong with you? You're in such an abnormal mood, don't you have..." Aunt interrupted at this time and asked.

"What am I? What can I do? And..." At this point, Sister He suddenly realized something, and covered her open mouth in surprise.

At this time, I didn't care about what they said, but I just thought about why Sister He's mood was so abnormal. Maybe I didn't think that among these women, the only husband was not me, that is to say, the only one. In the future, she will be the woman I love who cannot be disclosed publicly, so she must have more grievances than other women. Why didn't I think about this before?

Every woman here is happy withHua'er is the same, but she dare not, she can't say that she is Mrs. Sun, and she can't let her child be named Sun. It seems that she should be troubled by this matter, a woman's heartreally needs to be carefully pondered by a man.

At this time, Zhong Xinhe suddenly changed her mind and started eating again. The dinner table seemed to be peaceful againbut while playing with them, I knew in my heart that I must let Sister He untie this knot.

Nan Ding's progress in Chinese can be described by leaps and bounds. She can basically understand theseordinary conversations now. As long as there are not too many slang, dialects, and code words in the middle, she generally does not need someone to translate for her up. She was sitting on my left side, listening to the whispers among the women, with a look of happiness on her face.

Sitting on her left side, Wu Qiong is the most speechless one. She usually doesn't talk much, and in this bickering situation, she doesn't express herself even more, but it turns out that she should be the smartest. I'm not attacking you, others are too embarrassed to talk about her in the end, she just sits there and watches quietly, looking so soft and beautiful.

But Nan Ding's happiness does not come entirely from her being able to understand other people's conversations, but more because of myhands harassing her from time to time, but she is not as shy as her mother Feeling, I can feel her sensation, her pussy is flooded, submerging my fingers, she doesn't care about the beauties at the dinner table, just approaching me, He moved closer to me, wanting to get into my arms.

The little conch who was sitting opposite had already seen something, and muttered softly: "Pervert!" Then he looked at me vigorously with his eyes.

At this time, I hurriedly put my hands away from Nan Ding's pussy, pretending to be nonchalant, orI will be exposed by that girl again in front of everyone.

At this time, I also saw two bright blushes flying on Wu Qiong's face, and deliberately turned her face aside, not daring to look at me, because she knew that I dared to bully her the most. On the bed, she let her ejaculate and ejaculate. Several times, she said to me: You bastard, I really dare not get too close to you. It is soft. Seeing me tease Nan Ding like this now, she must not be able to bear it.

Sitting next to the little conch, Liu Fang saw her staring at me, and asked her ignorantly, "What's the matter, little conch?"

"Oh! I'm done eating. "I quickly interrupted the conversation between their aunts and nephews, "I will sleep in Sister Xin's room at night, Li Xin, Xiao Hailuo, Zhong Xinhe, Wu Qiong, Zhang Yi, Li Yuan, Jiang Yue, come and join me Sleep."After saying this, I ran away, thinking that if I slowed down a step, what kind of condemnation might I receive.

Even so, I heard Little Conch say at the stairs: "What kind of man did I marry? I was about to fall apart in the afternoon, and in the evening he asked again, oh...I'm going to die I'm done!" The other fourwomen who were with her in the afternoon also echoed: "Yes, yes! I won't pass!"

Zhong Xinhe also looked thoughtful, and suddenly turned around and said What did you say in mother's ear? My mother gave an exaggerated "ah" and said, "Okay, okay, I will accompany you with Nan Ding and Xiaotong." After speaking, the four women went out.

At this time, Wu Qiong made some calculations, sighed dejectedly, and said to Sister Xin: "Sister, you won't go tonight, it's just me, I dare not! I won't go either!"

At this time, grandma realized that there are still women who dare to provoke her grandson at night? I was fucked by him in the afternoon and now I am still weak and weak, and I have no ability to accompany Wu Qiong, but at night he called the roll call, and I dare not not go, and I am also thinking about it, see Seeing Wu Qiong's pitiful look, she felt that she could not resist her man's orders, so she had no choice but to bite the bullet and go to heaven and earth.

"Xiao Qiong, I'll go with you, he called the name, I dare not refuse!" Sister Xin said this, which made Jiang Yue, Zhang Yi, and Li Yuan dare not What did I say, I had no choice but to bite the bullet and wait to go to heaven and earth again.

I came out from the back door of the villa and looked at the long path winding under the dim street lights leading to the depths of the bamboo forest. When playing, you will always meet some young men and women who are in love. When they are about to do something, they will suddenly hear the sound of us coming, and they will be surprised. I was always afraid that someone would come and catch them and send them to the police station.

At that time, this bamboo grove did not belong to the orphanage, it was the property of the town government, and it was one of the main economic income of the town, so people were not allowed to come in casually, so when they came in those years It is already an adventure, if there is any abnormal noise, of course I will be very surprised. And we just know what they are afraid of. When we find a couple in love in the vast bamboo forest, we will play tricks on them.

But those Togos who are usually worse than us (older children in the same family) don’t let us throw stones at them or bark like cats. They watched them "fight" with relish as they got as close as possible. At the beginning we also imitated the big brothers to watch hard, but after persisting for a while, we felt that it was not interesting, so we just patiently endured to the limit of what we could bear, and started to play pranks, and finally puthimUntil we were scared away, the big brothers beat us, and we ran back to the orphanage in one breath...

Now I think of my childhood time, although it was hard, but it was also happy. Thinking of this, I unconsciously walked along the winding road to the depths of the bamboo forest.


"Ma'am, why didn't you see the young master? I remember he went upstairs just now?" Li Yuan made fruitdessert and wanted to send it to me Eat, but I couldn’t find me in more than 20 rooms upstairs. I was asking sister Xin.At this time, I opened the door and came in. She saw that I suddenly became happy, showing an interest that was completely out of line with her age Fen.

"Master, eat some fruit!" She put the fruit plate on the coffee table and sat down on me. I looked at the busy women one after another, as delicate and beautiful as flowers, and I felt an indescribable guilt in my heart.

Imagine what I did just now, even I can't understand it, I don't know that the string is in the wrong place, how is it possible?

The more I think about it, I feel depressed, I don't believe it, but it happened after all, I don't know whyI couldn't control myself at the time, I just went out for a walk, just for a walk! In addition, I want to pick up my mother and my aunt. They are the only ones who haven’t been able to really make out in the past few days. ?

Alas... I feel that I have no face to live on, no face to face these delicate and beautiful women, especiallythere are my own grandma, my own mother, and my own aunt, who gave up for love Faced with the invisible pressure of society, I resolutely chose to be with me, but what did I do?

I...I...I felt indescribable pain when I thought of this, I stood up and wanted to go upstairs, just in timeI saw Li Yuan in front of me, busy forking an apple with a small fork, I hugged Li Yuan subconsciously, looking for a kind of comfort, but I felt Li Yuan's body stiffened obviously, and then his breathing became short of breath.

My mind suddenly thought of the scene in the bamboo forest just now, and my mind felt pressured. I gentlylet go of Li Yuan, and walked away with my head down, not picking up the orange that Sister Xin peeled for me.

"Xiaoyuan, what's wrong with you?" Sister Xin asked with concern.

"Oh, no...no!" I was afraid to see Sister Xin's caring eyes, I was afraid to see the innocence of Little Conch, I was afraid to see Wu Qiong's shy but chasing eyes. I got up and went upstairs by myself, came to my mother's room, and lay on the bed with all my clothes on. At this time, all the women felt that there was an abnormality in the family, because the depression shown by their men just now made them feel the seriousness of the situation.

Li Yuan just sat there without saying a word. When Zhang Yi noticed her, she was already in tears.

"Sister Yuan, what's wrong with you? Why are you crying?" Zhang Yi asked her very concerned.

"I...I'm nothing!"

"Tell me? Why are you crying for no reason?"

"Zhang Yi, did I make the young master hate me? Am I there? What did you do wrong? The young master gave me a hug just now, and went upstairs very unhappy, I... I don’t know why, I’m so scared, I’m so scared that hedon’t want me anymore!”

"This..." Zhang Yi didn't know how to tell Li Yuan about this, because she had the same mentality.The two of them had the least capital in this family. To really be Mrs. Sun here, I am afraid that I have to pay more, feel more, and please my man more than any other woman, so they are also the most sensitive.

"Just now? No, I saw that he was unhappy when he came in. It's just that you weren't careful enough not to notice your man's emotions." Sister Xin seemed to be criticizing Li Yuan, but she was actually trying to understand Open her knot.

"Yes, ma'am, Li Yuan knew he was wrong!"

The young master is not angry with himself, this is too important to Li Yuan. Besides, it was Sister Xin who said that the young master wasn't angry with her. Li Yuan felt that she was more at ease, but she was smart and immediately realized that she might make another mistake, that is, she only paid attention to her own feelings, why didn't she imagine the young master? I would suddenly be in such a bad mood. Before the meal just now, I still let myself and these women "die to death".

How come... It must be that something went wrong when I went out just now.

I was at the stairs on the second floor and looked around the living room. The busy women, except mother and auntand Nan Ding went out for a walk with Sister He. Everyone is busy. Because at nightI asked a few women to accompany me by name, so they must be in a state of agitation right now, and during this period of time, I also feel that I seem to be much stronger than before , can make them feel their embarrassment every time, no matter how many people there are.

I think they must be discussing what to do at night, but I know that no matter how much they discuss it, it is useless. In the end, they vent their bodies honestly and enter the "Elysium"! But they don't know,At this time, I am no longer an hour ago when I went out and thought about how to let them die at night, let myself burst into someone's pussy, the depression in my heartAt the extreme, the smugness and spring breeze just now have disappeared, and I have the desire to die.

I don't know how to face these women who love me and I love deeply. I felt my heart sinking. I saw Sister Xin walking towards me, her delicate and flowery face dangled in front of me, but I felt that she was getting farther and farther away from me.

"Yuan'er, what's wrong with you? What are you... Come on, my husband fainted..."

When I woke up, I found that I was already in K City People's Hospital, which was a suite ward. I saw thatalmost all the women from Zhifang Town Welfare Institute came, and they were always busy inside and out for a reason, and Idon't know what they were doing?

Except for my mother, my aunt, and Sister Xin sitting by my bed with the expression that the sky has fallen and the end of the world is coming, everyone else is doing their own thing, especially Sister He Calling in the corridor, listening to her tone, has lost her former demeanor and self-cultivation, and is yelling into the phone. And Jiang Yue hid in the bathroom and said something on the phone, but in a very low voice, with a crying tone.

"He's awake, he's awake! My son is awake!" The mother was the first to see her son slowly open his eyes.Excited, she jumped up from the wheelchair, He took my hand and shouted to the people present. Auntie and Grandma Xin came over excitedly. There are also Xiao Hailuo and Wu Qiong in the room, all of them are crying.Where are you at a loss when you see me wake up? around my bed.

"Husband, what's wrong with you?"

"Husband, have you eaten something bad?"

"Husband, are you anemic?" concern.

At this time, Sister Xin said: "You men just woke up, I think it's better for you to keep quiet!"

The women immediately shut up, none of them wanted me to be hurt The injury was just a momentary concern just now, not as detailed as I thought.

"Little Conch, go and call Liu Fang and Li Yuan and tell them that Yuan'er has woken up. The doctor said there is nothing wrong, so let them rest assured that Liu Fang is at home by herself. It must be like an ant on a hot pot. And Li Yuan, who is going to pick up the experts, also calls every once in a while. If you dare to tell them about the situation here, don’t make them too anxious. "Mom was also quite calm at this time, and arranged for Little Conch to do things.

"Sister Hong, how is he? The Beijing experts I invited will arrive tomorrow morning!" Zhong Xinhe probably heard that Iwas awake, and hurriedly pushed the door in from the outside.

"Mother-in-law, Sister Xin, I have already arranged all the company's related matters, and now the press conference is already going on, and told the media that my husband is undergoing a normal medical examination." Jiang Yue has already arranged the company's affairs. Something, squeezed beside Wu Qiong, reached into my bed, grabbed my feet, and rubbed them gently on the soles of my feet, with tears in my eye sockets.

Nanding has already contacted Dean Jack, and the experts from Switzerland have already boarded the plane.

Through their busy figures, I feel that I am happy. These women showed their true feelings at this time, which moved me. At this moment, through the gaps of the busy women, I saw six or seven girls standing outside, who seemed to be students and young teachers from the orphanage that Zhang Yi called to help. At this time, I I saw four pairs of eyes among them that I will never forget, and my heart skipped a beat. Why are they?

"Let me get up." I asked Nan Ding and Xiao Conch to help me sit up and lean against the head of the bed.

"Let the three of them go back first, and let the four of them stay." I pointed to the seven girls who were helping me, stayed those girls, and let the other three go first up.

"Come here and get to know each other. This is my mother, Wang Hong; this is my wife Wang Tong; this is the director of our maternity hospital, Ms. Nan Ding; this is our K The mayor of the city, Ms. Zhong Xinhe; this is the general manager of Dongqing-Hengchang Group, Ms. Jiang Yue; this is Ms. Li Qianqian from the School of Business Administration of QH University. You all know the others. Right?"

"Well, we know, they are so beautiful!" One of the younger girls seemed to be intoxicated and said.

"Mao Ke, don't talk nonsense." Another older girl scolded that girl.

"It's okay, tell me, who are you and what are your names? How old are you this year? Where do you go to school now?" The fourgirls looked at me and asked them. They lowered their heads together, blushing and did not speak.

At this time, Zhang Yi came over and said, "What's wrong with you? Old... the chairman asked you something, why didn't you say anything?"

Looking at everything that happened in front of him, All the women didn't speak, because they seemed to have realized that there must be a reason, because my fainting was already very strange, and the first thing I woke up, I gave this again
Four very irrelevant girls introduced all the women in this family, explaining that something must have happened
before I fainted, but I don't know the specifics.

Seeing that they were silent, Zhang Yi introduced the four girls one by one: "She is Lin Dan, a college student who just came here last year, and is now in charge of teaching elementary Chinese;She is Lu Ning, a university student who came over last year, and she is in charge of teaching elementary English. She is the same age as Lin Dan, maybe twenty-three; she is Ye Fang from a family of 31, and she is from a family of 16 Mao Ke, the two of them seem to be the same age, fourteen this year, right? "

"Oh, I will be fourteen in two months." The little girl Mao Ke took over the conversation and said. At this time, I saw Lin Dan staring at Mao Ke vigorously. Mao Ke was so frightened that he stuck out his tongue and dared not speak.

"Okay, it's okay, you guys go back too, Sister Yi, send a car to take them back!"

"Okay!" Zhang Yi led them out as well.

"Mom, Sister Xin, all sisters, I will tell you what happened last night!" I paused, feeling uneasy, as if there were tears in the corners of my eyes.


"After dinner last night, I was very happy and in a great mood. Thinking about my 25th birthday soon, look at the women around you. They are all as beautiful as flowers, and the happiness in my heart is hard to suppress and I want to express it, but I can't tell you, what can I say: I feel so happy to have you? Isn't this completely redundant, because thisIt is obvious, you are the parties, of course you know my heart."

"I have nothing to do, I think of the bamboo forest by the back door, I like to play in it when I was a child. My childhood Heart suddenly, I want to go there again. I went out from the back door of the villa, saw a bright moonlight, suddenly felt very excited, I want to go back and call you all Hide and seek in the bamboo forest."

"Oh, child, you are in high spirits! But why didn't you come back and call them, these girls may be so happy to hear about it, they will definitely follow you crazy In the middle of the night!" Mom asked a little puzzled.

"Mom, what you said is true. In fact, in an adult society, occasionally looking for some childhood joyis also a rare enjoyment and feeling! But what I think of is that you, aunt, Nan Ding and Liu Fang will definitely not be able to come. Grandma, Xiao Hailuo, Jiang Yue, Zhang Yi, and Li Yuan are all exhausted all afternoon, and they will definitely not go crazy with me. , Even if it is reluctance, they are too physically exhausted, I also feel..."

"What do you feel? Distressed?" My aunt still didn't forget to joke at this time. "Well, after all, you are all my dearest women! I think about it, I'd better go for a walk by myself. I raised my head and looked at the moonlight, feeling likemother's gentle face , like my aunt's delicate breasts, like sister Xin's tender thighs."

"Yo! You are lecherous, you know you have thighs when you miss me?" Sister Xin blushed to express her dissatisfaction .

At this time, in the moonlight, I saw some women slowly changing again, such as Sister He's groan when she climaxed, Jiang Yue screamed when she was full, and Little Conch tensed when she broke her body. Grit your teeth. My dearest women are presented one by one in the moonlight.

After looking at the beauties in the moonlight for a while, I felt that my head was a little swollen than when I first came out, but my mind was very clear. I think maybe it's because I've been too busy for a while, my mind is a little swollen, It's good to rest, I shook my head vigorously, closed my eyes, that feeling is gone, I'm not in I just feel that my interest has improved, and I walked into the depths of the bamboo forest a little bit along the path.

Under the dappled moonlight, I felt that my body was much lighter, as if I was about to float up. At this time, I remembered that when I went out just now, I seemed to tell Sister Xin to let them accompany me at nightI unconsciously thought of their beautiful and flawless bodies, delicate and tender The posture, the seductive moan.

I felt the endless expansion of the thing beneath me. Suddenly I subconsciously felt fear, because it was a bit like the feeling of being out of control when I first wanted my aunt, and I felt that desire was no longer under my control! Auntie, do you still remember that day?

"I don't know, I was treated like that by you, my mind was blank at the time! But there was Jiang Yue who was raped by you that day, Jiang Yue, you shouldn't forget it, you came from Guangzhou On the third day after I came back, I ended myvirgin career!" My aunt looked at Jiang Yue and said with a smile.

"Hey... Sister Tong, what are you talking about? Didn't you also be that day yourself? I am in heaven and earth, and I diedto feel the tear he brought me, so I still have time to remember him What a hideous horror at that time!"

"Go, what's the matter, little girl, nonsense!" My aunt also remembered the scene of that day, and her face was a littleunable.

"Mother-in-law, look at your sister, what I said is the truth, she bullies others just because she is a sister!" Jiang Yue's performance is a bit exaggerated, but it also makes people feel her little woman's heart .

"By the way, Jiang Yue, I remember, that day seems to be a day of fifteen, one full month!" Auntie seemed to remember something, said something suddenly, and then stopped abruptly . It's just that I blushed and remained silent.

I didn't pay attention to her psychological activities, but continued to say: "At this time, I feel that my brain is being swallowed up by desire little by little. I stopped myself, turned around and ran back."

"Then what happened next?How is it? "The little conch was a little curious.

"I turned around and ran, and saw four of them, those four girls just now, they appeared from nowhere, and they also turned around and ran after getting up. I think they might have misunderstood I thought I was going towards them. I didn't pay attention to them so much, so I ran back like this. What I didn't expect was that they also came in this direction, and the distance between us is getting closer and closer Close. I don’t know why the more I run, the worse my body’s ability to control my desiresWhen I got closer to the four of them, the two lower girls seemed to be tripped by somethingI fell down and tripped me too."

"Honey, you didn't break it, did you?" Wu Qiong, who had always been quiet, suddenly asked. Attracted all the womento her: "Go!"

Wu Qiong immediately blushed. I smiled at Wu Qiong: "Honey, my husband is fine!"I felt more and more guilty.

"I was on top of one of the girls, so I didn't do anything, but the girl under me seemed to have fallen hard, and it felt like she was trying to push me away, but it didn't work. At this moment, I smelledthe virgin fragrance on her body, and the desire I had been suppressing was like a floodgate, and it was hard to control. "

"Then how are you doing?" Sister Xin asked me, her expression was a little weird.

"I don't know what's wrong, I was sober throughout the whole process, but I just couldn't control myself. Now I can still remember how I lifted that girl's skirt and tore her apart I also remember her heart-piercing cry of pain and the distorted expression on her face when she inserted it. I knew in my heart that I was committing a crime, but I just couldn’t stop. I was in her I ejaculated after a few jerks in my body."

"I was still very strange at the time, thinking why I was so useless. But I ejaculated and climaxed, and it didn't make my ejaculation That thing softened. While we were making love, another little girl who fell at the same time had got up and came to beat me and tear me, so I pushed her to the ground again and entered her. br/>Body. She didn't seem to react as strongly as the girl just now, she just gritted her teeth hard and hit my chestwith her fist. I still remember her hateful eyes."

I said When I got here, I saw my mother's face became more and more gloomy, and she seemed very sad. Looking at her, I felt uncomfortable, got up from the bed, and went down to my mother, grandma, aunt and all the wives and knelt down.

"I'm sorry, I really don't want to, of course the two little girls can't stand my toss, and soon I ejaculated in another girl's vagina."

" But at this time, I still didn't mean to soften up. At that time, I thought, it's really strange, it's completely different from when I'm with you, although it's not easy when I'm with you Soft down,But it won’t be so easy to ejaculate. Hey! If I get up at this time, maybe my sin will be lighter,But I don’t, because I don’t have the feeling of desire to vent at all, The whole person is like a blown up balloon."

"When I was thrusting hard into the body of this girl, the two girls who had already run away came back again, and they wanted to save this girl Two little girls. Maybe they have never seen this kind of situation before, they arecompletely stupid, and when they think about it, they feel a little shy."

"Just when they were hesitating, what happened just now The tragedy of the two little girls happened to both of them, I threw them down, tore away all obstacles, penetrated, ejaculated, penetrated, ejaculated...the four of themjust like this I didn’t run away, and I don’t know how many times I vented on them. Suddenly, I felt a pain in the back of my head and passed out.”

“I don’t know how long it took, but I woke up. There was no one there anymore. I put on my clothes and slowly walked back. It was strange that I didn’t feel the pain in the back of my head, but felt that my whole body was light and full of strength. "

"Son, did they beat you?" Mom asked anxiously.

"Wang Hong, it's all right. I asked the dean just now, and the dean said that there is nothing abnormal about his body! Including his head." It can be seen that Sister He was very angry after hearing what I said. .

"Xinhe!" Mom suddenly called out to her old classmate, and Zhong Xinhe suddenly felt that maybe her emotions had gone awry. Before she figured out the cause of the problem, she should not go down so early. in conclusion.

Thinking of this, she didn't say anything else, she turned her face out of the window, quietly as if she was lost in thought. At this time, her phone rang suddenly, she took out the phone to look at the number, and answered nervously: "Uh-uh...uh-hmmUm...is that so? That protein representative What?"

"Oh! Is that so? I think there will be experts coming for consultation, from Beijing and Switzerland, and they will arrive soon.You should try your best to prepare as much information as possible, please!"

"Sister Hong, the dean called and said that an abnormal antibody protein was found in Yuan'er's blood. They had never seen such a thing before. Now, they are already investigating it The nature of this protein has been analyzed, but there is no conclusion. They have never seen the gene of this protein before. The dean just said that maybe BeijingOr foreignexperts can figure out these things, but according to his intuition, this should be the key to finding the reason why her husband fainted. "

"Great, the experts are rushing over, we don't hesitate to put in any effort, we must find the reason why my son faints and always loses control of his emotions, I would rather use my own Change your health and life! I thinkyou have been closely cooperating with the inspection during this period, because after all, it is related to the happiness of all the women in the future." Mom said, looking at each across the woman's face.

"I know! I am the same. Among the women here, I am the only one who has no status, butI am also willing to exchange my life for his health." Zhong Xinhe first one said.

"Xinhe, you have always had this knot, I know, but I want to tell you that if you imagine thisyou are wrong, in my eyes you and Wang Tong, and Jiang Yue, and even There is no difference between Sister Xin and myself, how do you say, son?" Mom said, turning to me in a questioning tone.

"Mom, I don't know what the difference is. My women don't have any difference in my eyes. Each of them is more important than my life." I confessed from the bottom of my heart.

Zhong Xinhe was very moved when he heard it, his voice was a little choked up, and he hesitated to speak. Mom wanted to comfort her at this time, but she suddenly remembered something and said excitedly: "Boy, from today on, you should stay away from He, you heard? She can't stand it. I’m so tossing about you.” My mother’s words made everyone present feel a little perplexed. Only Zhong Xinhe blushed a little.

"Don't mention what you said just now, after all, there is a problem that doesn't exist! However, Xinhe, I think that a confident woman like you will never be so small For those who have a weak heart, I would rather believe that you have mood swings due to pregnancy. What's more, why would someone in this family say that you are an outsider? You are the only one who dares to How powerful are you for bickering with your mother-in-law?"

"Besides, your man has appointed you a name before me, and no one else would dare to listen. But now you are for Holly-Heng Chang, you are outside the family because of your man, so you are not only a member of this family, but also a great contributor to the Sun family. No one will make irresponsible remarks about you. By the way , Xinhe, I didn't think that your mood would be so abnormal before, but this month is a bit abnormal, is it because... because of pregnancy, you can't be hurt by men, and your heart is sour... "Mom said here, stopped talking, and smiled very ambiguously at Zhong Xinhe.

"Wang Hong, you little woman, pampering your son and taking advantage of others..."

"Why did I pamper my son? No, in the United States...in...isn't it what you want? Could it be..."

"Okay, okay, I can't say no to you! Let's talk about business." At this point, Zhong Xinhe already felt that he was at a disadvantage, so he quickly switched topic.

"The dean said that Comrade Sun Ningyuan has nothing wrong with his body. Except for the abnormal antibody
protein in the blood, there is no other abnormality. However, it is estimated that the protein will not be found for a while. SoIt is suggested that we go home to recuperate. I think so, we should go back to Zhifang Town to rest, otherwise there are so many women hereevery day, and every one of you is a fairy A person of the highest level will receive the attention of the media."

"I have seen sneaky people at the gate of the hospital in the morning asking where the hospital is, and someone asked why There are so many super beauties here, is it because some movie star is sick? Or is there something wrong with some film tycoon? So I said, he’s fine, let’s go back early. This morning I drove br/>The BMW did not take the car of the city government, so it did not attract their attention."

*********************** ********** Hahaha, I am glad that everyone joined the set, but maybe the set I made is not mysterious enough and the structure is not rigorous, so someone else guessed it! ***********************************


Zhong Xinhe deserves to be the mayor of a city. She soon realized that public opinion may have an impact on our family and company. She reminded us what to do next.

"Xinhe is right. I don't think he has any problems in all aspects. Let's go back. I feel that every time I go out, many people look hard at me." Nan Ding also said.

At this time, I suddenly found that Nan Ding was much plumper than when I saw her for the first time. She is blond,tall, and increasingly attractive. Moreover, her skin, which was originally rough compared to oriental women, is now glowing softly, delicate and fair. This surprised me a little bit.

"Mom, look at Nan Ding, her skin is so slippery now..."

"Sex boy, what's the matter? Don't you think it's not enough to get into trouble? Nan Ding's sister is pregnant." GrandmaI didn't speak for a long time, and she was a little nervous when she saw the fascinating light in my eyes again.

"That's right, you really should be fineIt’s good to reflect... But, big sister, don’t tell me, Sister Nan Ding’s body has changed a lot since she got married. Her skin is not like that in Europe now, It has a bit of an oriental flavor, tender and smooth. "Mom seems to have the same feeling.

"I have discovered this a long time ago, and I can also feel a great change from my own body. Now I don't have the fatigue when I first entered 50 years old, and my skin seems to be very smooth. Elasticity, I don’t know what’s going on,It’s as if I’ve come back to life.”

“I’ve compared it myself, and found that my current physical condition is much better than before I lost my life to him. It should be said that there are

"Oh! Sister Xin, do you think so too?" Mom also said at this time Feel a little surprised. She seemed to be rememberingsomething.

"By the way, Mom, just now you said what happened to Sister He? What caused the mood swings?" Mythoughts have been at a low ebb, and I didn't fully pay attention to what my mother said just now. When I think about it, it seems that has something to do with me?

"You, boy, you know how to get into trouble, those four girls don't know what to do, and now you miss youMiss He?" Mom and aunt gave me "disdainful" looks at the same time .

"Mother-in-law, sister Xin, I think so, let the experts go directly to Zhifang Town, we will prepare all the necessary research equipment for them at Zhifang Town Hospital, so that they can do research there with peace of mind , I hope there will be a result,Do you think this will work?" Little Conch said. The mother and aunt looked up at the little girl, and they never expected that at this time, this seemingly laughing child could have such a meticulous mind.

"Sister Xin, now I suddenly have the idea of ​​finding a temple to fulfill my wish, look at Little Conch, and then look at Jiangyue, The women who entered our Sun family are all elites, We really want to thank God for treating us so favorably! Any woman in our family can be independent outside, how can you say this brat is capableenjoying the splendor of this world?"

"That's, even... you... I... didn't take advantage of him?" Sister Xin suddenly said such words at this moment, and the effect of my mother's words of thanking God was as strong as before The pierced balloon ran out of air, and all the women present were laughing.

"Don't laugh, don't laugh, it's better to prepare as soon as possible. It's really dangerous for us to be here for a long time. It's really bad if the paparazzi get any in-depth news. According to what Xiao Hailuo said Let's proceed with the plan." Sister Xinwas the first to stop laughing, "Let's go back and discuss about those four girls and Zhong Xinhe!"

"Eh? What's going on? How did I become It’s the same problem as those four girls, what’s wrong with me? Am I wrong? It’s not because he is intemperate, what’s wrong with me? I…” Zhong Xinhe babbled, but no one Just ignore her, but everyone is busy with their own affairs. First, all the pregnant women were sent to the first car and drove away. In the second car, only Jiang Yue and I left, ready to deal with the reporters at the door. The other women were sent away by another car.

In this way, many beauties in the hospital disappeared without a trace, and the reporter didn't seem to smell any strange smell, it was just that I was there temporarily at the gate of the hospital. Back to the questionraised by several reporters, it probably means that when I just arrived for a routine checkup, I was accompanied by the general manager of the companyto check my body. You need to stay in hospital to wait for the results. In less than 24 hours, the reporters also believedmy words.

On the way back, I didn't speak all the time, feeling depressed, thinking about the unforgivable mistakes I made, thinking about the complex eyes of those four girls when they looked at me just now, I felt very guilty .

Jiang Yue was by my side, seeing that I was depressed, and tried to make me happy. After entering Zhifang Town, she even raised the partition glass in the middle, wanting to challenge my penis alone . I was really touched by her doing this, because now none of the women in our family dare to have sex with me alone, so they can easily be fucked for three days and cannot get out of bed, and they have to Bear the charge of "eating alone" among the sisters.

It looks like this girl wants to take such a big offense today? Oh! By the way, I remembered, it seems that by nowevery woman who has sex with me alone will get pregnant, does this girl...

"Oh, by the way, do you want to A child?" I suddenly figured it out.

"Well, no, husband, we have too many pregnant women in our family. I'm worried that there will be no one to serve you for a period of time in the future, so I made an agreement with Zhang Yi and Li Yuan. I don’t want to have children for a while, and the company is closing the door. I’m pregnant, which will affect many things, so I want to wait and see.”

Seeing Jiang Yue’s sensible look, I So touched, I couldn't help kissing her hard.

"Thank you baby, thank you for not calling me a rapist, although I may not be tried by the government,Those four girls believe that you will arrange them properly, but after all, I have committed a crime. From my heart,I have been nailed to the pillar of shame, all of you Avoid this matter, don't mention it, but after all, the harm it brought to those four little girls, I deeply feel my hatefulness! "Speaking of this, he feels heavy, and the corners of his eyes are acidic.

"Husband, don't think this way, I think it's better to wait until the diagnosis of the abnormal protein in your body is results, and then we can discuss this matter, do you think it's okay? As for what happened last night The thing depends on whether you really have a lack of morality. If so, I don’t think your mother-in-law and sister Xin will forgive you. You still have to take responsibility! If not, I think we really need to find out the reason! For yourhealth, I don’t care how many girls you get in with! "

"No, no matter what, I will I must never harm anyone again, so no matter what the result of this research is, I will not shirk my responsibility.” I vowed, spoke righteously, and spoke impassionedly.

Jiang Yue and I talked about my righteousness, but my hands still stripped Jiang Yue's clothes bit by bit. In the back seat of the Maybach, there is enough space for Jiang Yue to live and die.

Jiang Yue did not expect that in the car, her delicate skin would become flushed and sensitive under my rubbing, and her tender pussy was suddenly bright and unrestrained, and she felt peaceful while breathing Different happiness on the bed, she let herself lie stretched in front of my eyes, waiting for the happiness in her imagination!

I looked at her, a stunning woman, showing her peerless demeanor, her plump and pointed breastsBecause she was lying flat, her breasts were slightly spread downwards, so that her chest Even more outstanding, one of her slender legsstretched towards the partition glass, and the other rested on my waist. Her sparse pubic hair did not cover her vulva, and her big clitoris was already congested The soaring growth grew out of the labia minora, from which milky white
fluid was flowing out, dripping onto the leather seat.

Her anus is like a budding chrysanthemum, it moves slowly, but it seems to want to open.

"Husband, when will you see, your little moon is already so empty!"

"Here I come!" I frantically rushed over and entered my territory frantically.

"Oh... man... it's so long... I've never... never had it so deep... ah..." she screamed as she finished her first orgasm.

When the car drove into the long bamboo forest path, Jiang Yue was completely defeated. She had 5 orgasms along the way, and I was also in her cunt There was a squirt of cum inside. Finally, she began to beg for mercy, but I had no intention of stopping at all, so she had to go on the road again, rushing towards the sixthclimax.

When I gently inserted her parted soft pink labia from behind, she began to scream, when she was about to climax, her signature action came, crazy Shaking his head, his hands scratched in the air, helplessly counting the number of times he was hit.

Suddenly, without knowing where she touched, the soundproof, one-way transparent glass in the middle came down. My brave posture and her ecstasy expression were clearly seen by Wu Hua who was driving in front. She seemed to have been shocked by an electric shock. Off the main road, into the dirt on the side.

Fortunately, Wu Hua was very experienced and stopped in time without any major accident. It’s just that my penis is still stuck inJiang Yue’s pussy, and under the action of the sudden brake, I rushed forward and went in a lot, which made Jiang Yue feel What is piercing the heart and lungs. She screamed hard and passed out in the orgasm.

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