"Slime Contract Princess" (70-72)

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70. Tongli Cruelty

Twenty kilometers away from the eastern outskirts of the imperial capital of the Horalit Empire, there is the Holy Mountain of Light, the headquarters of the Temple of Light.

Here, with the mountainside as the boundary, there are two levels of mountain roads. The lower mountain road has pious civilians walking one step at a timeThere are also priests, nuns, pastors, godfathers and other low-level clergy walking among the kneeling pilgrims, bringing lightThe teachings of the temple are spread to these fanatical followers, and few high-ranking clergy are to be seen.

As for the upper passage, there are scattered bishops, archbishops, red-clothed archbishops, heads of knights,The court deacons, etc., or high-level or special priests, are guarded by silver body guards on both sides of the passage.As for the armored soldiers, every soldier should be at least level 3 grudge fighter, and there is one post for three steps and one sentry for five steps.

In addition, there is a dedicated passage for clergy to go up and down.

Around Guangming Sacred Mountain, there is a circle of neatly planned buildings. The main color of the buildings is white.The scale is a small city that can accommodate 200,000 people.

In addition, farther away, there are three military camps distributed with the word "product", the three Temple Knights of the Temple of LightJust stay here.

At this time, on the lower mountain road, a young man in a godfather's black robe was walking down the mountain unhurriedly.While smiling, he said hello to other priests, and occasionally responded to the devout believers of the God of Light.

Just as he was about to finish walking the mountain path and enter the urban area below, a girl surrounded by stars and the moon came from the opposite side.The young man frowned, dodged to the side of the road, and stood respectfully.

A pair of white crystal-like half-high heels, supporting a pair of white, tender and well-proportioned calves, stepping on dignified and crisp feetstep.

Above is a white knee-length dress with gold trim, lined with zigzag floral trim, and long sleevesThe cuffs are slightly flared, and the chest is not too much, and only the upper edge of the 33C chest is just right.Good coverage, neither conservative nor excessive.

Fair skin, a warm smile, about eighteen years old, blue eyes like Dorothea,It's just that there is no hidden charm and agility, but it is uniquely quiet and holy, and the outline of the eyeliner is relatively narrow and long. mouthThe horns and lips are flat and slightly too small. A melon seed face is slightly angular, and the long golden hair in the shawl is eye-catchingThe glare of the eyes, the two vaguely seem to imply the majesty of the master.

The girl's figure is slender, with a body of 166 centimeters, but two guards with a height of more than 180 centimeters behind herThe Cavaliers ignored it directly.

In addition, after taking a step left and right, there were two personal maids in fluttering white skirts. Similarly, they were also ignored.watched.

"My lord saint!"

"My lord saint!"


Respectful words came from the mouths of nearby priests, and the blond woman was neither excited nor nervous.Feelings of emotion, he smiled and passed by naturally, and did not take the dedicated passage, but walked on the road that the pilgrims gave way to.go.

"Miss Saint, she smiled at me!"

"Master Saint, she is as holy as a goddess!"


When the woman in the white skirt walked away, people began to praise her in low voices.

"Falina, Holy Maiden of Light, wait for me, Shire, to hunt you down!" The young pastor looked back at Shan Daoxin and saidThen turn around and enter the city.

This young man is actually the fallen angel Shire who made an alliance with Dorothea! But the face is different from beforesame.

Entering the urban area, unlike ordinary cities, as a holy city, there are many devout believers on the streets, even normalAt work, I also pray from time to time, and what I talk about verbally is almost inseparable from the goddess of light.

"I don't care about the battle ahead at all, these people only have faith in their eyes... Forget it, I used to be like thislike it? Shire laughed self-deprecatingly, but his steps never stopped.

Walk slowly in the city until Shire came to a small church.

"Master Godfather!"

"Morning Godfather!"


There were quite a few believers in the small church. When they saw Shire, who was dressed in a black godfather robe, there was a fanatical and respectful expression immediately.look.

Shireh responded with a smile, just like a real godfather.

Then, he started a day of preaching.

The sky began to darken, and the believers returned home with smiles like enlightenment, including Shire's small building.Believers in the church.

"It's finally over!" Shire let out a long breath, with a look of boredom on his face.

"Next...hehe..." Shire laughed lewdly for a while, and after a flash of black light, his godfather's robeSee, what I put on is a white gilded shirt, and a black gilded vest. The lower body is black as ink.Trousers, and black shiny boots, quite a bit of aristocratic taste.

After checking and finding nothing wrong, Shire's figure gradually disappeared into the church, and he appeared againNow, it is in an alley not far from the church.

"The detection of the holy city is really troublesome. After teleporting such a small distance, I was almost discovered!" Shire quicklyLeaving the spot quickly, he cursed in his heart, "I can only go through it."

As soon as Shire left on the front foot, two priests arrived on the back foot. Then, they looked at each other and shook their heads.head, slowly disappearing into the night air.

Turn left and right until Shire came to a yard covering an area of ​​about 300 square meters, and this place was considered a small one.In the wealthy district of the city, the 300-square-meter yard is not at all eye-catching."Hey, rich people's district, even the holy city can't avoid this thing, it's really ironic... But, fortunately,Fortunately, there is such a place, otherwise, it would be too risky to arrange a basement under the church in the Holy City! Shire whisperedroad.

He took out a key, inserted it into the door lock and turned it lightly. There was a "click" sound, and a spring came from inside the door.sound.

Shireh pushed open the tightly closed courtyard door. At this moment, with a "bang", one end of the two doors was pulled behind the door.The hair broke immediately.

Shireh looked at the broken hair on the ground and heaved a sigh of relief.

After closing the courtyard door, there was another "click".

Maintaining a normal pace, Shire walked to the house in the courtyard, opened the door on the first floor again, and waitedOnce inside, lock carefully.

Continue to walk forward, inspecting the window sills and floors while walking, whether they are the same as the original appearance in memorys difference.

After passing the upward staircase, Shire took a look, and then stopped looking, and this staircase did not go down.steps.

Open the door of a corner room, which is a utility room, because the things inside are very miscellaneous, brooms, chairsBoxes, wooden boxes, etc., piled up in a mess.

Shire checked again, and then patted an area on the opposite wall. Suddenly, there was a soft beep.came.

That dead wall revealed a hole that one person could pass through!

Once Shire entered, the hole closed again without any gaps.

Behind the wall was another small room, but it was empty except for a framed iron gate on the ground.

At this moment, Shire nervously found a hidden compartment on the wall, and took out a memory crystal from it.

Pushing the crystal, Shire saw a picture, and this picture was exactly the image in this small room.From the moment Shire appeared, there was no one else.

"Huh... probably no one has been here before!" Shire was greatly relieved, and put the memory crystal back on the wall again.Inside the wall, hide away.

After doing this, Shireh shot out a black light and landed on the iron gate on the ground.

Immediately, the originally thick and unremarkable surface of the gate, like a nerve radiating, spread out a black hole from that point.Colorful magic circle!

After that, the gate opened automatically, revealing the dark staircase below.

With a lewd smile, Shire stepped down the gate, and the gate closed silently as he entered.The color magic circle also disappeared without a trace.

In the secret room with dim magic lights, there are whips, shackles, nail teeth, iron chains and other instruments of torture hanging on the walls.There was still a pot of charcoal fire burning, and a soldering iron was stuck in it.

If it's just these things, it won't excite Shire, but there are other things here, orIt was toys—two women, two half-naked women.

One of them has long hair but braids her sideburns. The body of a sixteen-year-old girl is wrapped in a whiteAmong the black pastor robes, but this pastor robe is damaged in many places, the length is not much longer than the short skirt, and the chest is even cut.Two big holes were opened, exposing two snow-white breasts, between C and D in size.

At this moment, the priest girl's legs are wide open, pulled by two ropes, and fixed on two pillars.A long rope tied with a row of dead knots protruded from a short post, passed under the girl's crotch, and entered the place behind the girl's buttocks.Another short column passes through the ground, forming a "mouth"-shaped loop, constantly dragging the girl with knots and ropes.That tender crotch.

"Tick-tock-tick!" It was the sound of the liquid dripping from the rope and falling on the ground, and the source of it was theRed pussy lips being sawn back and forth.

Her hands were cut behind her waist, and two ropes passed through her tightly clamped armpits, hanging from the beams, so thatThe whole person is in the posture of "⊥", half suspended in the air. On the pale pink nipples of the pastor girl, there is a small woodenThe flail was swinging wildly with the shaking round breasts.

"Woo... woo..." The girl couldn't make a decent sound because there was a jaw in her mouth.The ball, drops of saliva are flowing out of the holes in the ball.

Although the pastor girl's eyes were a little dazed and confused, after Shire came in, her eyes immediately changed tofear and pleading.

"Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!" The sobbing from the gagged mouth was much louder. Obviously, sheStill basically awake.

But the other one is completely different.

Long hair tied into a ponytail, snow-white skin, slightly pointed oval face, about 20 years old body covered with silverFrom the unique magic pattern and style, it can be seen that this is a female knight of the Temple of Light, but onlyThe skirt armor and shoulder pads are still there, but all other parts have been stripped off, revealing the vigorous and plump curves.

The half-naked female knight raised her legs above her head from the front, and a pair of steel shackles cuffed her ankles, securing them.She was fixed on a steel rod crossing high above, but her hands were tightly hugging her legs.

But that's not what she wanted to hug like that, but a loop of tight ropes that held the female knight's body tightly.The two forearms were tied together so that the body suspended by the ankles would not stand upside down.

As for the buttocks hanging at the bottom, they are submerged in a large washbasin. If you look closely, they are all red.Colored worms like earthworms - kinky earthworms!

The red obscene earthworms not only drilled in the female knight's vagina and butthole, but also penetrated deeper into the uterus andIn the intestinal tract, the small space inside was filled with a large number of wriggling meat worms. Some meat worms drilled through womenKnight'sStomach, esophagus, crawling out of her mouth. The whites of the female knight's eyes had already turned up, and the meat worm crawling out of her mouth was still full of blood.Watching her froth, even when Shire came in, she still looked like this.

"Hey, little girl, how is it?" Shire tugged on the long rope, and a few knots suddenly disappeared from the pastor's neck.The woman's crotch slipped past.

"Woo..." The girl immediately raised her head.

"You enjoy it very much, then you can enjoy it again, look, how much the Godfather Lapken you have always lovedBe sympathetic to the subordinates, hahaha! Shire laughed loudly, and after letting out a long moan from the priest girl, she turned tofemale knight.

"It seems that the "lustful earthworm" given by Dorothea is not something ordinary women can bear, even if it is this kind of zeroThe lowest level of beasts, but beasts are beasts, and in just one day, a sixth-level female cavalry who has received torture trainingSeriously, maybe... in a few days, this woman will become an adulteress, since your will is so strongSure, then I will fulfill you, hahaha! "

Looking at the appearance of the female knight, the priest girl felt unspeakable fear, fearing that she would also be treated like that, and went toShe couldn't believe that her beloved godfather would use such an evil method. She couldn't believe it was not a dream.

"Little girl who is disillusioned... Hehe, the real godfather of Lapken is dead, just like the realSame as Disma! Shire could see through what the girl was thinking at a glance, and couldn't help but think of her previous false identity——TreitkerThe deputy head of the fortress.

"I don't know what that girl is doing?" Shire stroked the straightened long legs of the priest girl, and walked a little.god.

*** *** *** ***

Among the snow-capped mountains, an abandoned dwarf cave.

The banquet of the orcs is still going on, but some of them have been changed. They walked into the hall and went toThe dense branch caves in the corridor on the first floor, and then another orc came out.

Obviously, the other 20,000 orcs are hiding in these branch caves extending in all directions.The 20,000 orcs are only part of it. Of course, there are guards outside the cave, as well as hunting and logging teams going out.

As for Dorothea, who was mentioned by Shire, the orcs galloping on her have also changed another batch. The word "工"There are still orcs next to the naked body of the bound girl, but they are solving it by themselves and putting the last shotSpray it on the girl.

"Woo... woo..." Dorothea raised her head, her body lying flat on the small pallet was shaking violently.That's how often the orcs pounded inside her.

"Papa papa!" Her long hair was hanging on the ground, and directly in front of her bewildered eyes was an orcThe lower abdomen, thick thick black orc pubic hair, and two bull's-eye-like testicles are constantly beating her tender whiteface.

However, there was another orc riding on her neck, and that stinking orc's ass was also facing her.She looked at her beautiful nose, but she didn't even frown.

The orc's hands were holding Dorothea's two jade bowls, and the penis under his crotch was pressed against the delicate neck.The soft and delicate breasts are pierced through the skin, and on Dorothea's belly, the breasts that pass through the breasts are exposed.glans.

And her stomach was not spared either. Two orcs stood on both sides of her stomach, digging themselves out.His cock rolled and jerked on the flat, slippery belly.

"Heh...heh...heh..." Between Dorothea's straight legs is a most popularthe mightiest orc, for he had the best spot, roaring and throwing the fiery, hard, savagePoke into the most immature pink flower path, and the light pink love liquid splashes out.

In addition, the pair of long legs and jade arms, as well as the translucent bare feet and palms, were all covered by orcs.The animal stalk pounced on.

In this way, there are no more than one or two orcs who directly use Dorothea together. These barbaric, roughThe plush body, which is at least 1.9 meters strong, is like crushing that slender and petite lamb.

"Bang!" At this moment, a peripheral orc stepped through the gap and grabbed the small branch supporting Dorothea's back.The disk was kicked and fell apart.

"Woo..." Immediately, the ropes on the limbs alone were not enough to support Dorothea's weight.The tension on the ankle suddenly increased, causing Dorothea, who was whimpering, to snort.

"What are you doing? Surprise me, if I get bitten on my dick, I'll never end with you!" The orcThe voice of cursing sounded.

But the orc who broke the support didn't care about it at all, just squeezed into the crowd, got under Dorothea's body,Randomly tore up some tatters and placed them on the ground, volunteered to be a human support, and then inserted the flower from behind.Rothea's asshole.

The orcs who scolded before also understood and stopped worrying about it, while the other orcs who were still solving their own problems wereA burst of annoyance - why didn't I think of it.

At this time, it was on the side of the slime that appeared in the form of a gel coat.

"Crack...crack...crack..." The werewolf Kemp was still pumping in the elf girl's honey pot, while his hands were grabbingLooking at the modified three-four-e meat peaks, the four-nine round white ball embedded in his chest really made him fascinated.

A translucent red tentacle rose slowly from the puddle of glue on the ground, and after the orcs were astonished,In his eyes, he came under the raised leg of the girl in the "h" shape, and wandered towards the white and tender sole directly above.indefinite.

"Pfft!" The red tentacles slammedPierce into the translucent jelly of the same origin, and in an instant, penetrate into the elf'sIn the blink of an eye, the sole of the foot pierced out from the back of the elf's foot, and then pierced through the gelatinous layer.

Across the semi-transparent glue layer of half a centimeter, the surrounding orcs could clearly see the pierced inner jade feet.In one scene, he suddenly seemed to be caught by something.

The elf whose legs were lifted by the rope trembled, and the glue layer was splashed with bright red blood, like a splinter in the water.There was a tiny cloud of blood mist, but no glue was sprayed out.

However, the piercing of the tentacles did not end there.

"Puff puff puff!" The tentacle twisted an angle, pierced fiercely from the outside of the girl's ankle, and waited untilAfter piercing the inner side of the ankle, move up a little distance, and stab into the girl's calf, and then follow the same "S" shapeThe traces, like threading a needle and thread, go up quickly, between the bones and the skin, until they are interspersed with the girlHis thighs, staining the translucent glue layer with blood as if opaque.

The elf girl tensed her body immediately, but there was no sound from her mouth, not even a nasal sound.Row.

"Ho ho ho ho!" The orcs roared after a brief suffocation.

Looking down, Kemp was a little worried, but when he saw the gelatinous layer that looked like boots but not boots, socks and not socks,The blood mist gradually faded, and when only a few tentacles were pulled out, the brows loosened a bit.

But what really reassured him was that the delicate body of the girl in his arms became soft again after a short period of painful struggle.Come down and get hotter.

"Oh, the suction power of this pussy is even stronger! Hahaha, I can't let the blame thing compare, it must beFuck the elf whore! "Kamp's stomach tightened, he almost made a fool of himself, and immediately locked his essence, and the blow was heavy.Hit the elf's genitals with one blow.

"Pfft!" At the same time, the wolf's mouth poked out and bit one of the breasts specially left by the glue coat.The round shape almost made him slip.

Rows of sharp and long fangs bite into the white and soft jade meat like prickly tofu.To be sure, as long as I go a little deeper, it will not only be as simple as leaving a blood hole, but will directly kill her.Bitten.

It seems that the two breasts are connected by nerves, and the other breast next to the wolf's mouth is also bouncing violently, as if heIt's the same as being bitten.

The red tentacles went up again, piercing into the girl's left waist, passing through her left kidney, intestines, and right kidney, from herThe right waist came out.

"Cuckoo, cluck!" Inside the translucent red mask, the elf girl's mouth imploded and spewed out surging air.Pao, to cover up her pretty face that could still be seen through the mask.

However, the tentacle was not satisfied, even if it penetrated the elf's legs and waist, it pointed at the girlThe lower side exposed because of the raised arms - the white slip on the right outer chest, electric ejaculation popped out.

The tentacles pierced in, and the breath passed through the lungs and heart in one breath, and the blood mist with the canopy flowed from the elf's left side.He rushed out under his side, and then turned around.

A moment later, he plunged into the soft armpit in the specially set round hole, and pierced the round hole from the armpit of his right arm.Tapered ends.

"Hmm..." Kemp immediately felt the explosive suction deep in the vagina, and all the grid-like abdominal muscles shrank.stand up. But then, he felt a gushing warm current, and in the warm current, there was also a breath of fresh air.cold.

At this moment, the gelatinous mucus layer lost its stickiness in an instant, and it was sprinkled on the ground like real water.Re-exposing the elf girl's carcass without translucent half-covering.

The girl maintained an "h"-shaped standing posture on one leg, motionless, with her head drooping, but her face was expressionless.Than enjoy the blush. However, from the soles of the feet to the small round holes in the chest that kept gushing blood, the lower body kept spitting out.The essence of life, as well as the stagnant breathing, show that the life of this elf girl is going away in the climax.

As if being drenched in cold water, Camp pulled out the penis from the girl's body in an instant, and the surrounding voices were also silent.After coming down, Bo Wei in the distance also noticed this place.

Just before Kemp blushed and was about to erupt, the red gelatinous mucus sprang up from the ground again.It wrapped around the girl, and then wriggled and contracted like a fertilized egg.

The blood holes on the elf girl's body were continuously filled with red mucus, and then quickly regenerated, directly turning into snow-likeYu's skin, her breathing is even and continuous again. The mucus layer slowly flows and slides down, revealing the girl's obsessionMuch of the look of fear afterward.

At this point, the orcs were completely relieved, but Kemp and Bovey subconsciously looked towards Dorothea.By the time she was completely submerged by the orcs, there was a lot of semen and lewd juice.

"Are you kidding? Even if it's a sanctuary, it won't be able to release monsters like that. This monsterThe thing is probably attracted by so many women, if it didn't show up before, maybe it's not attractive enough..."The two orc patriarchs gave themselves a good explanation.

"Hehe, in this case, these orcs must know that this uncle can heal serious injuries, and he canLet the elves become veritable prodigal girls, so you don't have to be shy anymore, for fear of the mother body for improving varieties, greeningThe mage used in the desert is dead! "The slime, which was covered in glue, thought to himself.

After thinking about it, the red slime moved towards another elf girl.

This is a green-haired elf girl with an oval face. At this time, she is being abused by a group of orcs in a doggy position.There are unstoppable streams of tears in the clear eyes. However, a mass of red gooPuddles of water slowly appeared in her visionIn the wild, this field of vision is quite narrow, because the surroundings are full of beasts of sexual desire like livestock.

"Slime?" The elf recognized what this ball of glue was at a glance, and a picture appeared in his mind.This book of elves.

"Hey, you finally recognized me? Sure enough, I'm an elf with a long history, with enough lifespan to learn knowledge,And at the beginning, my father's body also enlarged the belly of the elf princess, and it was also the nemesis of humanoid female creatures.Spirit race, it's hard for my race not to be famous. It seems that the elf girl in front is an ignorant girlwhat! "Slime was not surprised to be recognized.

"However, since I recognized it, let me give you a good idea, hehehe!" SlimeI smiled lewdly in my heart.

A tentacle climbed onto the back of an orc who was fucking hard, and tapped his shoulder, beating like a human being.call.

But the orcs ignored him at all.

The tentacles clicked again.

"Which bastard is bothering you? You want to die!" The orc turned his head impatiently. It was a picture of an ape-man.Hairy face.

In his line of sight, a tentacle pointed upwards.

"Huh?" The ape-man looked up, but there was nothing there except the high-expanded roof of the cave.

"There's a fart, play..." However, when he lowered his head, he saw a hook dragging on the tentacle, whichA kind of big hook for pork.

The ape-man was stunned for a moment, and then the tentacle pointed to the distance. It was the one hanging on the "door"-shaped horizontal barD milk elves.

The ape-man turned his head, looked at the iron hook again, and suddenly his eyes lit up.

"Stop, stop, I have a good idea!" The yelling of the ape-man made the nearby orcs temporarily stop moving.

"What a good idea?"

"Let's hang her up and fuck her in the air!" The ape-man's eyes were full of abuse.

"Air?" The other orcs were puzzled.

"Hey, tie her up first, hands and feet behind her back, and then set up a beam!" The ape-man looked mysteriousroad.

Immediately, amidst the elf girl's futile struggle, the orcs bent her backwards while hanging her hooves upside down, and held herWrists and ankles tied together. At the same time, other orcs, using the trees and stones collected at the foot of the snow-capped mountains, quicklyA wooden frame with the word "door" was built, and one of the tall trees was the retreating team of the two teams that killed seven people.When I retreated, I cut it down and came back.

"Hang up the rope, fix the hook, and let's swing this elf bastard!" The ape-man finally revealed the answer.The other orcs around also came to their senses.

"These orcs can only give them less sophisticated questions, but later on, I don't know if theyWe will not think too idealistic! "Slime was a little uncertain.

Soon, the rope was hung on the beam, and a large hook was installed. In this way, the "swing" was finished by one horizontal board.It's done, it's just this horizontal board, definitely not a wooden board or iron bars.

"Wow! Don't, please let me go, I'm going to die, please, don't!" Looking at the beastWith the green eyes of people, the elves with high IQ can understand what they are going to do at once.cried out in horror.

"No? Hahaha, don't worry, you'll like that thing, you're a slut, hahaha!"Regardless of the pleadings of the elf girl, the orcs lifted it up and threw it under the "door" shelf.

"Wow!" Looking at the sharp and cold hook, the elf struggled desperately, but his hands and feet were tied to his backFinally, it can only roll like a meat ball.

Feeling that his life was seriously threatened, his mental power, which had been unable to concentrate for a long time, was concentrated again, and the elf's bound handsThere was a blue light on her face, after all, her magic power was still abundant.

"Damn it, I still want to cast magic!" The orc pulled a hook, pierced it into one of the girl's breasts, and hooked itup.

"Ah!" The sharp pain came from the sensitive chest and reached the brain in an instant, making the girl just concentrate her mental strength.Lost again, the magic was immediately strangled in the cradle, and the bound body was also stiff.

As if hooking through flesh, the orc hooked up the girl's other breast as well. It's only been a while, girlThe chest was already blood red, and the two tender and smooth breasts were completely hooked by the two cold hooks. but it's stillEndlessly, the previous ape man pulled the remaining hook, facing the pink vagina, and inserted it.

"Pfft!" The blood immediately stained the natural white tiger that still had semen.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" The elf's body kept bending and scaling, almost making the orc unable to hold it down.

"Okay, lift it up!" the orc roared, and someone immediately started pulling it up.

"Crunch!" The rope passed over the crossbar, and there was an unpleasant sound as it was being pulled, and with this sound,With the sound, the elf's body was pulled higher and higher.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"The outline of the tip became more and more obvious on her lower abdomen until it burst, and the moderately large breasts were also elongated, and thenThere is an enlarged wound in the middle of the back, which is a sign of being torn.

"It doesn't seem to work like this. Her tits and cunt will be broken before she goes up!" The voice of doubt made the ape-man feelI can't hang on.

At this time, three tentacles stretched out, with sharp needles at the front, and pierced the elf's breast and lower abdomen respectively.Transparent mucus is secreted from the surface of the tentacles, and these mucus are injected into theElven female genitals. RefinedLing's breasts are growing, but the bloody mouth that was hooked by the hook no longer grows.The hooked hole in the abdomen also remained at this size, but the blood was still flowing.

Without this problem, the elf was finally lifted up, and her body became the seat of the "swing".

"Woo..." Although the end of breast and vagina rupture was avoided, the bursts of pain and shame,Still brings her to tears.

"I'll come first!" The ape man couldn't wait any longer. He came up with the idea, so naturally no other orcs would respond.right.

The ape-man straddled the elf's belly, and immediately made the wooden frame protest, and the elf's cries were also suppressed heavily.The oppression is temporarily blocked back.

The ape-man grabbed the hooked breast, stretched through the fleshy column, squeezed into the elf's cleavage, and then began to thrust.At this time, an orc pushed him, and immediately, he and the elf were swinging like a swing, butHe's sitting sideways, and at the same time, titfucking with the elf's injection-enlarged fleshy peaks.

The fluffy and sturdy body is on top, and the slender and tender body is on the bottom, still hanging in the air. This kind of picture immediatelyIt excited the orcs nearby, and they roared endlessly.

"It's not convenient for you to insert her cunt, so let me do it, hehehe!" Slime smiled inwardly, kind ofThe smell of trickery succeeding.

The tentacles that were originally stabbing the elf's breast moved slightly, licking her lower flanks and side waist, while giving her pussyThe injection tentacles have also moved away long ago, burrowed between the legs, and found theA pure white chrysanthemum, poked it with strength and got in, and then began to thrust directly to the large intestine.

And all these actions are carried out closely following the swing of the human swing.

"Woo... ah... don't... it's going to be broken... um..." while the elf girl was sippingWeeping, humming.

71. A brief advance

The slime is still raping the elf girl with the ape-man, while Bovey has already taken the female elf from the patrol team.One of the sprites got fucked and passed out, and the ground was red with her, and there was another female elf on patrol lying thereinside.

At this time, the corpse of the male elf who was hung to be smoked was already a little shiny, and Bo Wei strode forward.Grab a piece of belly meat and put it in your mouth to chew.

"The flesh of a man is really not that good. This is still an elf. I really want to eat the flesh of these female elves..." BoWei Wei's eyes wandered on the slim figure of the female elf, swallowing his saliva and whispering, when he saw Dorothea,A thought sprouted in his mind.

"This woman looks no worse than these elves, but she is plumper, and she is Sanctuary. I heard that SanctuaryThere is no need to eat, and the meat tastes good... The adult only said not to kill her, so bite two pieces of meat to eatEat, it should be fine..." The more he thought about it, the more difficult it was for Bo Wei to suppress the desire stimulation mixed with appetite and sexual desire.

At this moment, the orc on Dorothea's body sprayed his sperm inside and outside her body, and she suckedThe speed of collecting semen is also approaching zero. Even if these orcs retreat, there is only a small amount of semen on her bodyAbsorbs into the skin.

"Well, is it about to reach the limit?" Bo Wei's face turned pale.

"Dick...give me a cock...I want a big cock...I want more big cocks...fill me upThe bitch's hole...hehehe...so hot...so empty...come and fuck me..." Dorothea was a little dazedConfused, he hummed incoherently, and his body lying on his side was covered with muddy mucus.

Another group of orcs came up, but this group of orcs seemed to want to change their positions and put Dorothea in place.The four wooden stakes were brutally destroyed, causing Dorothea, who had no support from the small round table behind her, to fall straight to the ground.The "工" character with straight limbs naturally no longer exists.

An orc directly mounted on Dorothea's face, stabbed the stick of flesh straight down into her mouth, and at the same timeAt the same time, the two paws were still hugging Dorothea's head, and they went up and down with the thrusting penis.

An orc leader followed closely, but turned up Dorothea's waist and hips, letting the pink vaginaThe lips and the white butthole were aimed straight at the ceiling of the hall directly above, and the two long legs hit the first orcthe back.

There was still turbid liquid on it, but the orc leader didn't care about it at all, he stood up and pestered Qingtian's fleshPress it, and then stab it vertically downwards into the flower diameter, move your legs slightly, squat down and make a piston movement between standing.

In this way, Dorothea looks like a round ball with its rear upside down.

Because of this posture, it is tantamount to wasting Dorothea's backyard and breasts, and other orcs have no choice but toShe used her arms to vent her desire, because the bends of the two long legs were also held by this orc. Obviously, thisThe orc didn't want to miss these two perfect jade legs, even if they were a little dirty.

"Woo... woo... woo... woo..." Two orc meat pestles were inserted into Dorothea's upper and lower mouths.Out, both hands are also used to play with the penis of other orcs, in Dorothea's somewhat dull eyes,But it contains more intoxication.

"Puff", "Puff!" In the eager anticipation of other orcs, these two orcs shot theirThe amount of semen, which made the two small mouths choke, overflowed from the gap between the meat shaft and the lips.

The two orcs backed away, and immediately joined them with sharp hands and quick hands.

However, the orc who penetrated her vagina changed the direction - turned his back to the one who was forcibly performing oral sexbeastMan, of course, the penis is still pumped vertically downward.

At this time, in Dorothea's consciousness space, the color of the pink lake was as thick as glue, and the ballThe world like this is filled with pink and white turbid mist, the mist seems to be virtual and real, and it is constantly flowing and distorting, occasionallyIt merged into a gooey pink liquid that dripped into the lake below.

However, the cloudy aerosol is increasing rapidly, and the speed of condensing the viscous liquid is far behind the aerosolWith the increased speed, the whole pink world trembled a little.

Above the lake, Dorothea's naked spirit body is being bound by a few pink tentacles emerging from the lakeForming a "one" posture, some of the tentacles squeezed into the closed legs, and got into the honey hole and the chrysanthemum.If you look closely, these pink tentacles are also different from the past, because they are all in a semi-glue state.

"Semen...the life force of semen...the life factor of semen...I need more...need moreIt's so...um...it's so uncomfortable...it seems to be out of control..." the flushed spirit murmured weaklyLooking at it, the graceful body is sometimes illusory and sometimes solid, flickering.

The spirit body is a little unstable!

"You guys, go out and get some buckets of snow!" At this time, at the entrance of the cave, Bowei assigned a few orcs to come out.The cave collects snow and ice.

Soon, these orcs came back, each carrying a large bucket of snow in their hands.

A cooking pot rack has been built, and a large pot with a diameter of three meters is placed on it - the orcs never lack this kind of pot.Regular equipment.

There are firewood piled under the iron pot, which were all felled recently.

The orcs poured the freshly dug snow into the iron pan until it stopped at half the depth, then picked up the torch and lit it.Firewood.

The fire was burning, the temperature of the iron pot was rising, and the ice and snow inside also began to melt, turning from white to iceBlue, then transparent, circle by circle, gradually turning into clean snow water.

Only then did the orcs continue to pour snow, and stopped when it was nearly four-fifths of the time, and when the snow met water, it accelerated it.The melting of ice and snow, and, with the passage of time, the melting speed of ice and snow is getting faster and faster, and even completely transformed into fullFill a pot with water.

"Gu... Gu..." The water vapor began to rise, and blisters appeared on the surface of the water.

"Drag that human woman here!" Bowei said with his eyes shining.

Immediately, Dorothea, covered in semen, was brought over.

"Open her pussy and wash her."

The orcs who carried Dorothea skillfully arranged the limp Dorothea into a fart like before.Her thighs were turned upside down, and two orcs hugged one of her legs respectively, and stepped on one palm, so that the back of her neck pressed against her.on the ground.

Grabbing Dorothea's left labia with one hand and her right labia with the other, the orc seemed to be dilating.The chest is pushed outward like a movement.

"Tsk!" With the separation of skin and skin, a pink clam mouth appeared in front of the orc's eyes.The diameter is at least as big as a fist, and the inner wall is not visible at all.

"Ah..." Dorothea, who had no foreign object in her mouth, made a greasy sound, and she didn't know whether it was embarrassment or embarrassment.It is refreshing.

The orcs were taken aback by such a beautiful view, but then they wished they could break this somewhat exaggerated stamen into piecesfilm impulse.

"Wow!" The two orcs carried the pot together, and when it was tilted, a waterfall of boiling water poured into the pot.A greedy honeyhole that opens like a funnel.

"Ahhhhh!" Dorothea's cry was a little hysterical. As soon as the boiling water came into contact with her skin, she sprang away.White gas hookah started.

Boiling water was poured into her vagina, uterus, until it rushed into the fallopian tubes, and the tender flesh along the way was in dramaWith a strong reaction, the dimpled stomach also bulged slightly.

But the orc with his labia parted seemed to be okay. No matter how much boiling water was poured on his hands, he would notHowever, he still frowned.

The boiling water was no longer poured in, the mouth of the clam was slowly retracted, but the labia turned upside down was filled with white smoke, and the pink color was also wiped out.It became bright red.

"Clean the butthole too!" Bo Wei continued to assign tasks.

The orc who received the order stretched out his hands again, and stripped Dorothea's anus to the size of a bowl.The flour-tender rectum and lovely large intestine corners are revealed.

"Wow!" The second wave of boiling water came, but its target was Dorothea's backyard.

"Wooah!" Dorothea yelled again, but it made the orcs even more excited.

And her belly grew rapidly, occupying the pitiful gap between her thighs and chest.

This time, without Bowei speaking, the orc who "served" turned around to Dorothea, but instead posed as kneeling.After that, another pour of boiling water was poured into her small mouth.

"Gululu... ah... woo..." The boiling water rushed down, scalding the mouth, throat and stomach at the same timeAt that moment, Dorothea's breath was also washed away, turning into a mixed sound of choking water and screams, and the hot water steamedThe air was churning even more violently. Dorothea kept shaking her body, but was caught by the orcs.

There was more and more boiling water, and Dorothea's belly was growing rapidly, and her whole body was flushed, and some overflowed.The boiling water dripped out, and there was a "sizzling" scalding sound.

Seeing that Yimapingchuan's belly became as if she was pregnant in October, the orc removed the pot and grabbed DoraXi Ya's arms were raised above the head and then bent and pinched together at the elbows, as if carrying the handle of a wooden barrel,DorotheaLift it up, more than 20 centimeters from the ground.

"Bang!" Another orc punched Dorothea's stomach fiercely from the front.

"Splash!" Dorothea bent her waist like a shrimp, and a stream of turbulent water flowed from her fart.The eyes and vagina erupted, with the high temperature of boiling water and the turbidity of semen, but there was no food scum, which was obvious.It should be cleaner. At the same time, boiling water spewed out of her mouth, mixed with some gastric juice.

"Wow!" The two orcs, one in front and the other in the back, were scalded by the hot water at the same time, and their feet were jumping, but the one in front was sprayed.She had to cover her head and face, but the one behind was sprayed to the root of her life, so she immediately let go of Dorothea's arms and let herHe fell to the ground.

"Hahahaha, two idiots!" The orcs around laughed loudly.

"Sure enough, as the rumors say, Sanyu's stomach is very clean, so I think this meat must be very clean too.tasty! "Seeing that if the semen is removed, it will be clear water, Bo Wei looks forward to it even more.

"Wow!" Another pot of water was poured on Dorothea's body. It was the second cleaning, but it was no longerThe water is boiling.

There wasn't much snow in the pot, so the orc added some more ice and snow, and the pot became full again.

"Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" The transparent water churned out countless small blisters, and these small water bubbles combined into oneThe steamed bun-like springs all appear to be white in color, and the newly added water is boiling.

Dorothea was still panting on the ground, but Bo Wei walked over with a tomahawk holding a bloodthirsty smell.At this moment, Dorothea's feet were facing Bovey.

"Crack!" Standing on both sides of Dorothea's slender waist, Bo Wei stepped on Dorothea's right arm,She bent over again, clasped her left wrist, and twisted it back.

"Ah!" Because her right arm was stepped on, Dorothea twisted her waist to the left and turned half sideways, her lotus root-like left arm was immediately crushed.Pull straight to the side rear.

"Hehehe, what a beautiful arm, so white and tender, it makes me feel hungry. I have to taste it.taste! " Povey gestured against Dorothea's upper arm with the notch of his battle axe.

The cold and bright blade, the slender and weak lotus root arms, sharp and round, hard and tender, black and white, all of a sudden let theThe orc, who was still laughing, became lustful again.

"No...don't!" Dorothea's eyes cleared up a little, perhaps because of the boiling water, or perhapsIt is an axe.

"Pfft!" But this made Bo Wei even more excited. Bo Wei grinned grinningly.A ray of cold light passed by, with half of the upper arm as the boundary, Dorothea's left arm was immediately severed in two, softly,It's really boneless.

"Ah..." Most of her left arm was cut off, and Dorothea, whose blood was surging, shouted instantly, butNot very dire.

"Hahahaha!" After laughing wildly for a while, Bo Wei raised his severed arm to his face.

"Hoo!" The ape patriarch's tongue licked the tender skin of his arm, finally came to the fracture, and took a breath.Blood.

"It's still a woman's blood that tastes better, it smells so sweet, hahaha!" Bowei's intoxication made other beastsPeople were also moved, and the wolf patriarch Kemp in the distance was also attracted.

"Ka———" After enjoying the taste of the girl's blood, Bo Wei stuffed the half of his upper arm into his mouth and chewedGnawing, the teeth, tender meat, and bones made two different sounds together, and blood overflowed between the teeth.

Perhaps it was because he intended to eat it all at once, or perhaps because he couldn't help himself, Bowei kept the severed arm in his mouth.In the mouth, eat a little, then stuff it in again, until the slender fingers are also swallowed into the big mouth, chewed into piecesswallow. And here, there are only other orcs swallowing their saliva, and it seems that only his biting and chewing is left in the whole hall.Voice.

"It's delicious, it's fucking delicious, it's too tender, it doesn't have a sour taste, and it's still a bit fragrant, hahahaha!"Swallowing, Bo Wei still thought about it for a while, and only when he saw the expressions of the clansmen did he express his admiration.

"I want this arm!" At this moment, Kemp rushed over and grabbed Dorothea without saying a word.The lower right arm, it seems that he was hooked to death.

A sword was swung across, and Dorothea's right arm was cut off as Dorothea screamed again.The carcass was still lying on its stomach, but it was in a pool of blood.

"Pfft!" Kemp couldn't wait to bite the severed arm into his mouth, and then chewed it indiscriminately.When the palm was still outside the mouth, it was as if suffocated by lightning, and his face looked comfortable.

"Crackling!" After a while, Kemp continued to drive. Like Bo Wei, he didn't spit out his bones.

"How?" Bovey asked.

"It's so delicious..." Kemp squinted his eyes, and his eyes were still slightly raised, but before he finished speaking, Kemp's wordsHis eyes suddenly burst into light. Swinging the saber that was still dripping blood, aiming at Dorothea's shaky lower back,Kemp just went down with a knife.

"Ah!" After her body was severed at the waist, Dorothea let out a wailing cry that resounded through the cave.

"Kang Dang!" Kemp immediately threw away the saber, bent down and grabbed Dorothea's thigh, and pulled the lonely lower bodyHe lifted it up, and it looked like he was about to bite it off.

"What are you doing!" Bo Wei yelled, making Kemp stop.

"Don't you fucking know that this will cause her to bleed profusely? That adult said it! She was bannedprinted! "Bo Wei's face has changed.

"Didn't you cut off her arm first, or would it bleed profusely?" Kemp was terrified for a while, and thenThat is to say, he pushed back.

twoThe orc patriarchs looked at each other and were stunned on the spot.

Dorothea's consciousness space...

Although there is still so much white cloudy mist, it is like water that has cut off its source, slowly drying up and surging endlesslyThe pink air waves are also a lot gentler, and the pink lake that has just had waves calmed down temporarily, just like beforeThat way, it's just still as thick as glue.

The spirit body standing in the air above the lake has also slowed down the speed of changing between reality and reality.

"The blood, love fluid and semen decreased a lot...but the burden is also much lighter..." stroking theThe round pink tentacles coming in and out under her body, Dorothea whispered softly, which was obviously more obvious than the previous ecstasy moaning.Much more sober: "Maybe... when the spirit body is completely submerged by the lake... or the pink shield outside is blown up by the blastExplosion...it's time for me to reap the consequences..."

After thinking for a while, Dorothea began to try to control the air waves. There is still white turbid essence in the air waves, these foreign objectsI am resisting the transformation and fusion of pink energy, but a thumb-sized pink energy is wrapped around a fist-sizedThe white turbid mist, and, in terms of quantity, is also slightly dominated by pink energy.

So, in separate small-scale surges, the white turbid energy is gradually disappearing, while the pink energyIt is increasing, some of these newly added pink energy will be invested in other battle groups, and some will go to the balls of the pink worldaway from the shaped shield, and gradually merged into the shield.

Every time a bit of pink energy is incorporated, the shield at that place becomes brighter, but this scene is just a flashThat is to say, the next moment it will become the original moderate color.

"The shield outside has stabilized a bit, but what about the waves below? Continue to practice fighting spirit.Condensation is correct, but the spirit body... There is really not much information about the spirit body! "Looking at the lake below, DorotheaSome hesitated.

In the end, I carefully condensed a thin layer of pink filter energy film based on my feeling, and spread it on theTen centimeters above the lake.

"However, fortunately, spirit bodies are rare. The demigod-level dark power can seal the physical power of my sanctuary.But I can't seal my spiritual power, and with the legacy of the contract, hypnosis won't work either! "Dorothea was a little embarrassedmeaning.

So much time has passed in consciousness, and it is only a moment outside, but it is only this time, DorotheaHis complexion improved greatly, and his breathing became much more stable, and the two orc patriarchs also noticed this.

"Huh? She seems to be alright except for her shortness of breath? The sanctuary is really wonderful!" Bo Wei was amazed.

"It's better to be safe, bandage the wound!" Kemp called an orc to pack Dorothea's wound.Pricked.

But where did the orcs get the bandages? When they heard that they were about to be bandaged, they turned around in a hurry until there was a lot of chatter around.After waking up, I went to find a white dress that was taken off the elf girl. After tearing it up, I went to Dorothea'sWrapped around the broken waist.

Round and round, they wrapped the remaining half of Dorothea's main torso into a mess. a smallThe head, the blood-stained hair, and the remaining part of the chest are wrapped into an oval ball by the cloth strips of the skirt,Looking at it this way, Dorothea looks like a "gourd!" or a "meat maggot" without arms and legs.

Of course, it's also like a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, but it's much prettier.

"Fool! Look at what you packed!" Bo Wei cursed, but just finished cursing, as if he saw something rareHe looked at Dorothea like an object, with a hey smile on his lips.

Seeing Bowei laughing, Kemp watched for a long time, feeling a strange excitement in his heart, but he didn't know why.speak out.

"Throw them all in!" Kemp ordered, and immediately an orc came over and threw the lower body into the pot roughly.inside.

"Wow!" The boiling water splashed, but this time no orcs were scalded.

"They threw my lower body into the pot to cook!" Dorothea felt a burst of excitement, even if it was onlyHas half body.

The boiling water churned, and the already white body became more bulging and tender. There was a fragrance between the bone and the flesh, and between the flesh and the skin.The pot of water, and the original flavor inside is boiled out, overflowing into the whole pot of water, and the blood of the fracture is even more in the pot of waterIn the process, some damaged intestines and viscera floated out, and slowly mixed into a rich bone and blood soup, evaporating a pure and strong aromagas.

"Hehehe, it seems that her brother doesn't eat much, does he? Let her brother also eat her meat and drink hersoup! ’ Kemp said to Povey.

Bo Wei gave a smirk, turned around, turned his back to a hole in the hall, and took a ladle of soup,There were also bits of offal in the soup.

"Drag that human man out and give him something delicious!" Kemp yelled immediately.

At the forked hole, a blond man was pulled out by two orcs. It was Solet, but he nowZai's hair is a little disheveled, a little pale and a little lost.

"Crack!" The two orcs threw Solet casually on the ground and backed away, but Solet didn't explode.and he had no ropes to bind him.

"Boy, come and eat something!" Bo Wei was holding a poor-quality stone bowl made by local methods, with a face full of hesitation because he couldn't learn.Resembling a sinister smile that could not be described as a tiger, he walked slowly to Solet.

Solet raised his head in a daze, revealing the black fire seal tattoo on his chest, a mental breakdown, someA human man who eats every meal and is sealed with strength, naturally doesn't need the orcs to use ropes for him.

Bovey leaned down, clasped Solet's cheeks, and poured the soup roughly into it.Solet's mouth.

"Hmm... Gu Gu Gu!" Bo Wei drank very frizzy. Before the soup reverberated on the tip of Solet's tongue, it was alreadyStraight down the esophagus.

"Cough, cough, cough!" As soon as Bo Wei withdrew his hand, Solet coughed immediately, but the focus in his eyes was focused.It fits a little.

"Squeeze... sip..." As soon as he regained his breath, Solet felt something strange in his tongue, and then there was a slight backlash.With a look of taste, he sipped his lips involuntarily, and finally his eyes fell on the broken stone bowl in Bowei's hand.And some soup and minced meat.

Seeing the faint desire in Soret's eyes, the corners of the orcs' mouths curled up, but the smile was reallyNot really laughing.

Bowei put the stone bowl in front of Solet, condescending, quietly expecting his performance.

But to his surprise, Solet insisted on not rushing forward, and the longing in his eyes gradually receded, replaced byIt was a cold and resolute gaze, and the object of the gaze was Bo Wei who was looking down at him, and finally stood tremblingly supporting his hungry body.He stood up, straightened his back, and glared at Bovey.

The face of the orc is not good. It is not so pleasant to be about to succeed but fall short, especially the twoThe patriarch is the most, but it is not over yet.

"Damn it, boy, believe it or not, I killed you?" Bo Wei said viciously, seeing that Solet was calm and unafraid,Even more irritable, he thought to himself: "Damn, if that adult didn't say it clearly, you would have become the adult pulled out by me.That's it. "

"Very good, boy!" Bo Wei suppressed his anger, and said in a gloomy voice, "I'll tell you something, I hope you don't eat it.shock. The soup you drink is made from your sister's meat, and the minced meat you eat is your sister's... offal! "

In an instant, Solet turned from glaring to shocked. Besides, he still had some disbelief, but at this moment, Bo Wei stepped aside.The body was exposed, revealing the field of vision that was deliberately blocked.

"Brush!" Solet's pupils shrank a little in an instant, because he saw a person, or a personA "meat maggot" wrapped in cloth strips without hands or feet! Even the main torso is only in half, and there are bloodstains on the cloth,The red one is red, and this person is none other than his imperial sister - Dorothea.

In addition, there is a pot next to the "meat maggot", and a cooked body floats in the boiling water.It didn't damage the curves and skin tone much, and it is absolutely certain that this is the lower body of a young woman, which is whyis a characteristic of cooking.

"What I drank just now...was the blood of the imperial sister...and what I ate was the flesh of the imperial sister...it's impossible...I wasDreaming..." Solet's eyes moved between the two with difficulty, all the orcs and caves were thrown aside,He tried hard to convince himself, but the bloody scene once again tore the nerves that Solet had just survived.

"Ah!" Solet couldn't hold on any longer, and screamed while grabbing his hair.The high cave also trembled.

"Hahaha!" The orcs laughed triumphantly.

"Boom!" A violent flame erupted from Solet's body, wrapping Solet into an orange ball.The red Pyro, but his clothes and hair didn't burn at all.

However, nearby Bovey and several other orcs were not so lucky. Their thick hairIt burned up in an instant, and the flames on the body of an orc with less strength even turned into a billowing fireball in an instant, and he was miserable.Shouting out, rolling around indiscriminately, a smell of burnt meat quickly filled the air.

"Brother's seal has really been broken? Could it be that brother wants to advance to the sanctuary?" Dorothea was overjoyed.

But the situation is obviously not what Dorothea expected, because the flame rose up, and Solet's chestThe black fire tattoo on his mouth turned into a small black real flame again. But this little black flame,Quickly imprisoned the orange-red flame that temporarily broke through the cage, until it disappeared and turned back into a black tattoo.Solet fell to the ground and twitched, his face full of pain, this was the punishment of the black seal, and it was also a warning.

"So it's not. Otherwise, the laws of heaven and earth have been refined, and any seal will be useless at this time.Powerful..." Dorothea was a little disappointed: "But even if my brother is different from mine and forced to level up, it shouldIt should be regarded as breaking through this level of ambition, so at least my minimum expectation has been fulfilled. "

"Roar!" Bo Wei let out a roar, and a colorless fighting spirit erupted, forcing the flames to disperse.

But just because he can destroy himself doesn't mean he can help others, not to mention that fighting spirit is inferior to fighting spirit.Some, and they can only be used as weapons, and cannot be used for healing, sealing, absorbing, dissolving and other methods like grudges.Therefore, he could only watch the low-level orc being burned, and there was nothing he could do.

By the time the other orcs had poured down the snow and buried him in a pile before digging them out, they had already released a lot of air, and they had already breathed in.Less, but with the strong vitality of the orc, this charcoal-like orc still has a glimmer of life.

"I really want to kill this kid!" The two orcs said in their hearts at the same time, and each scooped up a stone bowl of girl's broth.After taking a sip and exhaling heavily, the anger subsides slightly.

"Pour the soup! Divide it up!" Kemp ordered, and the orcs came to do it immediately.

A few orc heads who were obviously centurions and above were assigned to the soup first (the orc army system is different from that of humans),Then he drank it with joy, and aftertaste, the other orcs could only watch helplessly, of course, this is just nearby.Yes, the elf in the distance, who is busy raping the elf under him, will not give way casually.

The soup is decreasing, and the boiling temperature is much milder, and the waist and legs of the female body in the pot look more and more appetizing.This time, there are only a few people who will share the snow-skinned tender meat, except for the two patriarchs, and Wan Fu who is nearby.Once a commander and a commander of a thousand, even a centurion is not qualified.

"Zi..." Kemp's sharp claws were forked, and five fingers were inserted straight into those white and tender thighs.The soup shot out immediately, the color was slightly red, and it was a little wet, but the bones and blood seemed to have disappeared.

Kemp raised his sharp claws like a fork, and lifted the whole cooked flesh in the air, letting the orcs carefullyLook, Qi said: "It looks white and tender on the outside, but there is this fragrant red juice inside, which must be blood and bones.Come on, hahahaha! "

"Ah...to actually show the cooked lower body to so many orcs...so shameful...excitedFen..." Dorothea, who had only half of her body left, felt happy again.

"Pfft!" Seeing this female body that looked like a work of art even though it was cooked, Kemp couldn't bear to speak.But in the end, he turned his wrist and bit a round buttocks, spitting out a refreshing soup.

Kemp retracted in one bite, and suddenly, a round hump was missing from the original intact human flesh, but it made people even more tempted to continue biting.desire to destroy.

Having come up with this idea, Bo Wei rushed over, fished it out, and then opened the two edible legs.One bite into the delicate pussy, which is more delicious because of the innate nakedness.

It was radiant soup again, but it was a little pink. Such a scene made all the orcs' tongues, hearts andThe penis is lifted up.

Bowei's ape's mouth left, and there was only a sunken blood pit left in the originally pure and tender land of jade girls.There are some broken oviducts and canals.

Bo Wei squinted his eyes and swallowed, but let go of his hands reluctantly, letting the cooked meat with two pits fall back into the potIn this way, the other orc leaders immediately became rude, and rushed up to grab it.

Seeing that there was no soup left, the other orcs could only devote their energies to other elf women, and those elvesThe woman saw this scene of cannibalism, and it belonged to that powerful human girl, she was even more frightened.Lost color, no more resistance, how to put it, more than one person recognized Dorothea. At that time, she was a seventh-level light priest.The image of the master joins the battle of the elves.

Part of the soup splashed onto the ground, and gradually spread out in bits and pieces, but more of it was the semen of the orcs, the elvesWoman's cum, blood, slime's slime, semen, goo, and Dorothea's own cum,Yin essence, in addition to the blood and blood clots of the elf man's corpse.

The entire abandoned dwarf cave was filled with a lewd, tyrannical, and weird atmosphere.

And in such an atmosphere, more than 20,000 intelligent beings jointly produced a strange pulsation, which seemed to beIt seems like ordinary love, or a riotous group dance, or a thousand punishments, or cruel torture.Killing is still like an obscene and treacherous rape.

This kind of pulsation was born by everyone, and finally made everyone more deeply involved. However, Dorothea andSlime felt it, but other people couldn't feel it.

"There seems to be signs of activity in the prostitution field? It's actually the case. In this case, there is a certain chance for theI am advanced with a lewd body and a spiritual body and soul? "Dorothea was overjoyed, but she wasn't too surprised, that was sealedThe suppressed pink energy overflowed little by little, pouring rain on the domain that could barely be used once.

The hall with a diameter of 200 meters was slowly covered with a layer of faint pink, which the orcs did not notice at first, orThey wouldn't pay attention to those who said thick lines, but these pink mist penetrated into everyone's bodies little by little.In the body, and grabbed some bright red smoke, swallowed into the pink mist.

And when the aerosol meets semen, blood clots, glue and other substances, it will start to fuse, making the ground of the caveA layer of pink water mist was spread, and this layer of water mist was still sticky, changing to gelatinous.

"This glue...is a bit like my composition...but it's not exactly like..." Sly, who had already changed the battlefieldMu pondered the changes on the ground, and the tentacles in the bodies of the two elf girls also slowed down a bit, but this did not affectHe cooperated with the orcs, and the upper and lower mouths, fleshy peaks, ears, and underarms did not fall anywhere.

The pink mist also transforms into viscose, and at the same time, synchronized with the pulsation of obscenity that ordinary people can't fathom,In the end, there was a faint sound wave of wriggling in the lungs.

At this time, except for Slime and Dorothea, everyone else entered a hyperactive state dominated by lust, includingIncluding elves, Soret and two orc patriarchs, Soret who got up again occupied the vagina of an elf girl,No orcs stopped either.

The black fire seal on Dorothea's chest is getting smaller, and the pink lustrous area is still changing.The jelly swallowed a large amount of slime and blood clots, and it actually condensed into a substance, like pale pink skin!

The floor of the cave has long been dominated by pink jelly, and many of them are slowly rising, forming smallThe small mountain buns, the bulging and round shape, and they all appear in pairs, plus the top meat, vividTuotuo is dozens of pairs of breasts, and this number is still increasing.

The orc, who had no elves to vent, immediately inserted the meat stick from his crotch into the piles of cleavage, and poured outWith their essence.

But at this moment, Dorothea, who fell to the ground long ago and her waist was stuck to the fleshy ground, spit outWith a mouthful of blood, his expression was somewhat gloomy.

"The time to enter the sanctuary is still too short, not to mention the external force, but you want to advance to the demigod..." DuoRosia smiled wryly, as if she was stuck to the ground with no hands or feet.The son looked a little weird.

And as Dorothea vomited blood, the fleshy ground and breasts on the ground disintegrated immediately, returning to a pink mist.At the same time, even the mist is gradually dissipating, and the seal on Dorothea's chest has grown to its original size again.shape.

"Hmm...a high-level sperm energy group is approaching at high speed...that Molinstor is back?"At this moment, relying on her lust, Dorothea got the warning, and couldn't help but look at the slime not far away, after allShe doesn't feel any better now than she used to.

"It should be that guy!" Slime replied, then pulled out the tentacles from the girl's body and quietly disappearedin the cave.

A flash of red light flashed, and a naked elf girl appeared in the cave. It was when Shire woke up,The girl seen in Dorothea's wand.

"There are so many elves, no one will notice if you put an elf meat doll in there, hehehe!" Dorothy said.Siya directed the elves that just appeared, and squeezed into the crotch of several orcs.

The pink mist dissipated completely, and the rest of the people slowly recovered, but they didn't completely break away from their previous state.No one noticed that there was an extra tool to vent their desires.

Dorothea was picked up again by the orcs. Even if it was a broken body, the orcs would still use it for molestation.

"I don't know what your trump card is for this demigod? Based on the experience of fighting against the king of obscene demons, if it is trueThe real strong will have all kinds of methods to kill them all! At this time, Dorothea was a little excited, and also a little excited.Some hidden worries.

72. Both sides lose

Over the Brad Mountains, a black spot flew past like a meteor.

"It's been a long time for human beings to fight wars. It's been so many days, and they are still fighting. If we were fighting, we would have fought long ago.Go, trample the city of Lumbis into ruins! "Flying high in the sky, Molinsto's face was cloudy and uncertain.

It has been August since the fall of Fort Tritek on July 23 and the abandonment of Fort Barota on July 28.On the 7th, but these days, whether it is Hollaret, Bolton, or the Alan Reese Empire, it seems that they have agreedIt seems that, relying on the existing occupied areas, they started training troops.

"It's all good things that Hanks did, I really want to kill him directly!" Molinsto felt depressed, rememberingThe commander-in-chief who voluntarily gave up Barota Fortress.

"Forget it, let's settle this first. I think it's almost time, and then I'll go back and have a look.If this is still the case..." Molinsto's eyes flashed fiercely: "I can only trample to death a few annoying antsup. "

Molinsto's mental power radiated out in the air, sweeping all the way until the abandoned dwarf cavecave.

Molinsto fell down, and the orcs guarding the entrance of the cave immediately became tense. It seemed that there were no less than a hundred of them.There was only one ten-man team before.

"There are so many people at the entrance of the cave, and they are all in the open, you idiot!" Molinsto sneered in his heart.

"My... my lord!" An orc centurion ran over, stuttering in his respectful words.

"Is the person I entrusted to you still there?" Molinsto's voice was full of majesty.

"My lord, I'm still... still here."

"En!" Molinsto nodded slightly, and walked inside.

"My lord, I'll show you... the way!" the orc centurion hurriedly said, but was glared back by Molinstor.go.

It's still the same narrow passage, but in the second half of the four-meter-high section, there is an extra team of orc guards. SeeWhen Molinsto arrived, he quickly knelt down on one knee. Molinsto passed by with some enjoyment, the letter that floated outYang Zhili satisfied him even more.

However, gradually, Molinsto frowned. After walking through the passage, the field of vision suddenly widened, MolinSto entered the cave hall, but Molinsto's frown deepened.

"Since the smell of semen is so strong, I think that girl should be about the same!" Thinking of this, Molinsto'sThe brows stretched out.

However, the orcs haven't paid attention to him, they are still doing their own business, but the noisy applause can't be heardHow many.

"Are these orcs fucking women and dumb? Hmm...the eyes are a little distracted?"Strange place, a little surprised, and then saw Dorothea in the crowd.

"The seal seems to have loosened... However, it still hasn't been released!" Molinsto's first thing was to checkcheck.

"Confusion, despair, depravity, self-blame, remorse..." Molinsto turned his gaze reassuringly, looked at SuoLeiter, every time he whispered a word, his eyes lit up.

"There is still a breakthrough!" Molinsto flashed a flash of surprise, then smiled, and walked towards SoletGo, and next to Solet is the newly added elf, who is being manipulated by several orcs.

"Come on, let me, Molinsto, absorb your soul. This is the honor of an ordinary person like you... court death!"

Just as Molinsto walked to Solet's side and was about to take away Solet's soul, the elf meat baby beside himThe baby suddenly hit the ground with a palm, and two thick vines broke through the ground, both of which were twisted from three vines, and oneGoing straight to Molinsto, one pounces on Soret.

However, Molinstor still dodged, just hastily, while Soret was wrapped in scattered vines.It rose up like a spore.

"Boom!" At this moment, a long sword rushed out of the ground, with a blood-red hilt, a crescent-shaped gauntlet, and a silver-whiteThe blade of the sword - the sword of the demon artifact.

"Not good!" before hidingMolinsto, who had been hit by a blow, found that he could no longer avoid this bottom-to-bottom attack.With the Demon God Sword on his hand, he had a bad premonition in his heart, and moved his body away desperately to avoid the vital point, and at the same time put the bodyguardQi is released, forming black smoke on the surface of the body.

"Swipe!" But the Demon God Sword completely ignored the demonic energy and passed by without slowing down at all.A shot from Molinsto's left calf.

"What?" Molinsto's eyes were full of disbelief.

"Boom!" The soaring Demon God Sword crashed into the ceiling of the hall and disappeared instantly. At this moment, Molinsto'sThe broken leg also fell to the ground.

However, this does not mean the end of the attack. A large piece of vines broke through the soil like a spear and gathered towards one point.Shooting directly at Molinstow, at the same time, a green water mist rose from the cave hall, but the water mist was somewhat larger.drops of water.

"Puff puff puff!" Thousands of orcs and several elf girls were directly pierced by vines, but strangely,The expression of the orc is still tyrannical, the weapon in his crotch is standing upright, or the face of the elf is rippling, which way?I'm afraid they were stabbed into honeycombs, but some orc leaders had painful expressions on their faces.

"Boom boom boom!" One after another vines collided with Molinsto, making a deafening explosion, but the escaping blackThe green energy was trapped by the mist that permeated the hall, and concentrated near Molinstow, triggering a new round of explosions.

Dorothea shook off the orc who was supporting her, all the messy bandages on her body were scattered, and the remnant body began to slowly move.regeneration. The pink water jumps out from the fracture, circles around, until some limbs start to condenseSolid, from liquid state to semi-liquid state, and then to solid state, jade arms, thin waist, plump buttocks, long legs, a complete white bodybody regeneration.

"It's a pity. I couldn't kill him with a single sword. I'm worthy of being a demigod. But being able to cut off one of his legs is also considered a demigod."Good result, the amputated limbs caused by the magic sword are not something he can regenerate, so I have a chance, if it is still possibleIt would be nice to control the magic wand at the same time, or perfectly command the elf puppet..." Dorothea hoped in her heart, butHer movements didn't stop just like that.

A burst of red light that took a little longer appeared. The explosion subsided, and the red light covering Dorothea immediatelystopped, and she was no longer naked. On the forehead is a silver-white headband, half finger thick and soft in color,In the middle is a cyan prismatic magic stone.

The double-layer skirt armor around the waist and hips, the outer part is short and the inner part is long, the corners are hollowed out, and there are four pieces on one layer, like white lotus petals,The two breastplates barely covered the breasts, and the slender shoulder pads that flew up, but nothing else, the chest, the legs and the jadeThe large snow skin of the feet is still exposed.

"Forget it, there's not enough time, at least the most important parts are available, I hope Father collects treasures from all over the mainland.Armor forged from precious materials can increase a little bit of protection! ’ Dorothea stood barefoot on the cave floor,He didn't care about the soil under his feet and the cool wind blowing under his crotch.

Another red light flashed, and a human girl in a black maid's dress and white floral trimming appeared on Dorothy's doorstep.Sia's side, black buckle backless leather shoes, black tulle stockings with skull lace pattern, and stockingsThe edge is a wrinkled white flower cuff.

The girl has long black hair, black eyes, and a slightly pale complexion, but this is not the most conspicuous.Because she was carrying a long-handled scythe bigger than her.

"We still have to rely on external force..." Dorothea thought to herself, but she still said, "Protect me,I break the seal. "

With a wave of her hand, the Kinya Sword appeared in her hand again, and she held it in front of her chest, with the blade pressed against her face. Dorothea quietlyStanding still, a blood-red halo appeared on the magic sword.

"Hoo hoo hoo!" Molinsto took a few breaths, his face was livid with lingering fear, but his surroundingsIt is also the place where the green mist is the thickest.

"That sword of yours is not an ordinary artifact!" Molinsto shouted out, seeing that the black fire seal he had set was coming.It gradually became smaller in the red light, and it was even more frightening.

"By the way, at that time, I didn't see where the iron chain ended up... This elf and this black-haired girlGirl... I can't see through it, are they still above demigods? Molinsto was horrified.

"No, this natural demigod's domain doesn't have half the power of ordinary ones, and even the demigod's domain has its own characteristics.Insufficient, they are only demigods at most, just some secret methods! Molinsto made up his mind, immediatelyA lot of peace of mind.

"Drink!" Molinsto yelled loudly, and the black mist spewed out like ink in an instant, dyeing the green partHei is only compressed within a range of 20 meters around the body, which is still somewhat small compared to the 200-meter diameter of the hall, while the restPart, most of it is covered by green.

"Damn it, it's too bad to be attacked by surprise, kill that woman first!" Molinsto shot at DorotheaTo, at the same time, to regenerate the broken leg unconsciously, but there is no reaction at the fracture.

"What's going on?" Molinsto was surprised, but he didn't stop, the magic weapon "Hand of Cracking the Sky"Already on hand. However, in the natural demigod domain, Molinsto's speed is greatly reduced, and the water mist is like glueclings to him, and every time he hits a droplet, it's like hitting a small airbag, not to mention there's nowhereAbsent vine spears.

During this period, thousands of orcs and a few elf girls died, and they still carried their lustful forms.Sample.

"I'm sorry, all elf sisters, if I still have the chance, I will bring you back to life, but,I don't know if you will recover your sanity, but I can't guarantee it. Even if they fail to advance to the demigod first, that kind ofThe method has done too much damage to you! "Dorothea felt guilty, but she didn't have the energy to focus on breaking the seal.How much apart, and the black fire magic pattern on her chest was also strangled by the red light, and it was about to disappear.

"Pong!" There was a clash of gold and iron, and it was Molinsto's fist colliding with the black-haired maid's sickle.

The black-haired maid slid back until more than ten meters away, a trace of blood spilled from the corner of her mouth, while Molinsto wasWith a backflip, he stepped back fifteen meters away and stood in the air with one leg, but his expression didn't change.

"Well, it's really a demigod! However, why is the use of power a bit jerky? The fluctuation of mental power is alsoSomething weird. "The real power collision allowed Molinsto to figure out some situations.

Finally, the black fire magic pattern on Dorothea's chest was completely eroded by the red light from the magic sword, and it became white and slippery.No more black marks on the skin.

"Phew!" Dorothea's body rose again with a golden holy flame, declaring that her fighting spirit and magic power coulduse again.

"It's a bit like those white chickens in the God Realm, if you add wings!" Molinsto pounced againOn the ground, all the vines attacking him were crushed by his claws.

"Really, but I think there are still many differences between me and angels!" Dorothea chuckled lightly and stepped aside.On the side, let the black-haired maid who made up come on first, and then one by one such as "source of strength", "light as wind" and so on.Wait for the advanced buff magic to bless the maid. Then, there are "mirage", "gravity" and other high-levelThe level-negative buff magic was thrown on Molinsto, making him a little flustered, and whenever he wanted to make a move, he wouldBecause of the broken leg, it was even more uncomfortable.

"What's the matter with this leg? Why can't it grow again?" Molinsto was a little annoyed.

At this moment, a bloody orc grabbed Molinstor's broken leg and bit it off.

"Hiss!" Molinstor grinned and gasped, almost being hit by a scythe.

"I can still feel my leg being bitten, who is it?" Molinsto's face turned, and his fierce eyes stopped.found the orc.

"What! Dirty, low-level, low-level orcs eat the meat of my noble demons! He has the guts!" MoLin Stowe was instantly furious, especially because these orcs had been respectful to him before.

"Pfft!" Molinsto turned around and left, the maid's sickle immediately left a trail on Molinsto's back.The wound, the wound was full of black and gray energy, but he ignored it completely, and grabbed the orc with his black and cold claws.

"Tear!" The orc bit off a large piece of flesh from the broken leg, spattering a lot of blood. Molinsto can be hardIt was biting, pressing and paining, piercing the orc's heart with one claw.

At this time, the maid's sickle also arrived. With a long handle and a huge blade, it swung it with great momentum.When it falls, it will hit Molinsto.

"Pfft!" Molinsto lifted the orc's corpse to cover it, but was immediately smashed into pieces by the scythe.But it was this little time that made Molinsto dodge the thunder strike again, but his chest was also scratchedThere was also black and gray energy penetrating into the wound at the opening, but it was blocked by black devil energy.

The tender green water mist is constantly pushing out the black mist, as if trying to squeeze the black mist into pieces.The weight increased several times, and countless sharp vines stabbed from Molinsto's feet, top of his head, and back before hitting him.In Molinsto, a large amount of magic energy was dissipated, and the volume of the black mist suddenly decreased.

"Roar!" Molinsto was completely angry, and the demonic energy exploded, instantly breaking the vines around him, and the black hairThe maid's figure also paused, as if her whole body was out of focus, and a colloidal red shield was quickly released from the fluid.Combined, and stood in front of the maid.

"Break it!" Molinsto's face was full of rage, mixed with disdain, and the giant fist wrapped in the magic weapon carriedWith a deafening buzzing, it charged towards the maid.

At the same time, the magic sword in Dorothea's hand also flew out, bringing a blood-red afterimage trail,And her position is directly behind the black-haired maid, and the tip of the magic sword is pointing directly at the maid's back!

"Bang!" A black fist hit the rubber shield, and the shield immediately dented backward until it was about to touch the rubber shield.When it was a maid, it scattered into a puddle of mucus like bursting bubbles.

Seeing that the fist was getting closer and closer to her, the maid didn't seem to notice it, and stopped in the air in a daze.Until being punched in the chest.

"Boom!" The maid's chest sank in an instant, and then shot backwards like a kite with a broken string.

"This made me hit it? Not good!" Just when Molinsto was still wondering, a reflective spot appeared on theOn the maid's belly, there is a sharp thin mouth, and outside the cold light is a blood-red halo, which is the tip of the sword.

The tip of the sword quickly increased into a short silver-white blade, and Dorothea's magic sword pierced out from the back of the black-haired maid.Come!

Molinsto turned around desperately, but the momentum of the previous attack had not been fully recovered, and the distance was too close.

"Zi!" The magic sword completely passed through the maid's waist, and when the crescent moon guard emerged from the maid's belly,The blade had pierced between Molinsto's chest and abdomen.

"Chaos-order-cut-cut!" Dorothea shouted tenderly.

"Boom!" As soon as the blade entered his body, Molinsto felt something was wrong. He gritted his teeth and stirred the devilish energy in his body between his chest and abdomen.Explosion, using the power of the explosion to quickly fly backwards.

"Hiss!"The magic sword became a ray source in a very short period of time, like black paper stripsThe rays poured out in all directions. Molinsto, the nearest place, the entire lower body was instantly exudedThe ray cut into countless fragments, and the rest of the upper body was also full of crumbs, turning into a body full of holes and demonic energy.Also plummeted to a dangerous level.

And Dorothea retreated back with all her strength just before the eruption, her body in the air was not as long asAdjusted the posture from time to time to minimize the chance of being injured, and at the same time, did not forget to put the puppet and sporeCall back.

Even so, a ray of light still swept across her left upper arm, and it fell from the sky with a sound of "Shua!"When it came down, her body-protecting holy flame also failed to block the rays at all.

The ray group cuts in a chaotic manner, and every place where the blue-black edge light passes is the space torn apart.The black space cracks are intertwined into a branch-like network, whether it is Molinsto's black mist demigod domain, or elvesThe natural demigod domains in his body were cut to pieces by the black rays. One by one orcs were penetrated by rays,Limbs were severed, split left and right, and even sucked into nothingness by the incised space crack, and then healed by the spaceLandfill, as if it never existed.

Several rays shot into the 20-meter-high cave roof, and the next moment, they pierced through the outer surface of the snow-capped mountain like a sword blade.stab the sky. In the distance, a group of red glue is scurrying between the relatively sparse ray cutting, and next to it are several pieces of steelSmall pieces are cut off and quickly turn from red to gray.

"Crackling!" Pieces of gravel fell from the ceiling of the cave, which was already devastated.

But at this moment, the radiating rays gradually became rarer, and finally, the magic sword turned back into a red light and shot back at Dorothea's.in the body.

The surrounding area is a bit quiet, except for the sound of falling gravel, the floor of the hall seems to have been used countless times.The boards, walls and roof of the cave are not much better, and a few strands of skylight leaked even more, making the dizzy people who had only relied on torches and magic lampsThe dark environment is much brighter.

There are corpses everywhere, broken instruments of torture, cooking utensils, and a chaotic energy flow in the air.

"Although there is no consumption of power below the god level of the additional skill master, as far as the current situation is concerned, with the most basic sanctuary conditionsTo launch the most difficult additional attack technique, the pressure is still a bit greater. Dorothea, with bare feet in silver armor, clutched her brokenArm, despite the violent injection of the Holy Flame, the violent space energy in the wounds can't go away, including the opening in the thigh.Too.

"Manipulating resurrected puppets that are higher than their own level to make high-intensity, high-level attacks has too many loopholes and is tooI'm so sad, I have to recover, little slime, it's up to you, at least put the power source of the demons - the heartDirty and destroyed, Daerjili and the others couldn't fool his perception. "

As if hearing Dorothea's voice, the ball of red glue slowly moved towards Molinsto among the piles of rocks.verb: move.

Similarly, Molinsto, who had only half of his body left, also lay down and healed himself. While the magic energy was running at high speed, the blue wound on the woundThe black energy is slowly dispelled.

At this time, a red tentacle quietly stretched out, and stabbed at the top of Molinsto's head.Just when the tentacles were about to pierce the demonic energy above Molinsto's head, Molinsto noticed it and grabbed it with one hand.

"Zizizi!" The mucus made a corrosive sound when it came into contact with the skin, which is similar to when slimes treat elves.completely different.

However, another tentacle stabbed over at an extremely fast speed. As a last resort, another tentacle in MolinstoOne hand also grabbed it. Although Molinsto grasped both tentacles, but this made his handsThey were all raised above their heads, and self-healing was also delayed.

A few more tentacles entangled Molinsto's hands, and then a blanket of tentacles fell down.It seems to stab Molinsto's remains into a honeycomb.

"Boom!" Molinstor's devilish energy erupted, and all the tentacles in a circle were instantly shaken away.

But just as his devilish energy subsided, a tentacle circling from the ground rushed out of the ground and plunged into Molins.The waist of the supporter was broken, and then he drilled in fiercely. Compared with the body surface, the body is undoubtedly much weaker, especially theAfter the severe injury, the tentacles were able to rush forward quickly, piercing Molinsto's heart and continuing to stab into the cervical spine.

"Cough!" Molinsto spit out a big mouthful of blood, and the already greatly reduced demonic energy outside his body was reduced by half. The fierceness in his eyesThe light also plummeted.

However, he was even more horrified in his heart. He quickly pierced his neck with one finger, and grabbed this piece of meat in his bones.tentacle, but his action was still too late, because the front end of the tentacle had already spit a cloud of venom into MolinsTor's brainstem.

"Wow!" Molinsto finally uttered the first scream, his forehead was full of stretched veins.Holding his head is a surge of magic energy.

On the other side, Dorothea has already expelled the blue-black space energy, picked up the severed arm on the ground, and pressedBack to the fracture, after the pink light flashed on the wound, her arms and thighs no longer looked like they had been wounded, but the golden holy flame on her body wasis sharply reduced.

Afterwards, a magic wand appeared in Dorothea's hand, and she began to recite incantations. The wand was like two snakes.The top of the twisted and forked branch glowed red, the silver headband also gave off a silvery halo, and the blue in the middleThe magic stone emitted a dazzling blue light.

"Restless fire element, please listen to my call, condense your most original energy, and arouse the deepestThe rhythm of the place..." As Dorothea chanted the mantra, the fire element in the cave became active, and the air filled withThere is a burst of red.

"This is... a single-body bancurse! Smelly girl...you want me to die...I won't let you...have a good time! "Even though Molinsto had a splitting headache, he still noticed the changes in the elements.

"The great... His Majesty the Devil King Azaz... your humble servant... is willing to offer his body as aFor the great you...vehicle that came into the world...to show your immensity to the ignorant...lower humans...The... power..." Enduring the pain, Molinsto also recited the prayer that he had never resolutely recited in the past.

Dorothea's wand pointed forward, covered with a layer of black and red heat, centered on MolinstoIn the heart, a same heat flow is rapidly converging and compressing inside, and the surrounding corpses, soil and even the air becomeIt was extremely scorching hot, and then was transpired into gas by high temperature, and finally became a member of the heat flow.

And Molinsto's remnant body began to be shrouded in a darker mist.

"Target the life in front of you, let out the most violent roar, nucleation fusion technique!"

"The devil-king-possession!"

Dorothea's spell was almost half a minute away, and the spells of the two were completed one after another.

"Boom!" With Molinsto as the center, an egg-like elliptical energy cluster appeared.Black and red appear in turn, radiant like gemstones, shrinking in half in the blink of an eye, then explode and spread rapidlycome out.

Molinsto spit out another mouthful of blood. The demigod-level remnant body was deformed during the nuclear fusion technique. The front of the left armThe arms did not recover after being compressed, hanging like dry wood, while the chest was like a pinched scroll, full offolds.

When the explosion just happened, another part of the body was blown up.

But at this moment, a terrifying coercion descended. The space is oscillating, the cave is twisting, and the gravel was originallyThe falling hall was even more crumbling, and some corpses and stones were crushed into powder by the coercion.

A ten-meter-tall figure in the shape of light and shadow surrounded Molinsto in the void. The facial features of the light and shadow could not be seen clearly, butWhat is certain is that this light and shadow is extremely burly.

Moreover, the egg-shaped explosion group exploded on Guangying's body, just like an egg hitting a stone, scattered into blackThe red turbulence could not cause any harm, and Molinsto was naturally spared.

In addition, the moment the light and shadow appeared, Dorothea felt like a mountain was pressing on her body, and couldn't help butHe kept sinking, with a look of complete horror on his face.

At this time, the red light of the wand flashed sharply, resisting the invisible coercion, and there were signs of counter-pressure, which made DorothyYa's knees would not hit the ground.

"Who is calling this king..." There is some ominous experience hidden in the majesty of Guangying's voice.

"Well...does a small human need to bother me? Is it a woman?" Light and shadow seemed to be watchingWhen they arrived at Dorothea, her words were full of dissatisfaction and impatience.

"This is... the power of the obscene demon gods! Damn it!" Guangying quickly noticed the intertwinedIt seems that there is some surprise and some jealousy.

"Roar! Human, you can die!" Light and Shadow's angry voice was like thunder, and the entire cave collapsed.Collapse and speed up one point.

A fist of black light and shadow, like a gigantic column that blasted the sky, struck Dorothy directlyelegant.

"The body is sucked in, and there is no way to avoid it! The space is also blocked!" Dorothea wanted to hide, but found out howNothing would work, and the speed of the giant fist was too fast, subconsciously, she raised her red wand to block it in front of her.

"Bang!" A circle of blood-red mirrors was scattered by the wand just before the collision. When hit by a giant fist,There was a loud noise that shook the sky, and Dorothea's body even slightly stagnated in the collision of black and red energy.

But soon, Dorothea flew backwards as if hit by a comet, and the golden holy flame protecting her body was shot byThe earthquake scatter abruptly. The cool silver armor and smooth skin make her look like a falling silver star,In the middle, there are also flying nails and rain of blood.

"Boom boom boom!" A series of sounds of piercing rocks and cracking earth came, and Dorothea was shot out of the thick of the earth in an instant.Then break through the snow layer and fly upside down into the vast world of ice and snow.

"Boom!" The already dilapidated snow mountain couldn't bear the devastation any longer, and was thrown into the air by Dorothea.After going, it disintegrated suddenly, stirring up smoke, dust and snow fog all over the sky.

"Bang!" Dorothea flew upside down for several hundred meters before falling on the snow.

Dorothea lay in the snow pit, motionless, but the surrounding white snow was quickly dyed red, and in the end,Gradually pink.
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