Strange Soul

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Chapter 5: Spring Dreams Gone Without a Trace

In Wanjie Villa, Hui Jing was about to say something to Xu Zhu, but seeing his face flushed with tears, she couldn't help but let out a bewildered surprise. Xu Zhu wakes up suddenly, he is flustered to hide his dry coughing. Li Mengru glanced at him quickly, Xu Zhu's face turned pale immediately, just now he admired this beautiful female devil very much, but now he feels extremely afraid of her. In fact, his appearance has changed a little since he was a child, and his figure is even more different, especially when he has become a monk. Li Mengru can't recognize him even though his eyes are like lightning.

Hui Jing looked at Xu Zhu in amazement, a fierce light flashed in her eyes, she said in a low voice: "There is not enough time for a few sticks of incense, they can't tell the difference, We don't have to wait here, think for the teacher Inquire about other places, you go to the big rock in front of the valley, don't attract people's attention, the master will go there later." Xu Zhu was still excited and shocked, he agreed, turned around and left.

In front of the stone at the mouth of the valley, the surroundings are silent and the trees are lush. Xu Zhu suddenly felt something was wrong: "Didn't the abbot tell you not to show up? Then what are you looking for? Besides, I don't know kung fu, why did you call me alone?" At this time, Hui Jing came running from afar , he felt an inexplicable fear in his heart. Seeing Huijing getting closer and closer, his eyebrows were wide open and his face was ferocious, which was exactly the expression that night in Lichunyuan. Xu Zhu's horror suddenly increased, he turned around and ran away involuntarily.

Huijing was stunned, and shouted: "Why are you running?" Seeing Xu Zhu not stopping, she shouted again sharply: "Why don't you answer Sajia, are you deafor dumb?" Xu Zhu listened to him These two sentences, ran faster. Huijing showed her fierce face, she spread her body and chased after her. He has always been worried about Xu Zhubut he dare not do anything in the temple, and he has not encountered a suitable opportunity along the way, so he is eliminated in the Valley of Myriad Tribulationsand he can make up a story at will after returning to the temple , Said that he was killed by Li Mengrudang, the abbot would never mobilize people for such a young monk.

Seeing Xu Zhu running into the woods, Huijing felt even happier, but when he chased into the woods, there was no one around, looking around, she felt strange: "This kid doesn't know kung fu, how could he?" Disappeared? Even the most light kung fu can't run without a trace at this moment, can it go to the sky and enter the earth?"

He was anxious in his heart, and opened his mouth to shout: "Come out, the matter of the day You have been keeping the secret, I am very grateful, how can I hurt you?" Unexpectedly, Xu Lin saw the master leaving, and then followed, heard the master yelling, and rushed to ask each other. Huijing felt guilty, and was startled when she saw Xu Lin, only assuming that he also knew her secret, and knocked him down with a surprise palm, and then frantically searched the woods, but he never thought of that , Xu Zhu really fell into the ground!

Under a big tree there is a hole covered by vegetation, Xu Zhu ran here and stepped on the air, the whole person fell in, fell dizzy, listening to Huijing's call and Xulin's tragic Crying, he knew in his heart that life and death were hanging in the balance just now. Hearing Huijing's voicefar and near, east and west, he didn't have time to think about it, and hurriedly crawled to the depths of the cave, but the cave was surprisingly deep, until he couldn't hear Huijing's cry Noise, the hole is still not over.

Xu Zhu crawled for a long time before he saw a glimmer of light above his head, but this strange hole still didn't end, he turned a corner and went deeper,It was so dark that he didn't know how deep it was. He looked up at the dim light above his head, and touched it with his hand. It was hard and cool like a stone slab. He lifted up the gap carefully and saw that there was a small room outside the cave, full of chests, like a storage room. The outside leads to a big room with tables, chairs and wooden beds inside.

Xu Zhu flipped over the stone slab lightly, stretched out half of his body hesitantly, wondering if he should go out from here? Or continue to climb forward? Suddenlyheard a faint sound coming from under his feet, he panicked immediately, jumped out of the hole, put the stone slab back as it was, and ran to the big roomregardless. When he pushed the door, he was shocked again, the door was locked from the outside, he couldn't care about his thoughts at this moment, he got under the bed, covered his breath and didn't dare to move again.

After a while, there was the sound of stone slabs and heavy footsteps, and a few people came out of the cave, carrying something on the bed. A male voice said: "Miss Zhong Ling, please find the antidote for Yin Yang He San for Miss Mu, let's go back and see what's going on in the backyard." A delicate female voice said: "Aren't you going to save Mr. Duan?" The male voice said: "You also saw it just now, the young master's kung fu is weird, we can't catch him, but it's okay, your father and Li Mengru don't want the young master's life, just want
Ruin Duan's family style, now that Miss Mu has come out, their treachery will not be able to succeed."

Then those people went into the hole, and there was only a pair of green shoes embroidered with yellow flowers in the house, and the woman went inside to rummage through the boxes. ,Go back to the bedside and stop for a while, then say: "Sister Mu, wake up, take the antidote." At this time, a handkerchief fell to the side of the bed. After a while, the woman said anxiously: "Why are you still awake? Sister Mu, I gave you the antidote. I'll go and deliver the antidote to brother Duan Yu."

The embroidered shoes went to the inner room After the sound of the stone slab, there was no other sound in the room. Xu Zhu murmured: "So this burrow is used to rescue Duan Yu, that woman is called Zhong Ling, the owner of the Valley of Myriad Tribulations is also surnamed Zhong, what is her name called Zhong Wanchou. The Valley of Myriad Tribulations imprisoned Duan Yu, this br/>If a girl wants to save Duan Yu, then she must be Duan Yu's lover. And I don't know who that wooden girl is."

At this time, the wooden girl on the bed made Xu Zhu uneasy and anxious. After a while, I couldn't stand it any longer, and thought to myself: "I'll run away before the wooden girl wakes up, and if I run into Zhong LingDon't be afraid, her voice is so sweet, she must be a beauty. "He made up his mind, crawled out from under the bed, picked up the handkerchief on the ground, saw that the handkerchief was sewn with white silk, heavyslippery, and a residual fragrance was refreshing.

Xu Zhu couldn't help holding it to his nose and sniffing it, he saw that there was a pink flower embroidered on the handkerchief, and the word "wood" was embroidered on the corner. Xu Zhu recognized the word, he was overjoyed: "The wood girl they mentioned is actually a "wood" of wood, so it's also called "wood".Thinking about this, turning around At first glance, it was like a lightning strike, and the whole body was shaken. What I saw in front of my eyes was a beautiful woman who was beautiful and beautifulas a fairy, sleeping on the bed. Trees piled with snow.

Xu Zhu's mind wanders, he doesn't know where he is at the moment! But seeing the beauty suddenly open her small cherry red mouth lightly, she exhaled Duan Lang twice delicately. He couldn't help being startled: "Is she also a lover of the Duan family?" Then his heart ached sharply: his face turned pale. "No, no,All of this is mine, I am the real royal family, you should be mine, you are so beautiful, you should be mine..."

Xu Zhu Shouting in his heart, he saw the wooden girl's eyelashes trembling slightly, she was so pitiful, she stepped forward unconsciously, and lightly touched her beautifulcheek. Yuji Snow Skin was as smooth as silk, smoother than the handkerchief in his hand. He couldn't bear to let go of his hands as soon as he caressed him, put the handkerchief into his bosom, gently caressed his delicate body with his hands, held his breath, fearing that he would blow away the wonderful woman in front of him in one breath, and caressed with all his heart Whitebeautiful jade neck, round and fragrant shoulders, and finally holding the plump and straight pepper milk through a thin layer of fragrant shirt, which is just enough to hold. "Hmm..." the beautiful woman groaned softly, her cheeks flushed, as if she was infinitely shy in a spring dream.

This soft chant awakened Xu Zhu, who was wandering in vain, his blood was throbbing all of a sudden, as if there was a burst of lightning and thunder around his body, except for the fairy in front of him, there was nothing in the world anymore. Trembling all over, I untied the bed curtain, closed a piece of darkness, and also closed a piece of sweet fragrance, and felt that there was nothing else in the world, thinking: "Let me die on her body!" trembling Hug, but feel soft as if boneless, soft as cotton, can't help but hug tighter, and kiss the two thin lips in a daze.

The fairy groaned softly, opened her teeth slightly, and greeted each other tactfully, exhaling a hot and sweet scent. Xu Zhu's heart is ecstatic, the tip of his tongue softly curls upthe sweet and smooth tongue, obsessively entangles and sucks. "" Jiaren Yao's nose twitched, her delicate dimple flushed,like a shy orchid in the deep valley.

Xu Zhu caresses and kisses softly, according to the usual routine, undresses the wooden girl, revealing a pair of tender and snow-white pepper milk,There are two bright red buds on the jade peak, extremely delicate and graceful. Xu Zhu was intoxicated, and slowly slid along the soft jade ditch to the jade navel,Hands groped along the slippery waist...

The last skirt took off the fairy's slippery ankle, and he saw the jade The body is horizontally arranged, and the eyes are exquisite and embossed. The group of soft hair on the top of the ski powder legs is black and slightly curly. Xu Zhu never dreamed that there is such a beautiful body in the world? After gently parting the soul-stirring jade crotch, my heart beats suddenly and my chest hurts, and I see the fairy's secret place is pink and gorgeous, and there is a small black mole hidden in the delicate folds.

Xu Zhu stared at this extremely cute mole, unconsciously kissed it, the tip of his nose caressed the slippery secret slit, took a deep breath of puregirly body fragrance, he was dazzled immediately, Taste it greedily, see the flower lips can't stand the teasing, and shyly refuse to welcome, gradually stretch out, like a budding flower blooming delicately in the spring rain, the mysterious flower at the golden ditch The beans are also shinydisappearing and appearing.

Xu Zhu couldn't bear the blazing lust anymore, he carefully unbuttoned his trousers, but he smelled a strong stench, on the way from Shaolin Temple, he sweated a lot, and still left at night Too fine, the crotch is extremely dirty at this time, the fur is all stuck together, and the dirt is sticky.

In front of the incomparably fragrant fairies, Xu Zhu could not help but feel ashamed of showing such a filthy ugly thing, but at the moment, he did not care about the abrupt beauty, took a deep breath, held his breath, and gently used his inflated penis head Pushing away the warm flower lips, slowly opened the honey hole, "Pop!" There was a slight sound, and the smooth and tender flower lips tightly closed the glans. The beauty snorted softly, her brows were furrowed, as if in a spring dream she uttered a soft cry.

Xu Zhu slumped slightly, and slowly headed towards the narrow and hot hole, his legs couldn't help trembling more and more urgently, he suddenly trembled, he felt that he was about to ejaculateuncontrollably, he hurriedly continued to use force, Anxiously going to pluck the heart of the flower in the depressive excitement, there was a slight "poof!", and the glans head passed through a thin flower neck like a pass, and the deep and warm flower path suddenly opened up, offering a The flower heart hidden in the deepest place.

The beauty's delicate body trembled, her head swung lightly, her fragrant lips parted: "Oh! Oh... oh-!" Xu Zhu was startled, he didn't dare to move anymore, he suppressed his heavy panting and panic Looking at her, she saw that the fairy was breathing heavily, her long eyelashes were half covered with two crystal clear teardrops, and the blood on her face welled up to her cheeks, showing a very pitiful beauty.

Xu Zhu loves him so much that his heart hurts, he shoots the last shot without pain or pleasure. At this time, he felt that the fairy's body was abnormally tight and fiery
, which was very different from his previous experience, and his heart suddenly lit up: "Could it be that she...she is...?" Knowing that his thinking was probably right, he hastily pulled it out gently, and saw a few pink streaks sticking to the stem.

The flower lips closed in panic, and after spitting out a ball of thick semen, then spitting out a touch of fineThin bright red. "Virgin! She is avirgin!" Xu Zhu opened his eyes wide, almost weeping with joy, he was stunned for a moment, hurriedly took out the silk handkerchief and carefully spread it under the jade buttocks, he thought tremblingly: "Yes If you live this once, this life will not be in vain!"

Xu Zhu was fascinated and confused, he fell in love with this pure and beautiful fairy so much, he felt so pity that he kissed and caressed her softly, and graduallyscattered The bright red on the fairy's face made the jade cheeks red like fire, and she brushed a few strands of soft hair, making her indescribably charming.

A few snorts made Xu Zhu wake up a little bit, he realized that the bottom had already swollen uncomfortably, he separated the frightened jade crotch again, swelled the buds that had just bloomed again, and carefully moved to the holy peach garden , gently teasing the nascent stamen, enjoying hisfirst virgin with heart.

Every time the thick stem reaches the depth of the flower diameter, the shivering tortoise mouth will gently kiss the weak flower heart. I don’t know when, the lostbeauty’s jade breasts rise and fall, and a layer of pink emerges from the snowy skin, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, and the narrow secret passage quietly becomes submissive and slippery, Secretly spilling fresh and smooth spring rain. Xu Zhu unknowingly sped up his movements, in the ecstasy he felt so sad, he couldn't help moaning.

The clouds gather and the rain clears, Xu Zhu's heavy panting gradually calms down, he has to think about the current matter. There was silence outside, where Hui Jing was at the moment? This fairy-like wooden girl might wake up immediately, I have already died on her body once, if she wakes up and shouts, I will be lost forever in the Valley of Myriad Calamities.

Thinking of all kinds of advantages and disadvantages, Xu Zhu reluctantly let go of the jade body in his hand, gently pulled out the handkerchief with red flakes on his snowy buttocks, took a deep sniff, carefully hid it in his bosom, and touched it reluctantly Sliding his legs on the snow, he finally slipped out of bed.

When walking towards the entrance of the cave, turn around every three steps. In the half bed tent, the beautiful fairy has blushing dimples, is soft and gentle, like a begonia sleeping in spring or a white lotus after a rain, her beauty is indescribable.

Xu Zhu sighed deeply, ruthlessly drilled down into the cave, excited and terrified, he kicked his hands and crawled, hurriedly fled to the cave entrance. There was finally a twilightin front of my eyes again, I lifted my hands up, but there was another stone slab, I was very surprised: Why is it different from when I came here? After thinking about it for a while, I yelled in my heart that it was terrible, I went in the wrong direction in my haste, and I had reached the deepest part of the tunnel at this time.

Now that the matter has come to this point, Xu Zhu has no choice but to sneak out of this hole, he finds that he is in a stone room, the stone door is wide open, there is no one inside and outside.

At this time, Gan Baobao returned to the room with his daughter Zhong Ling. Just now Zhong Ling arrived in the tunnel and together with Duan Yu was rescued from the stone prison by Huangmei monk, but Li Mengru took him away as the wooden girl, Zhong Wanchou and his wife finally rescued their daughter, which delayed a lot of time

The wooden girl on the bed was named Mu Wanqing, Baby Gan saw that she was still unconscious, put her wrist on her wrist and felt her pulse was fine. But seeingMu Wanqing's clothes are messy and her complexion is abnormally red, Gan Baobao couldn't help feeling suspicious, and secretly touched Mu Wanqing's body, her tentacles were sticky,he hurriedly opened the clothes to take a closer look, she was ashamed The hair is messy, the portal is red and swollen, and there is a smell of man's semen wafting from the sticky inside.

Baobao Gan's complexion was pale, and she kept shouting in her heart: "What an injustice! What an injustice!" In her mind, Duan Yu and Mu Wanqing must have made a big mistake under the impetus of the violent aphrodisiac. The door of this room is locked, this tunnel is only known to Zhong Ling and the guards of the Duan family, and the guards of the Duan family were all in the backyard just now, so who else but Duan Yu?

Baby Gan was in a panic. The Duan family knew that her husband had caused a catastrophe, and they would never let it go. Brother and sister rape! What a shame! She looked at Mu Wanqing who was sleeping soundly, and lamented in her heart. Suddenly, she asked Zhong Ling, "When did your elder sister Mu become unconscious?" Zhong Ling had already seen that Mu Wanqing was not the same before and after. Xia Zheng wondered, did he feed the wrong medicine? Hearing his mother's question, he replied: "Sister Mu fell into a coma in the dungeon."

Baby Gan's expression darkened, and he thought, "That's it! She...but he won't admit it,otherwise why didn't he say it just now." Baobao Gan thought again: "Duan Yu has taken the aphrodisiac and is in a daze, so he doesn't necessarily know what he has done If the two of them really don't know about this, I'd better not tell the truth. Now that the big mistake has been made, it's better to not remember clearly!"

Baby Gan thought of this, sent Zhong Ling away, and ordered his servants to bring hot water. She cleaned Mu Wan herself, and ordered someone to reply to Duan Zhengchun, saying that Mu Wanqing had been frightened and needed to recuperate in the valley for a few days.

After waking up, Mu Wanqing felt her waist and eyes were sore and her lower body was on fire, and doubts arose in her heart, but it was inconvenient to tell others, and she tried hard to recall alone, as if she had a strange dream that frightened people to death. The more she thought about that dream, the more shy she became, and she couldn't remember it clearly, but she thought it was because of the aphrodisiac.

Mu Wanqing lived in seclusion with her mother since she was a child, and ran away angrily because she was angry with her mother's indifference and strictness. Later, she met her master and followed her to practice martial arts in the mountains. He developed a sudden fever and even covered up his abnormalities, so he took two doses of medicine and left.

Although Baobao Gan was uneasy, she thought this was the best result. In fact, she wronged Duan Yu and ultimately hurt herself.

Chapter 6: It's cold in the middle of the night

Inside the stone prison, Xu Zhu has just raped a Fairy Chunmeng, he didn't dare to go out rashly, seeing the lingering weather, he thought: "It seems that no one will come here, or wait until dark before slipping out. So I tiptoed and sat down next to the entrance of the tunnel, planning to hide in the tunnel immediately if I saw a slight movement.

After sitting down, there was an extremely tempting smell of meat, and there was a bowl of braised pork on the ground! Xu Zhu's eyes are bright, he has become a monk since he became a monk.He hasn't tasted meat for a long time, at this moment he is unbearably hungry, even his lust ring has been broken, he still cares about other precepts, so he picks up a bowl to eat
Get up.

While devouring it, I saw another book on the ground, picked it up and flipped through it, and on the silk scroll suddenly appeared a portrait of a reclining nude woman, with a beautiful appearance and lifelike appearance. There are lines drawn on the nude women in the book, with annotations on the side, and the second half of the book is full of text, with occasional paintings of strangely shaped and distorted footprints and fingers, and several nude paintings of men.

Xu Zhu couldn't read a few words, so he didn't look through carefully, he put the book in his bosom and put it together with the handkerchief, he thought happily: "This spring book is probably Duan Yu's color The ghost fell, and I will wander the rivers and lakes from now on, look at the spring pictures when I am lonely at night, and then smellthe fairy is red, it is not so beautiful!"

He ate up the bowl of braised pork, and gradually felt that his body was getting worse. It was getting hotter and hotter, the lower abdomen was steaming hot, and the whole body was scalding immediately, as if being steamed in a steamer, so I took off my clothes, leaving only a pair of trousers, and saw that the crotch was protruding and swollen for no reason. , my heart seemed to be on fire. Then I took out the erotic pictures to look through, and at the same time took out the bulging stems and moved them. I was busy for a while, but I still couldn't relieve my anger

Xu Zhu couldn't help wondering: "Why does it look like you've taken an aphrodisiac?" His heart was startled suddenly: "This bowl of meat...does it have......?" Thinking of what he heard when he was hiding under the bed During the conversation, he was dumbfounded and almost exclaimed: "Yin Yang He San!"

He first heard "Yin Yang He San" under the fairy bed, and he was nervous but didn't think about it. br/>I once heard the flower picker say: "Yin and Yang reconcile and dissolve", the most powerful aphrodisiac in the world. Its prescription has been handed down from ancient times, and its ingredients are almost extinct. If a man takes it, the semen will grow faster and accumulate in the body, and it will never leak out without the nourishment of the woman's yin fluid; The medicinal properties of Yin-Yang combined with powder, become stronger day by day, until the eighth day, even if you are a Da Luo Jinxian, it is difficult to resist, if you do not combine Yin-Yang in time, or take the antidote, your skin will be cracked and cracked. Qikong bled to death.

Xu Zhu panicked, thought: "This aphrodisiac is not life-threatening, but it is a fatal poison to me right now, this is not Lichun Yuan, how can any woman be willing to reconcile with me?" Thinking of this, a thought suddenly arises, if the wooden girl is still asleep, of course it would be best, otherwise she will have to sneak out to find a brothel, but right now there are only erotic pictures to see.

Xu Zhu stared at the naked girl in the picture again, imagining and blending with it, his heart suddenly moved, the pepper milk in front of him moved like a real person. On the naked girl's body, there is a thin green line starting from the right breast, crossing to the left breast, and running obliquely to the lower genitals. A ball of hot air from his lower abdomen unknowingly flowed with the lines in the painting.

I don't know how much time has passed in a daze, and suddenly felt that the penis was about to explode, Xu Zhu couldn't help being startled, staring at the naked woman's lower body in the painting, holding the penis in his hand, he squeezed it hard , the head of the glans was pierced by a steel needle, the pain made him grit his teeth and inhale, the breath of his whole body sank down unconsciously, the angry hot stem trembled like a rattlesnake's tail, swished, There was a burst of hot air, as if even the head of the glans had been thrown off, but the feeling of swelling returned after a moment, and the hot stem stopped shaking.

This moment also made Xu Zhu feel much better, he hurriedly collected the heat in his body, meditated on the lines of the naked woman in the picture, let the heat rush to the glans again, the scalding stem trembled for a moment as expected, but This time, there was no heat coming out. I tried many times in a row, but it always failed, and my body and mind became more and more hot and restless. Suddenly, I saw the sun shining outside the prison, and I wondered: "What? Did I sit here all night?" He asked Walking towards the stone gate in a daze, he was startled suddenly, seeing the yellow-browed monk standing alone in the courtyard, staring at the shattered stone chessboard in a daze.

Xu Zhu hurried back, scratching his ears and cheeks, he was helpless, he thought: "This medicine is really powerful, I'm afraid it won't last until dark, it's better to escape by the same way." He put on his clothes and put away the erotic pictures After jumping into the tunnel, he twisted his body and closed the stone slab, not wanting to lose control of his hands and feet under the heat, making the stone slab "bang!".

Surprised, Xu Zhu crawled to the depths, thought: "No, the monk must have heard it!" After a while, he really heard shouts from behind. Xu Zhu became more and more flustered, hurriedly climbed to the exit of the fairy room, saw a light in front of his eyes, the stone slab above was moving, he exclaimed in his heart: "No! They have been waiting for me here already." He hurried forward desperately Climbing, suddenly someone hugged hisboth legs, he turned over and kicked in a panic, but a pair of small hands tightly grasped his hot stems, which were so hard to swell, and they were so powerful that they easily pushed him
Drag back.

Xu Zhu was in severe pain from being pulled by those small hands, he was extremely panicked, he suddenly thought that if he shakes the scalding stem a few times, he might be able to break free, so he concentrated on using the method on the erotic map, he felt a pain Great heat surged from those small hands, not as hot as the heat in the body, but it was extremely warm and strong, and it continued to flow in, and disappeared in the lower abdomen in an instant.

After only a short while, the lower abdomen seemed to be unable to hold any more heat, and it slowly bulged up, getting bigger and bigger. Xu Zhu was horrifiedextremely, he couldn't help but open his mouthShouting, before he could utter a sound, the heat rushed to his head, which was more uncomfortable than rushing to his lower abdomen, so he had to tightly shut his mouth and suffer. After a while, I felt that my lower abdomen was about to burst, and the pair of small hands suddenly let go, and the heat disappeared.

As if escaping from death, Xu Zhu turned over and continued to run away, at the end he saw a stone pressed above him, he pushed hard with both palms, finallyescaped from the hole. He hid under a tree, scratched his chest and scratched his back, lost his mind, and thought: "What a thrill, the two gangs couldn't catch me, and they got another stone to block the exit!" Looking at the big stone falling in the grass, I feel not only thrilling, but also incredible! That stone was the size of a coffee table, otherwise it wouldn't be able to cover the hole. He exclaimed in his heart: "It's such a big stone, usually I try my bestbut I can't push it even a little bit, how did it make me fly so far?"

Xu Zhu didn't know at the moment, he was now in the body. His internal strength is comparable to that of a first-class martial arts master, but he can't control it, so he can only use it when he is in a hurry. When he was in the stone prison, although he didn't have any internal energy, he managed to achieve a small success in the magical skills in that "obscene book" by virtue of the heat of "yin and yang combining and dissipating".

Just now Zhong Wanchou was furious at home, scolding Baobao Gan, mother and daughter for being extroverted, and locked the door to prevent them from leaving the house. Zhong Ling was angry and wanted to get out of the hole. Gan Baobao couldn't stop her, got into the tunnel and grabbed her daughter's feet and dragged her back. Zhong Wanchou heard the sound and went back to the room, also got into the tunnel and grabbed Baobao Gan's feet. Just at this time, the yellow-browed monk came after him from the depths of the tunnel. When he saw someone in front of him, he grabbed it with both hands, and the one he didn't want to grab was Zhong Wanchou.

Zhong Ling at the front grabs Xu Zhu, she is very surprised that there is someone in this tunnel, but under panic, she has no time to think,catches something and refuses to let go. After Xu Zhu used the method in the "Book of Erotic Palace", he used Zhong Ling's hand to absorb most of the internal energy of the four people who are connected to each other. Zhong Ling didn't have much internal energy, Gan Baobao's internal energy was average, but Zhong Wanchou and Huangmei monk were both masters of internal energy. Xu Zhu has most of the internal strength of the two of them, it's no problem to push the boulder away with one palm.

Zhong Ling vaguely felt that what he was grasping in his hand looked like a warm fire stick. This thing trembled a few times in his hand, and a stronginternal force passed through his body. Although she was extremely surprised, she took the "fire stick" as a life-saving straw, and she had no choice but to let go until she was exhausted, and was immediately stunned by the passing internal force.

Zhong Wanchou relied on the remaining internal strength to lift the unconscious Zhong Ling up. No one can understand the strange changes in the tunnel. Both Zhong Wanchou and the Huangmei monk believed that they were the other's hands and feet. At this moment, everyone was powerless, and neither of them dared to turn against each other easily. The yellow-browed monk left angrily. Zhong Wanchou was surprised why there was an extra tunnel in his house suddenly, and when he asked Gan Baobao, he learned that Duan Zhengchun actually asked someone to dig a secret tunnel leading to his wife's room.

Zhong Wanchou locked the door again and left, angrily looking for Duan Zhengchun to settle the score, but he never expected that when he walked out of the villa, Duan Zhengchun was crawling in the tunnel under his feet.

Duan Zhengchun and Gan Baobao are old lovers. This time they reunited in Wanjie Mountain Villa. He had long wanted to meet secretly, but just happened to hear from the guards that they had dug this tunnel. I came to investigate once, and he was the one who put the big stone. This time, I found that the stone had been removed by someone, but I don't know what happened? He crawled to Baby Gan's room, and fainted Zhong Ling silently.

Hearing from his daughter that someone had escaped in the tunnel, Baby Gan thought to himself that this person must be his former lover, but he didn't understand why he was carrying a fire stick. Suddenly seeing her lover appearing in front of her eyes, she couldn't help trembling, she had just lost a lot of internal strength, and she fainted in Duan Zhengchun's arms due to excitement. When she woke up slowly, she was dizzy with joy, and found that Duan Zhengchun's hand was groping in her clothes. Gan Baobao woke up suddenly, broke freeand said seriously: "I'm a married woman, I must not ruin my husband's reputation, just touch me again, I'll bite off my tongue immediately , to die in front of you."

Duan Zhengchun saw her awe-inspiring expression, but he didn't dare to blaspheme, and said, "Baby, I know you have suffered a lot, and I will treat you well in the future." Gan Baobao suddenly Zudao: "Don't talk nonsense! My husband is ugly and has a weird temper. His martial arts are not as good as yours, his talents are not as good as yours, and he doesn't have your wealth and glory. But he treats me wholeheartedly, and I treat him wholeheartedly. I must never have I'm sorryfor him!" Duan Zhengchun couldn't help being respectful, but seeing that his sweetheart was as handsome as before, his lips were as red as before, how could he forget his past love in his heart?

The two faced each other silently, they both recalled the old things, and their hearts were on the brows, sometimes happy and sometimes sad. Suddenly there was an angry shout from outside the door: "Who?Who is in the room?" Both Duan Zhengchun and Gan Baobao were shocked. With a "bang", Zhong Wanchou kicked open the locked doorwith his feet.

When Zhong Wanchou saw Duan Zhengchun, his face turned black with anger. He searched everywhere but found him. He was hiding in his wife's room, so without saying a word, he stepped forward to fight Duan Zhengchun desperately, but his internal strength was suppressed. Most of it was sucked away, and the martial arts were greatly damaged, "pound thump thump thump" smashed the tables and chairs to the ground, but did not touch Duan Zhengchun at all. He was full of anger and had nowhere to vent, he turned his head and knocked Gan Baobao over.

Duan Zhengchun originally dodged with a chuckle, but when he saw this, his expression changed and his figure moved. With a few moves, Zhong Wanchou was at a disadvantage. Said: "Baby, does it still hurt? I beat it for you, no one is allowed in front of metouch you. Zhong Wanchou was helpless, he was so angry that he seemed about to cry. Gan Baobao's face was pale, and he punched Duan Zhengchun, crying"Who will you replace? You insulted my husband, I'll never end with you!"

Calm and composed, he resisted for a while and then suddenly used a Yang finger to knock Zhong Wanchou and Gan Baobao down successively. He pushed the unconscious Zhong Ling into the bed, picked up Baobao Gan and put him on the bed, couldn't help but kiss her tenderly on the faceSeeing Baobao Gan angry and tearful, he remembered what she said just now, and dared not Continue to be thin.

Duan Zhengchun thought for a while, smiled slightly, turned around and picked up Zhong Wanchou out the door, asked him to sit against the wall, went in by himself and closed the door, saying loudly: "Baby, There is a male dog guarding the door for you, so you and your daughter can sleep in peace." After speaking, he laughed and went down to the tunnel, climbed out of the original path, moved back the stone, and still blocked the entrance of the cave. Then he saw that there was no one around, and returned to the palace triumphantly.

In the woods behind him, Xu Zhu just woke up from a brief coma, there seemed to be a wild beast roaring and crawling in his body, which disturbed his mind into a hemp ball, and he saw in a trance When someone crawled out of the hole, he suddenly remembered the fairy-like wooden girl, stumbled over, kicked the stone away, and crawled into Baby Gan's room in a daze.

At this time, the tables and chairs in the house were reclined, and it was in a mess. None of these entered his eyes, he only stared at the graceful back on the bed, with thin shoulders, thin waist, round buttocks and thin feet. When Xu Zhu saw the woman, his sanity suddenly collapsed, he didn't care about anything.

Baobao Gan was crying, just now he was kissed by his lover, his heart was bitter and sweet, at the same time, he was also hated and angry, hating himself for not being able to let go of the heartbroken man, angry at himself for being sorry for his husband, when suddenly he heard the loud sound of the stone slab, Thinking that Duan Zhengchun came back again, he panicked and cried"Get out! What are you doing back again? How dare you... you...!" As he spoke, he felt his back being roughly held down, Twohot palms fumbled over his body.

Gan Baobao was stunned, and exclaimed: "If you want to mess around, I'll show you to death." In the past, she threatened death, but Duan Zhengchun obediently, I don't want this time the enemy is like iron. Heart, not only did not stop, but became more presumptuous, pinching the buttocks and private parts hard. Gan Baobaoreally became angry: "Asshole, I'm really going to show you." The hands on his body didn't hesitate at all, and pulled the waist of the skirt to his hips.

Baby Gan let out a cry of surprise, wept in rage, and said in a low voice, "Dead man, in front of my daughter, you...are you crazy?You..." Suddenly, your body was turned by those hands Coming over, Gan Baobao took a deep breath and almost fainted, a frightening monk with naked clothes appeared in front of his eyes, but he saw his eyes were like blood, his nostrils were flaring and shrinking, he looked like a ghost in the dark.

Xu Zhu didn't care to look at the woman's face carefully, he had already forgotten that fairy-like wooden girl in his heart, he could only feel the warmth and softness of his hand and the pleasant powdery fragrance, he tore it hard, " "Zla" and saw a piece of towering under the green corset, and then pulled off the corset, two balls of white meat swayed and popped out. Seeing these two balls of white meat, Xu Zhu's cheeks trembled, and he let out a strange cry, like a very hungry mad wolf suddenly saw the lamb, both claws grabbed it fiercely, ten fingers deeply pinched into the meat, as if to pick it off Down in general.

Baby Gan screamed, his mind went blank. The sudden fright, the tearing of clothes, everything was like a nightmare. Zhong Wanchou yelled outside the door: "Baby, what's wrong with you? Duan Zhengchun! I, Zhong Wanchou, fucked your 18th generation ancestor!"

The warmth and greasy between fingers made Xu Zhu burn even more intensely , eagerly followed Baobao Gan's smooth shoulders to loosen her clothes to her waist, and took a step backand tugged hard. Baby Gan screamed, and rolled onto the ground naked. Before he could recover, he was hugged by his hot arms and pushed hard onto the bed. Gan Baobao was so startled that he was dumbfounded, and kept screaming: "Let go of me... let go! What are you doing!"

Xu Zhu was breathing hot air from his mouth and nose, he didn't notice her screams, he clawed hard Two pieces of snow-white and round buttocks were opened, revealingtwo pleated mounds hidden in the black denseness, and the slightly opened red meat seam was like a crater, which made his body agitated Desire found a way out.

Xu Zhu was trembling all over, his red eyes were bulging, he couldn't wait to stab the scalding glans head in viciously, and then went crazywith all his strength, he forcefully inserted the dry hot chest to the end .

Baobao Gan's eyes darkened from the pain, and there was already a large area in his body that was burning hot and swollen. She sobbed and howled, listening to her husband's yelling and cursing outside the door, still wondering if all this was a nightmare! But the bursts of severe pain that followed and the rough panting behind her made her realize painfully: in her own home, on her own bed, in front of her daughter and her husband, she Being raped by a demon!
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