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Chapter 4

The feeling of "like" is really strange to Tong Minen, she is like a lonely boat drifting into a strange ocean, and she can't catch it sense of direction.

In the past, she has never been puzzled by such a question. She has a beautiful appearance like a flower and a jade, and there are always many suitors around her. However, she has been a lively and righteous female warrior since she was a child. Guarding the heart, if there is a delusion to take a step beyond the thunder, she will definitely kill the opponent; she has won countless awards, but they are all in sports. Because of this, she has no regard for men, after all No woman would like a man who is weaker than herself, right?

But who will tell her, how did this anxious emotion come from? She once set a new record in the boxing ring of the playground, and the audience looked incredible at that time Her admiration once made her proud, but now it has become one of the factors that condenses her depression.

She admits that she is rough, except for her appearance and gardening talent, she doesn't have the slightest graceful look that a girl should have, but so what?

That's right! That's what she thought before, but she doesn't understand why There will be so many troubles, and those free and easy factors will disappear in a flash. She began to be conscious of the term "woman", and she was a little envious when she saw the first three pairs of conjoined twins in the family hugging each other. An unfamiliar feeling poked its head out of the heart, and it grew and thrived at a speed that caught people off guard, making her impatient and almost unable to hold back...

The familiar piano sound played at the same time every day, Now it sounded like an intoxicating temptation, and she walked towards the piano room step by step without struggling at all.

She was just watching him at the door. Tao Jin has dark brown fine hair with obvious layers, and the color is so beautiful that he seems to be born with it. At this moment, his eyes are blank and out of focus, his strong upper body is naturally shaking, ten vigorous fingers are flexibly and smoothly playing on the black and white keys The playing is a flowing cloud that she, a layman, can't understand, but her ears can hear that it is a beautiful and shocking piece of music, and his expression is like falling into the world of the sound range played by himself, serious and sincere. Intoxicated.

After the song was over, the thin sweat on his forehead showed his devotion, and his dark pupils looked closely at himself reflected on the bright black paint surface of the piano board, as if he could not return to reality, until a burst of applause was clearly heard in all directions. He turned his head in astonishment when the sound from the space of Jiebi sounded.


"Excuse me?" she asked.

"No." He stretched out his hand towards her, but she couldn't find any reason to hesitate, so she just let him hug her.

"The piece you just played is very nice." She placed her five fingers on the keys curiously. When she was a child, she also wanted to ask the director of the orphanage to teach her to play the piano, but she was not talented and had poor patience. Just reading a score was enough to make her surrender.

"It was composed by my mother." As he spoke, his narrow eyes dimmed.

"It's amazing! You seem to be playing it every day. You must like it too, don't you?"

Unexpectedly, his answer was quite different from what she thought.

"If possible, I hope this piece of music never existed."


He covered her hand, playing and pressing it like a teacher teaching a student. "Tell me, what kind of feeling does it give you?"

She stared stupidly at the dazzled fingering, because the scale coming from the speaker seemed stiff because of the relationship between her tender fingers. She remembered the almost painful throbbing in her heart when she first heard the song. "I don't know how to say it, but it's really beautiful..." ·


"Yeah!" She nodded like a garlic. She is a person who lacks musicality, but she is still fascinated by this piece, which makes her start to figure out the melody in detail, and the more she listens to it, the more addicted she is. There seems to be a secret hidden between each note, which makes people want to find out.

He pondered for a long time before saying: "Missing."


"Its name." He moved her hands away and clasped them in his big palms, and flicked "Missing" again from the beginning with his right hand Again, this time there is no accompaniment, only a clear main tune, but it can better convey the sweetness, sourness and suffering of a love through the way of hitting the strings.

"My mother...is always waiting." When she just walked in, she closed the door smoothly. In this closed piano room, his low voice seemed to become a monotonous chord. "Before I was ten years old, my impression of my father was like a shallow shadow. I only knew that every time he came to look for my mother, my mother would greet him with a smile, then send him away with a smile, and then secretly hide in the Crying in the room."

"Tao Jin..." She wanted to comfort him, but he locked her in place, unwilling to let her see his fragility.

"That stupid woman spent her whole life waiting, and gave up her rich family background to bear him a child, but all she got was love that couldn't be less, and a hug that couldn't be shorter."

He buried his face in her soft neck, but what he didn't say was that he seemed to have inherited his mother's stubbornness, obsessed with a childish face.

Tao Jin's mother, Victoria Lane, formerly named Tao Yunzhen, is the only daughter of a well-known entrepreneur. She not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has the elegance and nobility of a famous daughter. She has been learning piano for fifteen years. Time, superb piano skills and outstanding appearance make men come and go, but for the beautiful her, nothing is more important than playing the piano.

It was a rainy afternoon, and a man named Leon Wren ruined her carefree life.

They fell in love too quickly, and Leon Wren's farewell came too hastily.

Pregnant Victoria was expelled from the house, and Leon, who was engaged, could not marry her to Yumen, but she also waited willingly in Taiwan.A small piece of land, to put it bluntly, she became his mistress.

Lyon is like a mysterious swamp, sinking Victoria's muddy feet. She can't give up any promising future. Except for Lyon, this world is not in her eyes.

But it was such a painful love, he didn't understand why his mother could smile so brightly in front of that sinful man.

For a full five minutes, they cuddled together speechless. Tao Jin's slender fingers gradually became exhausted in the last chapter, and the ending was still in a weird glide that seemed to be transposed.

Mother seems to have realized something long ago. The sweetness that belongs to her life is stagnant in that wet memory.

So what belongs to him? Did he also cut off the follow-up after the childhood love at first sight?

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"Missing" seems to be Tao Jin A way to summon Tong Minen.

The strong chest is her seat, and she is surrounded by his arms watching the dancing keys. Ever since she had her fragrance lingering and her sweet humming tune, "Missing" is no longer completely bitter. I didn't realize when the piano sound stopped. It wasn't until she opened her eyes inadvertently that she saw a pair of rich and beautiful women. Interesting black eyes looked at her urgently.

"You..." She blushed and pushed his chest uneasily. "What are you looking at?"

"I'm seeing that you look more like a woman recently, ha-uh!" Before she could finish speaking, she pinched her ears hard. Alas! It seems that he is too whimsical.

"Is your skin itchy?" Isn't it good to play the music quietly? Beg to be beaten!

"I don't mind if you scratch it for me." He smiled treacherously, turned her body to face Li, He thought it would be easier for her to scratch his itch.

"Good idea!" She glanced at him. In fact, they are just about the same. They all have beautiful appearances, but they fail when they speak.

"Are you sure you want to do this again? To be honest, are you obsessed with me?" He asked which pot he didn't open, which made Tong Minen blush even more: he desperately wanted to change the subject.

"By the way, Aunt Liu said that she will tomorrow..."

"I know, you just said that!"

"Then...then I want to go first..." She is the last person No more excuses.

"You want to leave like this?" He raised his eyebrows slightly.

"Is there really something wrong with her?" Her eyes were erratic.

"Everything must be done in order!" He grinned, giving it away with a super-electric smile that he thought would fascinate all beings. "How do you think about my proposal?"

"What proposal? I don't remember." She played dumb.

"It's a proposal for us to love each other!" He compared himself. "I can't even find a lover like me with a lantern!"

The way he proposed himself made her laugh. "You won't blush when you say such a thing!"

"It's the truth!" He boasted brazenly, rubbing against her body like a jellybean. "Say it, tell it!"

"What are you talking about?" She glared at him unbearably. I have never seen a man who is so changeable like him. He is dull like a melancholy prince at one moment, and like a rascal at another moment.

"It's easy to say that you are willing to be my girlfriend!" He said "I didn't force you".

She raised her eyebrows and looked him up and down with bright eyes. "What's the good of being your girlfriend?"

Suddenly, he smiled wickedly. "I can't finish talking about the benefits for three days and three nights! But I can let you have a taste of the sweetness first, and I promise to make you want more, don't stop shouting!"

"What the hell is that... Wait! Shouldn't you Could it be..." After understanding his intentions, her cheeks were as red as a tomato, and she hurriedly wanted to push him away.

"Are you afraid?" He tightened his arms without missing the opportunity, and pressed his thin lips evilly, his attempt to steal fragrance was obvious.

"Who, who's afraid... I just... just don't want it!" She pursed her mouth, feeling her heart beating almost to suffocate.

"It seems that your ex-boyfriend must have been very bad, and actually made you hate such a beautiful thing as kissing." He thought he was an analyst, and when he saw that the blush on her peach cheeks seemed to have deepened again, doubts flashed through his mind. "You...you haven't kissed before, have you?"

Her whole body froze as if struck by lightning. "D-of course there is!"

"Really?" Asked like this, the lines on the corners of his lips seemed to confirm her jerkyness.

"Then tell me, how did you kiss?"

"It's not just mouth to mouth, do you still have to ask?"

"That's it?" Holding her flushed face tightly, He approached very slowly, deliberately making her nervous.

"Did he stick his tongue in your mouth?"

"Hmm! How dirty that is!" She looked disgusted.

"Fool, kissing is very comfortable, it's not dirty at all." While speaking, he has already stuck out the tip of his tongue, lightly drawing the edge of her beautiful lips. "Are you comfortable?"

"No, uncomfortable...don't do this..." She heard her heart beating like a drum, and felt a little uncomfortable and afraid of the intimacy that was not limited to hugging, but how could he Under his control, she couldn't move her body smoothly, and could only let him wet her dry lips.

"You don't like me treating you like this?"

"I...I don't like..." They were so close that she couldn't avoid touching his lips, and the strange sense of pressure continued to expand The drooping eyes made her tremble, and the two rows of thick eyelashes trembled slightly, which made him feel pity.

"Then feel it well, you will fall in love." He didn't pierce her youthfulness, and saved enough face for her. His thin handsome lips tentatively caressed her softness. Seeing that she didn't resist, he increased the forceWith one hand, he squeezed her plump breasts fiercely.

"Mmm..." The not strong but soft pleasure washed over her body. At this moment, her brows are full of spring and her breath is like blue, which makes people unable to associate with Tong Minen, who is usually yelling and proud. together.

"He is like an impeccably handsome Satan of the underworld. The bright black feathers on his wings are obviously so soft that people can't help but imagine the illusion of happiness surrounded by him, but he also has a deadly and terrible trap. The faces are so painful and joyful...

"Tao Jin... I'm so hot..."

Under the constant touch of his trained fingers, her long-sleeping lust factor is awakened, just like every song on the music score. Single notes, he strung together into a wonderful rhythm.

"You are such a witch, you make me not like myself. "Before she noticed the warning of his thick and lustful eyes, a good Indian flower-dyed dress was already shredded into rags in his hands.

"Why do you..." His almond eyes widened, and he couldn't believe that she was wearing it. A few times the skirt was reimbursed like this.

"It's hindering me!" He was still very confident, and he couldn't wait to cover the hollow of her leg with his long fingers, rubbing her swollen tender flower buds.

" Uh..." She was taken aback, her eyelids full of water flashed with panic.

"Relax, you will be very comfortable. "Massaging her stiff thigh, he pinched the bud handle with two fingers and rubbed it repeatedly with his fingertips.

"But... um... I think, it's so strange..." She bit her red lips tightly, but stopped But Jiaoyin escaped from her teeth, and now she is sitting on his body with her legs straddling him, and she can only rely on his support, let alone let him do whatever he wants.

''Don't worry, feel it well." He coaxed, then slightly opened his knees, letting her pretty buttocks hang in the air, and pushed out her feminine heart for him to caress.

"Ugh... so, so scary..." She clutched his shoulders in fear, unexpectedly her begging eyes met an arrogant and vile face.

"Oh! Why are you staring at me? I'm trying to please you!" He played with her delicate stamens back and forth with both hands, and then, as if deliberately annoying her, he put the silk panties in the center A small piece of fabric was kneaded into thin pieces, and rubbed back and forth against her beautiful flowers.

"Uh, uh..." The pleasure surged all of a sudden, and made her fall towards him.

Her sweet and coquettish cry was mixed with catalytic heat and spit on his shoulder blades, and he had a serious look on his face, letting the useless panties and Indian flower skirts be buried with him.

"Look at how wet you are!" Helping her weak body like melted cream to lean against the edge of the piano cover, she glimpsed a crystal clear love liquid on the tile from between her legs, making him smile like a devil .

"Shut up!" She was almost ashamed, and he deliberately reminded her of the signs of embarrassment.

"I, no, yes!" He said blankly.

"Then what do you want to do?" If her limbs were not weak now, she really wanted to reward him with a punch and kill his vigor.

"I'm thirsty." He threw out a rambling sentence.

She froze, and replied in a daze, "Do you want me to serve you water?"

"I have worked so hard to please you and serve you comfortably, do you think a glass of boiled water Can you get rid of me?" He said as if she was ungrateful.


"Stupid, bastard!" Gently pinching her nose, his gaze fell on her ruddy lips suggestively. "I want you to kiss me!"

"Huh?" This instruction made her hesitate in embarrassment, but the fire of desire that had been ignited had already unknowingly exiled the reservedness she had experienced for the first time to the frontier. The sexiest diamond-shaped lips are like the claws of hell, luring her to sink and fall together.

She blushed and blushed. Knowing that there could be no third party, she glanced left and right in a guilty conscience, and then shyly and shyly kissed her lips.

Her natural movements made his belly churn, so he kissed her delicious lips fiercely, not understanding how she could be so cute, he couldn't hold it anymore!

"Hmm... "She stopped resisting, and concentrated on understanding the deep affection hidden in his savagery, dazedly, she inserted the pink lilac into his mouth, and was immediately sucked by him violently.

Unable to restrain their love, they hug each other even harder, those slight pains are not reproduced at all, the passionate people are busy entangled, and the soft and hot touch is so intoxicating, It is so beautiful that it is almost suspicious, and its authenticity can only be proved by the most direct hug.

Chapter Five

After the kiss was over, Tao Jin licked his lips with unsatisfactory expression, and said critically: "It's not enough."

Tong Minen's beautiful eyes Blinking, there is still a drunken mist in the eye sockets. "No...otherwise, what do you want!"

"What do you think?" Gently holding her slender chin, rubbing her thumbs on her red and swollen lips, his deep pupils flashed a sense of treachery. storm.

She shook her head in a daze. He must not know that just by looking at his handsome face like this, her soul can't help but drift away...

But he didn't give her much time to appreciate it, because his powerful iron palm fell suddenly Lift her up, and let her ass land safely on the piano lid before she turns pale and screams.

"Tao Jin!" She wanted to get down, but he smiled persistently, making her flustered.

"Sit down obediently, and I will give you the most unexpected happiness." Everything was so abrupt, he unexpectedly parted her two legs, and her head went straight to the secret place of the woman.

"Tao Jin——" She gasped sharply, and looked in his direction reflexively. Study what peerless works of art, yet inAt this moment when silence is better than sound, his sight became the sharpest knife, but this knife will not kill her, but it also has the ability to dissect her, and cut open her true desire from the bottom of her heart. Under his gaze, an inexplicable feeling of numbness quietly rose, and she couldn't help shrinking her lower body, feeling the embarrassing honey spring gushing out...

He smiled but said nothing, but his big palm was no longer willing to wait. , Massage slowly and regularly on the inner thighs of her fine skin and tender flesh.

"Don't look at it anymore... um..." She was very scared. When she saw him looking up with his face lowered, she knew from his perspective that she had been thoroughly penetrated. His gaze was too horrifying. People, like an arrow on a bowstring, launch into the deepest part that even she herself has never seen——

"You are not allowed to see it!" Shame pounced on her, and she couldn't bear it. Cover with hands.

"Do you think you can refuse me?" He was full of confidence. When he stretched out his hand, she covered him tightly like a frightened bird, and this was all in his expectation, so he did everything he could to suppress her Rou Wee, rubbing her delicate flowers up and down with her palm.

"Well... you... let go... ah..." She was annoyed and relieved at the same time. Although she was tightly bound, there was an indescribable pleasure in her heart. After a while, the crystal clear juice She was completely confused, and through that slippery, her movements became smoother.

"I really want to show you a mirror to see how dubious you are!" He said arrogantly, and then seized the right time to poke his middle finger into the tender hole.

"Uh..." She was startled, and the powerful numbness caused her body to shake, and her stubborn little hands were released on the spot, pressing against her sides to stabilize herself.

"Don't take your eyes off, watch carefully how I treat you." He stretched his neck and opened his thin lips. The horrified prelude that seemed to swallow her alive, but he just sucked her forcefully. Her yin flower dripping with fragrance.

"Uh...how are you...how..." All her words now cut off his bold behavior, his fiery sucking was a million times more intense than the stimulation just now, why didn't she To think of myself one day being treated in such an obscene way by a man. Should she resist? This question is like a balloon that has been let go, running in her mind, and finally landed powerlessly in an inconspicuous corner. Kissing her lips vigorously, gently licking and sucking deeply to tease her sweet and mellow virginity; his fingers are not far behind, as if they bear the heavy responsibility of censorship, and none of them misses the sensitive spots in the pussy.

"Aha... don't... um..."

He couldn't hear her begging for mercy, he had turned his surging desire into an unconscious beast, once he captured the prey that had been waiting for a long time, he would naturally be Tasting the coveted delicacy inch by inch, no matter how the lost prey whimpered, it was just to strengthen his wildness and add fuel to the fire.

Her legs were further spread apart, and he began to pick them unscrupulously. He pressed the tip of his nose into the honey stamens wrapped in layers, and gently smelled the seductive flower fragrance that is hard to find in the world. He wrapped his hands around her hips, Caress her sensitive groin.

"Ah... no more... no..." She shouted out of control, the more intense pleasure invaded the scorching sun like white blossoms, irradiating her body was extremely hot, and the billions of cells that make up the skin were all cooked by this wave. The force relaxes, absorbing the endless joy he gives. She didn't know when the clamoring soul disappeared, and when the new spirit usurped the throne, the terrible erotic ecstasy gave her such an orgasmic feeling, ecstatic to death, and then resurrected .

Suddenly, the endurance capacity in her body reached the limit of saturation, like the most painful and sweetest torture in the process, she tensed her body, and took the high tide street to Yunding...

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The lingering rhyme did not stop, Tong Minen seemed to be still wandering aimlessly in a haze, and when her reason became a little clear, she had been placed on the huge bed, and Tao on top Jin still raised his exclusive smile, admiring her comfortably.

"You..." Of course she knew how out of control she was just now, she resisted terribly with her mouth, but her body indulged in his caress unrestrainedly, unable to be herself for a long time.

"You yelled so loudly just now, I hope you don't disturb the neighbors." He even added insult to injury, lowering his body to make close contact with her at zero distance.

Her pink cheeks were flushed, but fortunately she was healthy enough, otherwise she might have a heart attack due to his uninhibited jokes.

"If you do this again, I will ignore you!" She pinched his back coquettishly, and the smooth touch surprised her—when did he take off all his clothes?

"Look how much you Intoxicated, I didn't even see the striptease I specially prepared, alas..." He hypocritically blamed himself. What can make the majestic female general shy is the interest he has been enjoying lately.

"Tao Jin!" She felt that she was going crazy, who is going to stop this lawless man?

"Okay, okay, okay! I know you want it again, don't worry!" he sang As he spoke, a long arm with malicious intentions had slipped into the mysterious wonderland.

"Who would have thought—uh... your hand... um..." She was almost scared out of her wits, because he stabbed at the honey path when she was not prepared, and stayed evilly in the He rubbed the sensitive spot he found.

"How is my hand? Does it make you very comfortable?" He added another finger, poking her wet and slippery pussy continuously, watching her fascinated and enchanting demeanor, It made him feel pain in his crotch, and an incomprehensible complex emotion crashed into his heart, just like her pussy sucking around his fingers, tight but sweet...

"Uh... I'm so hot... ah..." Sanhua's joy was because he didn't stopResting teasing and then concentrating, her eyes were loose and blurred, but she was no longer as frightened as before, she slowly relaxed her stiff limbs, feeling the tingling sensation of extreme joy that kept climbing higher and higher.

Her unexpected screams awakened his lost soul for no reason, but at the moment of waking up, all the madness and exuberant fire were ignited, and his reason was shattered into ashes one by one in the fire, and the swollen hair was shattered. Things go through the hole door.

"Ugh—it hurts!" She stared suddenly, the huge pain seemed to wring her lungs and stomach like mud, her fear was all reflected on the white catkin that was pinching his arm, And his muscles were as tight as iron, and he seemed to be enduring some kind of inhuman torture just like her.

"Hold it!" Damn it! Does she have to be so tight? He doesn't even know who this word is used to comfort!

"But it really hurts... I'm going to die Already!" She bit her lip. She had heard that it was inevitable for a woman to be in pain once in her life, but who knew that the pain was so severe that she didn't even have the strength to scream!

"Don't be so nervous, it doesn't hurt that much at all. "Very good! She must have been born to overcome him! Haven't you seen him working so hard to endure with her? If she said "I'm dying" in such a delicate voice again, there is no guarantee that his electric motor will not automatically open.

"Shit! It hurts me and not you!" He actually chose to make her angry at this time, and she collapsed just after shouting these words!

"You suck so hard, I It’s not easy either!” Anger and lust are both fire, and a man with a lot of anger will never be able to withstand provocation, and Tao Jin is the best example.

"Why are you so loud? I haven't blamed you for being okay, what are you doing with such thick feet! Also, did I allow you to put it in? They were obviously very comfortable just now, but they were all overwhelmed by your ugly Things are messed up!" She bombarded him like a cannonball, and she didn't forget to "flank" him a few times when she was angry. This is a new martial art she invented two minutes ago, and it seems to be very useful against him now.

"Ugh... You woman doesn't need my pity at all!" He has never met a more difficult woman than her, and she actually ridiculed his precious lifeblood as an "ugly thing"? All of a sudden, Tao As if he had drunk ten bottles of Tiger Whip wine, Jin raised her thigh and pierced it fiercely.

"Ahh——you... Take it easy!" She had prepared herself psychologically to bear the pain that should come, but the situation was beyond her expectation, when the end of his huge umbrella was inserted into her flower path , rubbing against a certain ecstasy area on the wall of her cave, the pleasure mixed with slight pain is not only not uncomfortable, but also makes her feel...very enjoyable?

It's over, it's over! She won't have that abnormal tendency Right?

"Tao Jin...I...uh...how could this be...uh..." Her words were so "little" that people couldn't understand her meaning at all, but it was portrayed in the The doubtful lines on her crescent eyebrows and the bright red lips that looked like praises brought out her indescribable strange feeling.

"Are you trying to praise me?" He still cared about being despised, speeding up the engine to hit her flirtatious heart, to clear his innocence for his pride.

"Ahh... I just... don't want to..." God! She never knew that she was a speech retarded, and she couldn't even express a simple sentence.

"Good job! You have to push me like this, don't you?" Will she lose a piece of meat if you say something nice? He feels that his IQ has suddenly decreased, and he has weakened into a frizzy young man Jin only praised her.

"Um...slow down..." She was knocked into confusion, his swollen hot body seemed to be wrapped in poisonous incense, and as he advanced, he sent her into her honey-dripping cave, Grinding, impact, and explosion seemed to be completed in a second, and the subsequent carnival current was like raindrops under a dark cloud, hitting her sensitive skin and penetrating into the pores of her longing hair bundles.

"Uh...you're so wet and hot here..." Shaking off the hair sticking to her forehead, her groaning mouth is as mysterious as a cave, and it has the magic power to make him want to explore it. In this charming world dominated by desire, thinking is superfluous, so he sucked her sweet lips according to his heart, and his tongue invaded and occupied the land as domineeringly as the dragon under him.

"Hmm..." The heat and numbness rushed to her forehead at the same time, she felt like a person who had a fever and was drunk, and lost all ability to control herself, she stuck out her tongue impatiently, and wanted to taste it too His taste, but he was so unwilling to be lonely, he curled her tongue hard and refused to allow her to move forward.

The sound of sucking kisses and bumping against each other incessantly adorned the room with an infinite sense of spring. Her acupuncture point had been swollen and red from his tossing, but it didn't bring her any discomfort.

The blood of the two lustful bodies is like vines intertwined tightly, and the desire is sublimated in the rhythmic march. She will carry his giving with a natural female container. Even the landslides and ground cracks cannot stop the fulfillment of this gift from heaven.

None of them noticed that the torrential downpour outside the window was falling at a fierce rhythm, as if complaining about the torment and... longing for Cupid's prank.

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After Liu Suping bundled the wrapping papers of various colors into bundles, she turned her head as if suddenly remembering something. "That..."

Before she finished speaking, Tong Minen hastily put down the scissors and ran to the door to arrange the flowers that looked good no matter what.

Liu Suping raised her eyebrows, and walked to the front knowingly. Sure enough, Tong Minen pretended to be unintentional and walked to the cash register again, opened the wrapped purse and recalculated.

Liu Suping saw this act of taking off her pants and farting, and snickered in her heart, so she followed Tong Minen again. "Min Eun, why is LiuAuntie has only been abroad for a few days, and you have become so quiet?"

"I... I am counting money. "

"That's it!" Aunt Liu nodded knowingly, and asked again, "Why do I always feel that today is a little too quiet... Ah! I know!"

Tong Minen was taken aback, trembling Looking at Liu Suping. "Know, what do you know?"

Liu Suping raised her chin toward the glass door. "Wow! Where are the men who admire you? Why "also" all disappeared after Aunt Liu went abroad for a few days Already?"

"Maybe I'm not interested in me!" In fact, he was scared away by the kind-hearted landlord Mr.

"They have such a tacit understanding?"

"Yes... yes !" Tong Minen was dripping with cold sweat.

"By the way, Minen..." Liu Suping thought again.

"Is there anything else?" Tong Minen locked the cash register, grabbed the rag and wiped the glass door vigorously.

"We are closing soon, what are you working so hard for?"

"I have a clean freak. "I wipe, I wipe, I wipe!

"You seem to be very busy? Every time I see you busy, I feel so guilty. Tell me, am I being too lazy as a lady boss?"

" No——" Tong Minen hurriedly turned around, unexpectedly, what caught people's eyes was a sparkling smile full of cunning and treachery, and the content of guilt was zero percent.

"Hey! You hid Aunt Liu After two days, are you finally willing to look at me directly?" Liu Suping teased.

"I... how can I!" Tong Minen's rosy cheeks have vividly demonstrated two words - guilty heart.

Tong Minen has a strong personality Like an upright man who dares to act, but this magnanimity does not include the item of love. He wants to hide but is not good at lying. That sneaky mentality is no match for Liu Suping's countless readers.

"Aren't you recruiting honestly?" If Tong Minen is a female soldier, then Liu Suping is the Empress Dowager, and to make Tong Minen, a wild horse, obediently submit, naturally, he must have some ability.

"No...uh!" Tong Minen, who wanted to fight to the death but didn't recruit, saw the neatly dressed Tao Jin coming down the stairs, so he couldn't do without clothes.

Tao Jin hugged the beauty without hesitation, and ignored Tong Minen's hints that his eyes were about to cramp when he blinked. "It's no use pretending, I mentioned it to Aunt Liu. "

"What? You...you big mouth!" The joke that caused her to be watched for two days!

"It's a good thing to fall in love! Why do you need to hide, or do you not trust Aunt Liu?" "Liu Suping is a bit uncomfortable. This girl is too mean! She loves her so much in vain, and dare to hide such an important matter!

"I just think it's weird!" Tong Minen stomped angrily Feet. Even though the two have skin-to-skin relations, she still cannot completely liberate her restraint. After all, she was so "heroic" before, dedicated to protecting the helpless female relatives and friends around her, but now "the world is turned upside down" , her cactus, which no one dares to offend, also has a flower protector, but it makes her a little maladjusted.

"What are you talking nonsense? To get a good man like Tao Jin is to show him off Now, no one is as sneaky as you are, it's too wasteful!" Liu Suping talked endlessly about the true meaning of the so-called "make the best use of everything".

"Aunt Liu is biased! I only talk about him good words. "Tong Minen pursed her red lips.

She has experienced the wickedness in Tao Jin's bones, but seeing how Aunt Liu loves him so much, she might not be accepted if she said it.

Humph! Tao Jin's ability to play the role of the former top student and the latter's big wild wolf is called classic!

"You are wrong to say that, if I am biased, I won't worry about pairing you up every year , look at your handsome man and pretty woman, you are basically a golden boy and a jade girl, God... that pair of heaven and earth!"

"Made in heaven. "She kindly provided a correct answer.

"Oh! Who cares, it's speed dating anyway!" Liu Suping smiled complacently. Whoever taught her to have such a good eye, she intuited that these two people who are so good and jealous are destined to be married. They will see each other.

Tao Jin always smiles at each other, he likes the warmth and harmony between them, because it is a regret that he lacks and cannot make up for.

Although Liu Suping is fifty years old, she still has a romantic Youthful vigor, this may have something to do with her making a boy friend; the affinity Liu Suping exudes can warm everyone's heart, and can even project a dead face in his long-frozen heart lake-his mother.

His eyes slowly shifted to Tong Minen's delicate and sweet face, but there was an incomprehensible mystery in his heart.

He knew that she was strong, but she was also very confused. The photos shown to him, and the frightening yelling that he often sleeps halfway through, are a kind of incongruity. The first time I really saw her was purely bored and wanted to tease her, but when the next day After the mother and son who were looking for trouble appeared, he realized that it might be difficult for him to let her go.

She is very aggressive, always as brave as a hen defending her children, and she is relentless when facing people who are looking for trouble , but what she showed that day was not showing her teeth and claws. No matter how unrestrained the woman was, she still tried her best to maintain basic courtesy, because she was an elder.

Obviously, Tong Minen and his mother are completely different models.

His mother is like a small flower in a greenhouse, and the talent of Qin Yi and the excellent family environment naturally cultivated her to be docile and well-behaved.

Love is the only rebellion and persistence in his mother's life, but it has also become She let the two elders of the family down.

Tong Minen seems to be an independent woman, so he seems to bet on her without knowing his mother's hope...

"Tao Jin...Tao Jin?" His arms bound herI can't breathe.

He suddenly returned to his soul. "Sorry! Did it hurt you?"

"It's okay. What's the matter with you? Didn't sleep well?" And a few words about his heart.

"Boundless! It's God's protection, our Min En actually has such a gentle and pleasant side, Aunt Liu, I'm going to cry!" Liu Suping was busy crying, she is unmarried and childless, but women only need When she reaches a certain age, she will inevitably overflow with maternal love. Whenever she sees Tong Minen's rudeness, she is very troubled.

"Aunt Liu!" Tong Minen rolled his eyes, not knowing what to say about this elder who makes people love and anger.

"What tone are you talking about? No wonder people say that a married daughter is like splashed water, oh..."

"Oh my God!" Tong Minen sighed helplessly. Who is going to wake up Aunt Liu who has watched too much of this TV show?

"Aunt Liu, just let her go!" Tao Jin said to end this nonsense, because he had more important things to do. "Minen, can you wrap a bouquet of roses for me? I want to visit my mother's grave."

Tong Minen's eyes lit up, but he hesitated until Liu Suping understood and encouraged her to push her. Only then did he ask, "I...can I go with you?"

He held her soft and boneless little hand like a gentleman, and leaned over to kiss her lightly. "Just waiting for your words."' The four eyes intersected, and there was overflowing love, which almost melted people's hearts.

For love, she has many doubts in her heart, even if she has no words, she can still find it from it. Although the answer without guarantee is nothing, it is everything, because he always loves to look at her like this s eyes.

Chapter Six

During the process of sweeping the grave, the two did not talk much, but Tong Minen could feel that Tao Jin loved his mother very much.

However, when he stared at the pale photo on the tombstone, there was some unrecognizable pain mixed in...

Perhaps Tao Jin was not as hard as his appearance, otherwise he would not always remember his mother When there are many deeds, such as Victoria's favorite rose, hoping to convey the "missing" in the distance, they show a lonely look of nostalgia.

She is an optimistic girl by nature, even if she is an orphan without father and mother, she does not feel sorry for herself.

The director of the orphanage once told her that after God closes the front door, he will open another window. Perhaps because of this, she was able to grow up together with several sisters under Maria's care, and was able to work in Liu Suping's flower shop who treated her like her own. If you want to say that the greatest sadness in her life is probably Maria's gone.

Time passed quietly under Tao Jin's speechless gaze, but Tong Minen would not feel impatient, because she knew that he was confiding to Victoria with all his heart; until the sky was getting dark, and the cool wind blowing on his face also dropped a few degrees Because he was afraid that Tong Minen would catch the cold, he carefully hugged her delicate shoulders and left the cemetery.

When I got home, the living room was empty. This is not an abnormal phenomenon, people in pairs are always more difficult to separate, Tong Minen understands this reason.

Her room is at the back, and when passing by, she caught a glimpse of the light in Cao Xiaomi's room.

"Xiao Mi, why are you the only one at home?"

"Min En?" She yawned rather unrefinedly, staring at the draft full of English letters until she almost fell asleep.

"Where's Wei Lun?" Strolling in, she pulled up a chair and sat down. She looked at Cao Xiaomi's plump face with satisfaction. It seems that Fan Weilun is really raising him with ulterior motives.

"He's going to help me line up to buy the CD I want to buy!" Cao Xiaomi said while putting some drops on his left and right eyes.

"Tsk! You are so lucky." Cao Xiaomi is the youngest in the family, and everyone is vying to hold her in the palm of her hand and love her, and she is really like a child who can't grow up. Taught them to be helpless, but fortunately, Fan Weilun showed up on his own initiative and took over the duty of taking care of her. He was happy to work hard for Queen Cao, which made them feel at ease.

"It's too late for you! Who doesn't know that you cheated on Ana! Don't say I'm not mean enough. I have many, many genuine Japanese porn in my cabinet. Let me cultivate my interest in life! Hee hee !" Cao Xiaomi laughed outrageously. According to her teacher Mi Zi's professional judgment, Min En belongs to the typical stuffy girl who is open on the outside and shy on the inside.

"You're the one who overdid the column!" Tong Minen was not flattered by those "collections". She thought that Cao Xiaomi's need for taking three meals a day was definitely not staying up late as the doctor said, but watching too much A sliced.

"Hey my mommy! Are you being shy?" Cao Xiaomi just knelt down and thanked God. Having grown up so big, she has never seen Min Enen's shy appearance! Even if there is, she will definitely "blush" with anger, and then force the other party to retreat with a terrifying murderous aura comparable to Kai Gong, which is the same as ordinary "blush" completely homonymous.

"Cao Xiaomi, do you miss my flying fists too much?" Tong Minen raised his brilliant fists, which were full of menace to Cao Xiaomi's meaty cheeks.

"Oh! No! Eldest sister, please leave them to your Ana, I don't want to rob him at all, really!" Tong Minen, such a "expression of love", she has neither the blessing nor the life to accept it.

"Hmph! You're smart!"

Suddenly, the foldable phone covered with Hello Kitty foam stickers vibrated, and Cao Xiaomi quickly picked up the phone.

"What? No more?" Cao Xiaomi wailed hypnotically, "No! I want an autograph... No matter! You wantFind a way for others! Otherwise, you just don’t love me!” After she put down the unreasonable and cruel words, she cut off the communication with great momentum.

The ancients said it well, one thing conquers one thing.

“What’s the matter ?" Tong Minen saw that Cao Xiaomi's mouth was almost pouting to the ceiling.

"It's all Fan Weilun's fault! Just tell him to queue up early, and he still insists on going after sex, look, look It’s because of that one hour that they didn’t buy Wanas’ signed CD, I’m so mad!” Cao Xiaomi yelled endlessly, and when he didn’t pay attention, even Fan Weilun’s stamina was leaked to him.

Tong Minen rolled his eyes suddenly. "You can help, but it's just a CD, what's the big deal?"

"You don't understand! Varnas is a famous performer, the piano and violin are first-class, and He can also compose music, and the melody is so amazing, I can never get tired of listening to him!" Cao Xiaomi clasped his hands together and pressed his chin, his crisp expression made Vanas a god.

"Wait...can you say that tile again?" Tong Minen's English is notoriously bad, but after Cao Xiaomi read it over and over again, he always felt a little impressed.

"It's Vanessa Rein , he is only in his thirties now, and he is already the instructor of the Royal Music Department!" Cao Xiaomi narrated well. She has listened to Vanessa's music for three years, although he is quite different from the current idol. There are discrepancies, but she still loves him very much, and if she loves him for a day, she will feel wrong all over her body, so she doubts whether Fan Weilun's big vinegar bucket will play tricks on her, pretending that she didn't buy it, and she will have to torture him later Huh!

"Is he a mixed race?" Tong Minen asked.

"Yes!" Cao Xiaomi had a miraculous expression of "I didn't expect you to know".

"Do you want His signature?" Tong Minen asked again.

"Of course!"

Hearing this, Tong Minen suddenly cleared his throat, imitating the role of a lady in TV dramas with his legs crossed and fiddled with her hair. "Then please beg me !"

"Why did I ask you?" It's over! This woman is in a relationship and talks about her brains!

"Because he is my fiancé! Even if you want the underwear he wears, I will still give birth to you, believe it or not?" Fortunately, Fan Weilun is not here, otherwise she will probably be hacked to death.

"Red Dou Ni?" Cao Xiaomi was shocked, her round eyes sparkling.

"When did I ever lie to you?"

"Wow... Miss Tong..." Cao Xiaomi screamed so excited that she almost tore the roof off, and she crawled on Tong Minen very unmotivated. At her feet, she tried her best to curry favor with the essence.

"Are you sick? Wake up!" Tong Minen couldn't play her well. Since she was a child, she had given Cao Xiaomi countless surprises, and Cao Xiaomi always used such exaggeration every time. In a grateful, standard neurotic way.

"Follow orders!" Cao Xiaomi also dug out more than a dozen CDs, but most of them were compilations, and offered them reverently. "This, this, and this! They all need to be signed!"

Tong Minen flipped through it casually, and because the cover was full of a large group of people or white clouds and birds, Quan Ji, who she didn't understand, entered the bag, and suddenly, The generous and familiar shoulder on the back of the bottom album made her startled, and the strong bad omen made her thoughts confused, and she couldn't restrain herself from opening the CD case, and took out the introduction of Weitian——

Wa Nas Rain, born in Taiwan in 1963, joined the Huangzhi Orchestra at the age of 18 with the number one score. Known as a "natural musician", he has composed many admirable pieces of music , its style is bold and ingenious, and it is not limited to the old fashion or drifting with the trend...

After watching it, Tong Minen was so shocked that he couldn't speak a word, his eyes were glued to the photo, and he was so handsome no matter what angle he was obsessed with The man in her heart was reeling over the warmth she felt less than half an hour ago.

Why him...

"Is he... famous?"

After thinking for a moment, Cao Xiaomi said: "Of course it is abroad! As for Taiwan, it should only be considered good, Taiwan Everyone loves singers and idols! But anyone who listens to pure music must know him."

Tong Minen didn't answer any more, but felt a terrifying chill spreading from his whole body to the bottom of his heart. The face of the man who always played and flirted with her gradually overlapped with the seriousness and fortitude in the photo, and when her misty pupils flickered slightly, she swallowed them back with extraordinary self-control before tears filled her eyes.

"Minen, your chain is about to loose again! You need to get a new one as soon as possible! Otherwise, it will be bad if it falls off." Cao Xiaomi noticed that Tong Minen's necklace was loose, so she reminded, Just ignored what was wrong with her.

Tong Minen's amethyst is in the shape of a four-leaf alfalfa. When she got it from Maria, it looked like a piece of amethyst was missing. I took a delicate box like a pocket watch to protect the amethyst in it, and the relative weight increased a lot, so the chain had to be replaced regularly to prevent it from being broken due to excessive consumption.

"Yeah!" However, the impact Vanas brought to Tong Minen left her no time to be distracted. The pain made her walk out of the room with heavy steps.

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At the same time and at the same place, sisters Zhen Yiling and Tong Minen meet again for dinner. People move.

As the wedding day approached, Zhen Qialing became more and more anxious. She smoked continuously, but she didn't hear any protest from her friends.

Tong Minen's mood was still at the moment when the truth came out, justStaring at those CDs every night, she gradually learned to accept the facts, but she didn't know what to do next.

Compared with Zhen Yiling's worries, Tong Minen's sluggishness is puzzling.

"Min En?"

"Huh?" She is in a trance these days.

"Why are you listless?" Patting Tong Minen's cold pink cheeks, Zhen Yiling discovered that her friend who had always been completely insulated from melanin had dark circles under her eyes.

"I didn't sleep well." Zhen Yiling's concern made Tong Minen feel guilty, and she wanted to learn from Zhen Yiling's big smoking gun, to see if she could spit out the bad luck accumulated in her heart.

"Hey! You are not allowed to smoke!" Zhen Yiling put away the cigarette case in time, Tong Minen's behavior was too weird. "You will not be able to sleep even more if you smoke."

"Then what should I do?" She asked herself dully, even she couldn't stand her strange appearance.

"What happened to you?" Zhen Qiling looked very anxious, because the Tong Minen she knew was a person who was full of energy all year round, not a sick and puffy person in front of him.

"I can't sleep well." Tong Minen is really good at deceiving people, and this matter is actually not difficult to solve, because whether Zhen Yiling loves Tao Jin or not, the marriage contract is everything, so she has no other choice. There is only one way to separate.

Separated... It turned out that what bothered her was the suffocating separation. She has never loved a man, nor has she ever been hurt by a man, and she doesn't know how to guard against a man.

When the idea of ​​love rushed into her heart, she was already deeply involved in it before she even had time to recognize what it was.

Love really can make people dizzy, she always reminded Liu Suping to find out Tao Jin's identity, but she herself was ignorantly negligent.

"Woman, your reason is so bad!" Zhen Yiling poked at her very rudely. "Just say what's on your mind! Don't you feel sad if you hold it back?"

She shook her head, if she confessed, There will definitely be a bigger disturbance, which is not what she would like to see. "I'm fine! Tell me about you!"

"Me?" Zhen Yiling lowered her face. "Why don't we just do that and get married by my mother's order! "

"Didn't you ever think about refusing..." As soon as the words came out, Tong Minen froze. Damn it! How could she sabotage like this? However, she also realized sadly that she really hoped so much...

"How to refuse? They have all arranged, I can only mourn my single life here, no one will talk to me. "The Zhen family has been looking forward to this moment for a long time, and now they just changed the bride. For them, the marriage between the two families is the most important thing.

"You don't love him!" She tried to calm the turbulent waves Let yourself be like a real bystander. "Could it be... He actually likes you, otherwise no one would take their life's marriage as a joke. "If this is the reason, she would be more willing to leave.

"That's impossible. "Although Zhen Yiling is often deceived by men, she at least understands some metaphorical signals in her eyes, and Wanas's eyes are too indifferent to her. To put it bluntly, he turns a blind eye. It is not difficult for him to accommodate her as a replacement bride. Maybe he is also a good boy, just following the plan of his elders.

"Yiling...do you know anything about Wanas's father?" Always hovering at the crossroads between love and dislike, she couldn't stop thinking about it Understand his impulse.

"I know! But why do you..."

"Uh! My little Mi is quite obsessed with him, which made me start listening to his music too, so...so I'm curious . She hastened to make up for it.

"Oh! Varnas' father is a businessman, and he seems to be a very important person. "Actually, Zhen Yiling is a keen woman, and a trace of speculation has already been drawn in her heart, but she also thinks that Wanas and Tong Minen have never met before, so she must be thinking too much." But a man who has money will be funny, like Aunt Ryan It's his mistress raised outside, but Aunt Ryan loves Wanas' father very much. A talented girl in the music industry ruined her future for love like this, and stays in Taiwan waiting for an irresponsible man. So ah! Love is nothing but a tormenting thing, but few people escape it. "

"That's it..." Tong Minen frowned and murmured. The outrageous sentimentality of Wanas's father was like a tipping point, blowing up a blind spot that was lingering in his heart but was too late to clarify. "Qia Ling, you Do you think... what is the definition of a man's sincerity?"

"Honesty!" Zhen Yiling didn't even think about it, because she met too many liars who didn't really love her.

These two simple words are like five thunderbolts , Tong Minen was so upset, knowing that the final answer would be heartbreaking, but still asked. "When a man never mentions the past or future to you, but sometimes acts very sentimental..."

"That's called a bitter trick!" Zhen Qiling snorted. "My ex-boyfriend, ex-ex-boyfriend, ex-ex-ex-boyfriend, and boyfriends who have gone somewhere else have all done this trick. They just don't want to be lonely. ..."

"Okay!" Zhen Yiling was suddenly excited. "Min En, my dad will hold a banquet for Wanas in two days, and he will definitely invite many young and wealthy second-generation entrepreneurs. Keep your eyes open, and pick a good man to embarrass that bastard!"

This proposal hits the target in Tong Minen's heart.

"Okay. "She didn't want to get involved in their marriage contract, but it was a fact that Tao Jin hurt her. She touched her plump crimson lips slightly. Even if she couldn't take revenge, she should be able to give him a surprise!

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There are not many customers in the "Flower World" store today, and the orders are all shipped out in the morning. Tong Minen finally has time to deal with some more labor-intensive flowers.

She sits on the chair,There are pale pink roses that are not very popular in the market. Holding one of the brushes in the bucket, I dipped some special paints and carefully dyed the flowers.

After Liu Suping and Tong Tong returned to the store, they saw Tong Minen buried in the pile of flowers.

"Sister Tong, what are you doing?" Tong Tong has just stepped into this industry not long ago, and she only knows a little superficial knowledge. She picked up a bunch of finished blue roses, and she was even more admiring in her heart. "It's so beautiful! Who asked for this?"

"That ugly Miss Chen last week."

"Huh? It's her!" Tong Tong is most afraid of the kind of eighth woman who pretends to be noble , Immediately make a vomiting sample.

"She's really annoying. If we want a blue rose, we can order it for her. How long will it take?"

"Silly Tongtong, experts can't develop this kind of blue rose yet. , the only one that is closer is the purple rose, where do you want Min En to order it!" Liu Suping also picked up one and looked at it carefully. It is rare to see people who can dye this kind of natural beauty by hand. She guessed that Miss Chen must have asked Min En first before approaching him.

"What's wrong with Ms. Chen? You're making things difficult on purpose!" Tong Tong stared intently at Tong Minen's ingenious painters, amazed. "This is simply an impossible task!"

"Bingo! The flower language of the blue rose is "impossible", but with Min En here, Ann!" Liu Suping said.

Tong Minen pursed her lips and smiled, and re-bound the roses to Tong Tong. "Help me put these in the refrigerator. Ms. Chen gave me plenty of time. I'll paint tomorrow."

Tong Tong followed her advice. He completed the first yellow rose under Tong Tong's questioning eyes.

"Who asked for this?" Tong Tong felt that people nowadays are really unbelievable. The yellow rose symbolizes "breakup", and since we are going to say goodbye, why bother to spend such thoughts.

"That's right! Is this urgent?" Liu Suping thought that she couldn't get an appointment as scheduled, which is why Tong Minen was so bothered.

"This is what I want." Tong Minen still wore a calm smile. She wants to finish this bouquet of yellow roses with her own hands, kill the sad love in her heart with every stroke, and completely sever everything with Tao Jin.

Hearing this, Liu Suping and Tong Tong looked at each other in blank dismay. There is obviously a problem between the lovers, but they don't understand what factors make them have to separate.

Seeing Tong Minen's calmness made them feel even more weird. Most of the people are like this, the more variables they face, the more indifferent they will appear on the surface, and Min En is such a proud and stubborn woman, she does not allow her fragility to be exposed in the slightest. Maybe I have to find time to talk to Tao Jin. It's a pity that the couple who we called together broke up like this!

"He is busy composing music recently, so don't look for him." Knowing their eagerness to move, Tong Minen Be forewarned. It might not be a good ending to draw a rest like this, she never thought of breaking the agreement between him and the Zhen family.

"Composer? It sounds so advanced!" Tong Tong can't even read the staves, but humming is top-notch.

"Minen, what does Tao Jin do...do you know?" Liu Suping felt that something was wrong. She had seen Tong Minen for so many years, but she had rarely been with any man. Tao Jin, who is on a guarantee, must not make any major mistakes.

"He is a well-known foreign performer, Wanas Rehn, have you heard of it?" The intermittent music lingered in her ears, as if mocking her blindness.

This failure may be related to her lack of experience, because she is not suspicious enough to be suspicious, and her ignorance of him has created the sadness at this moment.

If it were another woman, how would she deal with her situation? Catch him to extract a confession? Women seem to be like this often. Only when I came out did I believe it, and I got hurt all over my body. She should be able to skip this process and remain completely ignorant.

"Wow! How powerful is he?" Tong Tong heard a little bit about it.

Before Tong Minen finished speaking, "He is also a man with a marriage contract." Tears, invisible to the naked eye, flowed along her pulse and along the handle of the pen into the rose stamens, hiding them by distinguishing the petals.

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