Typesetting messed up and reissued

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Nora walked for a while, blushing.

⌈Oops...it leaked again...⌋

The clothes on my body had been torn long ago, I don't know if it was a bad idea,The gang found a shirt that was obviously too small for Nora to wear,The buttons on her breasts couldn't be buttoned at all, and they could barely cover half of her plump breasts.This kind of half-covered and half-revealed look is even more alluring, and the soft white breasts flicker between movements,If you encounter looters or gunmen now, you will probably have to be gang-raped several times!

⌈Hate...want it again...⌋

⌈Alas...why did it become so lewd...⌋

It probably started from that time!

Time goes back to some years ago.

Not long after Nora thawed out, in order to find her son, she became a well-known mercenary,She teamed up with Jack Cabot to defeat his father Lorenzo, but unfortunately Lorenzo's power is too strong,It didn't take long for Nora to be kicked out, and she could only watch the others being killed by Lorenzo one by one.


I saw Lorenzo walking in the body parts and blood like a walk, until he was in front of Nora.After wandering for this period of time, Nora was not often afraid, but now she was as immobile as a mouse stared at by a snake.

⌈I can see that you are not an ordinary woman...seems very suitable to help me give birth to a true heir...⌋

⌈...you monster...you...⌋

I saw a flash of light from the crown on Lorenzo's head,Nora was speechless.Nora only felt that her body was completely out of control, and she took off the gun, armor, and clothes one by one,As if showing Lorenzo, Nora presented her perfect nude body before Lorenzo's eyes.Just being swept away by Lorenzo's eyes, Nora felt her whole body twitching.

Lorenzo seemed very satisfied and said: ⌈Come on! My slave, come and serve me! ⌋Although Nora yelled no in her heart, she showed a lewd expression,Crawled up to Lorenzo and stripped him of all his clothes, and cleaned his body with tongue and skin,Finally, he clamped his huge cock between his tits and licked the head of his cock with his tongue.

⌈...Master...Your cock is so hot and big...The slave wants to be penetrated by a big cock...⌋

Lorenzo picked up Nora, pressed it against the wall, and began to play with every inch of her beautiful skin with his hand and mouth, as if he had seen through her flesh. He could find Nora's most sensitive weakness every time, and made her orgasm in less than five minutes Lian Lian, his whole body was paralyzed, all supported by Lorenzo's hands up and down.

⌈...The master is so strong...The slave's tits are played so well by the master...It's so good...The pussy...It's so itchy...The master...Ah~haha..Finger came in.. .The prostitute is about to ejaculate...so good...ejaculate again...⌋

⌈Humph! Didn't you really want to kill me just now? Now just by being touched by my fingers, it becomes so lewd, and there is so much lewd water. ⌋

⌈...Ah~...The kinky slave is wrong...Um...Ah...The kinky slave only wants the master's cock now...The kinky slave is a horny woman..Ah~ cum again. ..The slave's pussy really wants the master's cock... Whatever the master does...⌋

Lorenzo turned Nora on his back, put her on the ground like a bitch, and slammed him hard from behind. Nora's drooping breasts shook with the movement, sweat and cum flowed from her crotch. .

⌈...Ahhh! is inserted! It's so good...so cool...being fucked like a bitch...slave is so good...ah~ah~...the pussy is so full...so good...⌋

⌈Humph! What a horny bitch, swallow my cum and help me have a baby! ⌋

⌈....Ah~ah~ah~ so much~ so hot~ all came in~ shot a lot~ the uterus is full~ going to be pregnant~⌋

⌈...what! Haha~ I ejaculated again... so cool... I don't have to look for a son... The master filled my uterus so full... I will definitely be pregnant...⌋

(a few days later)

A classical and gorgeous house, echoing with the lewd voices of women and the panting of men. The man is naked but wearing a strange crown, the woman's sexy and beautiful body is covered with bruises and body fluids, but she is still sitting on the man, trying to swallow the man's cock with her pussy.

⌈...Um ha ha...Master, you are so strong...Big cock brother...Fuck me...The slut's pussy is about to be fucked...⌋

Nora only remembers that her body was controlled at the beginning, and she wanted to resist desperately, but it didn't take long before she couldn't figure out whether her body was controlled. She only remembered the timeless sex, oral sex, anal sex, and the cock was inserted from various places , semen was poured into her beautiful body in various ways, and the constant orgasms hit her nerves. When she was sure that she was in control of her body, the sexy wasp waist was still shaking her lower body, unable to stop squeezing the semen again and again. The plump breasts drew extremely attractive breast waves, which made the man below him unable to hold it up. Hands took over the tits, violently changing their shape continuously.

⌈...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… .⌋

Lorenzo didn't see the original arrogance, his face was pale and his whole body was thin, only the cock of his lower body was still standing upright. Lorenzo watched in horror as his cock entered Nora's heavenly pussy again.

⌈Ah...Cum again...Good master...Cum a lot again...Full again...⌋

After wave after wave of orgasm, Nora found that Lorenzo had lost his breath and kept gushing outHer desire still filled her consciousness.

It's been a long time...

Nora regained her sanity and found that Lorenzo's body had been eaten by herself.

Nora only felt a powerful energy gushing out of her body. She was immobilized by the tremendous pain. The flesh-and-blood carcass glowed strangely. The muscles of the whole body were constantly reorganizing. The caress generally changes shape continuously, and the breasts that are obviously a few sizes larger begin to emit bursts of frankincense, and two streams of milk are spurted out unnaturally. Nora, who was in severe pain, could only hold her big breasts with her hands as if milking, turning herself into two milk fountains.

⌈...Ahhh~ My boobs are so swollen... Squirt out...⌋

The pain in the upper body was not over. Nora's long and toned legs stretched straight, a force rushed out from her crotch, and a cock with perfect length, hardness and shape grew out from the front of the vagina, as if someone was giving it oral sex Normally, Nora only felt a pleasure she had never experienced before, a stream of cloudy semen spurting from the front of her cock.

⌈...Hoohoo...This is a man's cock...How is it possible...Ah~⌋

Before Nora lost consciousness, she saw the spout of milk and semen hit the diadem on Lorenzo's head, and the diadem glowed dimly before falling from Lorenzo's head.
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