coquettish wife author unknown

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Coquettish wife

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My friend Gao Wei and I, and my wife Travel to Huangshan, then to Qiandao Lake, and finally to Hangzhou.
Let me just talk about the most exciting thing that happened in Hangzhou! It was already evening when we arrived in Hangzhou. We lived in a shop, which was a standard room for three people, with a bathroom and air-conditioning.
It was very late when we came back from dinner. Before this, Gao Wei had never fucked my wife. He only played with my wife's breasts and maybe touched my wife's cunt once after drinking. He is usually very He loves to give my wife a massage. We all joked that he is my wife's professional masseuse.
This time was no exception. After taking a shower, my wife only wore a large vest with a pullover, no bra, but underwear.
I especially turned on the air conditioner very cold. As soon as my wife went to bed, I asked Gao Wei to give her a massage.
My wife is covered with a quilt so that they won't be embarrassed to make out in front of me.
He massaged my wife through the quilt, I turned off the light, and before turning off the light, I said to him: Put your hands under the quilt and press her, it's so hard to press! All right.
Gao Wei is obviously happy to massage my wife in the quilt.
But he is still a relatively well-behaved person, I hope he will do something.
He pressed it for a while, and my wife seemed to be asleep. I got up and walked to their bed and sat down. He had been massaging my wife's legs and waist. I stretched out my hand and pressed it for a while. He took the opportunity to lift up her vest, and said to him: Don't press through the clothes, just press it better.
I kept pushing her tank top up to her breasts.
At this time, my wife was lying on the bed, and I exposed her entire back, and pulled her panties down to reveal half of her buttocks. Of course, I took off my wife's body under the quilt. Clothes, he did not see.
I told Gao Wei that it was a bit cold, and covered him with my wife's quilt, while I went back to my own bed.
Now he is lying in the same quilt with my wife, and my wife is half naked, and I chatted with him without saying a word.
I asked him to massage my wife's buttocks, and said: It's okay, come out to play, after a day of driving, the buttocks are also very tired, give her a massage! There was no one else, and my wife was asleep too.
He agreed, but he didn't seem to press it. I think he found out that he pressed it on my wife's naked buttocks. I'm sorry.
I have to open up this situation.
I walked over again and turned on a small light, but the room was still very dark. I massaged my wife's thigh, moving it up a little bit, and said to Gao Wei: Come out to play, the thigh root It is the most tiring, why are you embarrassed to press it? It's okay, it's okay if you rub her breasts, and she's not an outsider.
Doesn't it make her comfortable? , No, Gao Wei said: Wasn't I just massaging her waist! ,  You have been massaging her waist for so long, you can massage her legs again.
I said to him.
At this time, we both sat up, I lifted the quilt to my wife's waist, and pulled up my wife's panties that I had just taken off so that her buttocks were exposed, of course, this was only for me to pull up from the bottom of the crotch Open some underwear, at this time my wife is lying on the bed with only a pair of underwear on her lower body.
We were massaging one of her legs by myself, but the places we pressed were a little different. He was pressing the calf, and I was pressing the thigh, and it was very close up. The outside of my palm kept touching my wife's pussy. .
Because the light was on, I thought he was watching me massage my wife all the time, so I pulled my wife a little towards his panty crotch, and half of my wife's pussy was exposed.
My wife wears loose underwear when she sleeps, so I didn't snap back my hand after I left it. From his side, I think I can clearly see half of my wife's labia majora.
I asked him to massage my wife's thighs, and told him: When I come out to play, my thighs are the most tired.
And took his hand and pressed it on the upper part of his wife's thigh, and said to him: Yes, just press these places.
His hand was pressing my wife's inner thigh, I put his hand up again, at this time his hand touched my wife's vagina, he was a little embarrassed, and moved his hand down point.
But I thought about it for a long time, how could I give up! Everyone knows that women have a tendon in their thighs, half of which is under the labia. I told him: just press this tendon.
and put his hand on my wife's exposed pussy lips.
He also knew that there was such a tendon, but he was somewhat embarrassed, so he gently pressed my wife's labia with two fingers.
, I said to him: What are you embarrassed about? As I said that, I opened my wife's panties with one hand, exposing the entire pussy, and pressed his hand on my wife's pussy with the other hand.
He didn't seem to understand what I was going to do, he looked at me in confusion, and I said, "This way you can feel good about it!" The cunt has been touched by you, so there is nothing embarrassing about pressing it? And rubbing my wife's pussy with his hand.
I'm not sorry.
He blushed a little.
But he was only wearing underwear, and I saw his penis was already erect! At this time, he began to massage half of my wife's pussy half-pressed and half-touched, so I put my legs under my wife's body,Get her ass up so my wife's pussy is clearly parted and pointing skyward.
I pulled her panties again and started playing with my wife's pussy.
From time to time, I put my fingers into my wife's vagina. She didn't fall asleep, and the vagina was so wet that I couldn't tell. Taking his hand, I took off my wife's panties and her blouse in one go.
He thought I was going to fuck my wife, so he got up and wanted to leave, but I took the first step and said: You continue to press, I will go to bed.
And tucked them both up so he was in the same quilt with my naked wife in his underwear.
I went back to my bed and turned off the light, and said to him: You can do what you want, if you have nothing to do, you can rub her pussy, isn't it just for her comfort? She just loves to have her cunt rubbed, and she doesn't feel tired once she climaxes! Don't be shy, even if she's fine after you fuck her, just help me, I'm tired today, or she will definitely let me fuck her.
Just play with her, anyway, she is asleep, she will be regarded as mine, so you should play with her for me.
I'm so tired, fuck you if you want... Before I finished speaking, I heard my wife moaning, and it was a very regular sound. Through the moonlight, I saw that he I have lifted the quilt and lay on my wife's body to fuck.
The two naked bodies were entangled together, and his penis was thrusting hard into my wife's vagina.
Under the dim light, I saw Gao Wei thrusting more and more vigorously, his wife's moaning became more and more terribly, and my younger brother who had hardened a long time ago couldn't hold back his arrogance! As soon as I turned over, I jumped up and ran over, rubbing my wife's swollen breasts with one hand, and rubbing her clitoris with the other hand. After a while, my wife couldn't bear it anymore! I saw that Gao Wei pumped faster, suddenly pumped his penis, and the semen shot wildly towards his wife's abdomen like a fountain! However, the wife's climax has not yet come, and she repeatedly shouted: I want more! I want it too! I immediately exchanged positions with Gao Wei, and I continued to fuck, while Gao Wei inserted his softened penis into his wife's mouth.
After a while, Gao Wei's little brother stood up again! I couldn't take it any longer, and as soon as I pulled my cock out, I was cumming wildly! Gao Wei immediately relayed and continued to fuck wildly, so the two alternated for several rounds, and finally made his wife paralyzed after the wild screams.
At this moment, the three of them immediately lay down together as if they were dead, and fell asleep until noon the next day before waking up.
It was Gao Wei who woke up first.
As soon as he opened his eyes, he might see our husband and wife lying naked, my wife's hand was still touching my scrotum, and my hand was still touching my wife's swollen breasts. So I tiptoed to take my clothes and ran to the bathroom, and then shouted loudly through the door: What time is it, get up! We were all woken up at the same time, our eyes met, and we all smiled knowingly when we saw our respective distressed faces.
Recalling the crazy scene of everyone last night, but there is still a lot of aftertaste! Immediately, his wife put on her underwear very quickly, and went to take a shower immediately after Gao Wei came out.
Gao Wei took advantage of my wife's absence and said with guilt: I'm sorry last night! I said casually: Everyone is happy.
Gao Wei then whispered next to my ear: I never thought your wife would have such a strong sexual desire! I am a little ashamed to say: I have always been troubled by not being able to feed her enough! Gao Wei listened, and said generously: If you don't mind, I'm here! Not long after I walked into the bathroom, I vaguely heard something unusual outside the bathroom door amidst the sound of the shower water. After taking a quick shower and drying myself, I listened carefully through the crack of the door, only to hear my wife That familiar lascivious moaning sound was ear-piercing! It's amazing! He actually gave the animal Gao Wei a first taste of soup! I didn't even care about putting on my underwear, so I rushed out, and sure enough, I saw the two of them having a fierce confrontation.
Gao Wei is lying on the bed, his wife is riding on him, tossing up and down rhythmically, he is having fun! I couldn't hold back any longer, I pushed my wife from behind, and let her lie on Gao Wei's chest with her buttocks upside down, and I inserted my valiant penis into her anus.
At this time, I took the initiative, and every time I pushed hard, Gao Wei's penis bumped into the depths of his wife's vagina, causing her to be double stimulated. 
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