sex mother (6)

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【Sex Mother】(6)

Author: 1209800762 Published in the first club on November 30, 2021

In the early morning, Xiao Wu woke up tremblingly from the bed . Naked all over, with red marks on his hands and feet that were tied up, the big dick that was majestic last night was slumped on the sheets like a dead fish at this moment, There was a bright red patch on the glans, and the two eggs were dry and shriveled. Xiao Wu has no doubt that if he hadn't been begging for mercy all the time, it would be a question whether he would be able to wake up this morning.

Xiao Wu stood up and got up, and suddenly felt a dull pain in his crotch, especially his glans, when he took a closer look, the skin on the glans was wrinkled. Last night, my mother Liu Yan squeezed and rubbed her glans desperately, and the ejaculated sperm came out one after another. >Wipe it all over my body, saying that I want to make myself feel the taste of being smeared on my body...

"What a stinky bitch and a slut, she is so cruel to her son..." Xiao Wu scolded He moved slowly with his legs crossed, moved to the bathroom little by little, and started to wash.

Liu Yan has gone to work happily. Last night, she got revenge for her revenge. In a good mood, Liu Yan cooked very well in the morning. Xiao Wu, who had washed up, didn't wear any clothes, and threw his big bird to the dining table to replenish himself little by little. Xiao Wu looked at the milk and eggs on the table, and slowly drank wolfberry and a pile of porridge made from unknown ingredients with a spoon, as if his mother seemed to compensate him. After thinking about it, he begged so hard last night, hysterical, and his mother was still lustfully extracting his semen, and Xiao Wu felt more and more hatred in his heart.

"Stinky bitch... slutty shit..."

"Stinky bitch... dirty stuff..."

Even porridge Xiao Wu couldn't stop the vicious scolding in his mouth. After dinner, Xiao Wu was lying on the sofa, his room was filled with the smell of semen, let it ventilate by itself.

"Yesterday the stinky bitch told me to ask for leave, today is Friday, so I have three days to rest"

One Thinking that he will be with his mother for the next three days, Xiao Wu is a little scared. The ghost knows if his lascivious mother will do anything strange to him.

"No, I'm going to take the initiative!"

The sacred mother-son relationship has long ceased to exist between the two, and the lewd and absurd things have developed to the present.
Manage the moral impact of the mess. On the surface, the mother and son were screaming, but the two of them knew in their hearts that it was just a erotic son and a slutty mother maintaining the appearance.

Xiao Wu lay on the sofa and looked at the ceiling leisurely, "Be sure to take the initiative in your own hands! ', Even if it's her own mother, she's just a woman, there's no reason for a woman to take the initiative to rape a man. This scumbag-like bitch is her own mother, and she's still a child, or else she'll be on the floor and fuck her pussy every day.

"But, what should I do..."

Thinking about how bright and beautiful my mother is, she also cares for herself, and the neighbors are all
Compliment her for being a gentle and beautiful mother who seems to be very good at work.

Yes! handle! The gentle and kind mother is actually a slut who rapes her son, and the powerful leader in the career is a bitch who wants to be dissatisfied behind the scenes. These things that mothers never dare to expose is the best handle. As long as she is crying and complaining that she wants to tell the story, the slut mother will be very panic and obey her orders.

Xiao Wu jumped up from the sofa, ran into Liu Yan's bedroom and started rummaging through boxes... A bunch of pornographic things were found by Xiao Wu Tongtong, and the fake cock that Liu Yan hid , lace transparent panties, black stockings, hollow bra... just having these things is not enough, there must be solid evidence. Xiao Wu thought about it, and finallyhe was ruthless, "I can only let my mother come to me again at night"

Reluctant to let this child down, the heroic Xiao Wu decided Use your body to feed your mother and seize the handle of the slut. Prosperous families will naturally not lack digital products. Xiao Wu found a small camera and hid it on the table in his room. A little gap facing his bed. Check and check the effect of the video, just to record myself lying down, everything is ready, only owes the mother-in-law to take the bait.

I waited until evening with the excitement in my heart, the familiar footsteps came from outside the door, and the rhythm of the high heels hitting the ground was rhythmic and regular, it must be my bright-faced mom. came back.

Liu Yan just twisted the handle and pushed the door open. What caught her eye was her naked son, and the big bird dangling under her crotch was particularly conspicuous.

"You're going to die, little bastard, why don't you wear clothes?"

"It hurts to put on a grinding dick..." The boy dodged his eyes, and his submissive voice was full of grievances.

Liu Yan is angry and funny, but she has not forgotten that this is her masterpiece, "That doesn't work either, go back and get dressed!" Watching her son succumb to his majesty and run back to the room, Liu Yan loosened his waist and went to cook.

At dinner, the mother and son sat looking at each other. Liu Yan was eating attentively, while Xiao Wu stared at Liu Yan blankly, as if he had something to say. Liu Yan naturally noticed it, and she didn't point it out. She already had a big revenge, and she didn't care what the little bastard wanted to say.

After the mother and son finished their dinner at a normal speed, Xiao Wu finally couldn't help it, and slowly came to Liu Yan's side with a tangled face.


"What are you doing?" Liu Yan, who was cleaning the dishes, cast a glance at him.

"That's... um... can this evening be... like yesterday..."

"What the hell do you want to do!" Liu Yan said this, but she was shocked in her heart , Could it be that my son likes this kind of tone, bad, this little bastard will not become M.

"I feel... Mom... that way is very comfortable for me..."

"Mom... Do you want to do it again..." Xiao Wu looked at his face expectantly Mother.

"Do you really like it?" Liu Yan couldn't help but smile when she looked at her son's expectant face.

"Mom... let's do it again... I think what mom does is very comfortable..."

"Haha, I didn't expect you to be an M son" Liu Yan laughed, as if feeling Then things started to get really interesting.

"Mom...what is M?" Xiao Wu looked puzzled.

"You don't need to know, do you really want mom to come again?"

"Yeah!" Xiao Wu nodded fiercely.

"Then go back to your room and wait. Mom will be here in a moment!" The deep lust in her heart is full, and Liu Yan's heart ishearted. There is nothing better in the world than playing with herself Is the son happy?

"Then mom, can you loosen the tie..."

Listening to her son's plea, Liu Yan didn't mind, "Okay, go, go, go. Well..."


Xiao Wu ran back to the room, turned on the camera that was fully charged, and undressed on the bed.

After a while, Liu Yan pushed in the door and walked slowly towards Xiao Wu's bed. He lightly tied Xiao Wu with the stockings he had been wearing for a day. After tying up, Liu Yan gave Xiao Wu a mysterious smile, "Good son, wait a minute, mom", then turned around and left.

Soon, Liu Yan, who was dressed up, pushed the door and entered again. From the camera, I saw a tall mature woman wearing a black and transparent sexy apron, perfectly exposing her small and delicate navel and fair and smooth skin. But what wrapped the plump buttocks was a pair of black silk panties with open crotch embedded with lace, and a small string was deeply sunk into the gap between the two petals. The spring light on the white buttocks that can't be covered is all exposed, and the pubic hair that is completely exposed in the front of the pussy is like grass, which is fascinating.

A pair of big breasts is even more spectacular under the half-cup black silk bra, most of the plump tits jumped out of the restraint of the bra, and a pair of nipples are like red cherries tempting people. Wearing thin black stockings on Liu Yan's body, it has good elasticityand is tightly attached to her slender and attractive legs. The allure is on full display.

The erotic temptation of the mature woman's flesh is not only recorded, but the mature woman's flesh is directly erected with the attractive Xiao Wu.

Feeling her son's fiery gaze licking on her plump and seductive body, Liu Yan leaned forward, shakinga pair of big breasts on her chest, causing waves of big breasts, light Biting the lower half of his thin lips, he said,

"Little bastard, do you like your mother?"

Xiao Wu's eyes widened, shocked by his lascivious mother. What a whore can do such a thing!

Seeing her son's complete shock, Liu Yan smiled charmingly. Bend up a slender beautiful leg and squat down sideways, press the middle finger with one hand on the fleshy buttocks, moaning erotically while standing up enchantingly, fingers crossing the perfect curve of the body , staying on top of the big breasts, with one hand, he took off the thin bra, threw it at Xiao Wu, and directly covered Xiao Wu's erect cock.

Liu Yan turned around again, bent down, and slowly shook her kinky ass towards her son. The camera only captured Liu Yan's lustful and charming expression and erect breasts. From Xiao Wu's point of view, he saw a blood-spraying scene. Liu Yan's white and plump buttocks were raised high, as if to show her own feminine charm to her son. generally. The dark-brown chrysanthemums that cannot be blocked by a rope are exposed, opening their mouths slightly in the air, and the dark-brown pussies show the whole picture, and the filthy water that has started to secrete glitters attractively under the light. Every time it shakes, the plump buttocks will wave, and the tender and dripping pussy will make Xiaowu's cock explode.

Liu Yan turned around and got on the bed, and then made a more exciting action. Liu Yan, who was wearing it, turned around again, knelt on Xiao Wu's legs,Supported by his hands, he lifted his ass tightly to Xiao Wu's huge cock, and then arched up and down, as if he was being stabbed by his own son's cock. Xiao Wu's dick was tightly squeezed into his mother's narrow buttocks little by little, and the cool soft meat on both sides gently squeezed and licked every inch of the skin on the cock . Soon, the prostatic fluid secreted by Xiao Wu wet the bra covered by his mother's cock.

"Oh, mom, don't grind, don't grind, it's so comfortable..."

Liu Yan turned to face her son and took off Xiao Wu's dick bra , at this moment Xiao Wu's glans is already red, purple and bright, and the blood vessels of the whole meat stick are hideous.

Unlike yesterday, Liu Yan didn't want to play with her son. At this moment, she just wanted to let herself rape her son. Liu Yan only felt that her pussy was staring at her son's cock. Liu Yan spread her legs, opened her lips with two fingers, and opened and closed her pink pussy. She couldn't wait to bite and swallow her son's cock. Liu Yan aimed at Xiao Wu's cock standing in the air, and sat down on her ass as if she couldn't help it. Xiao Wu's huge cock pushed into her mother's delicate pussy.

"Oh oh oh oh oh..."

Liu Yan let out a soothing sow-like groan, and then slammed into it quickly. The small hole was suddenly filled with the hot meat column that was forced into it, and the folds in the vagina were like a small mouth, sucking his son's cock hard. Xiao Wu's huge cock smashed through the layers of kinky flesh like slashing waves, and slammed into Liu Yan's uterus. Xiao Wu only felt that in his mother's cunt, not only was the water moist and slippery, but the whole dick was tightly wrapped, and he kept squirming and kissing his own dick. The indescribable pleasure went straight to his brain. .

Xiao Wu's waist desperately wanted to sway, but Liu Yan's hands pressed him. Liu Yan sat on a lotus with Guanyin on her son's body, and slammed Xiao Wu's hip with her always plump buttocks. Xiao Wu, whose rhythm is controlled by his mother, endured the thrill of God and hurriedly struggled, "Mom... um... light... um...
... slow... a little... um... I can't take it anymore..."

"Oh... son, it's so... cool, your... cock! Let mom... rape... with it, you's cool..."

Liu Yan even adjusted her little pussy to swallow it all the way to the cock, not only the frequency was getting faster and faster, but every time the cock hit the cervix At that time, Liu Yan would grind a few times, kissing with her own cervix and her son's horse eyes, rubbing soft flesh. Liu Yan's uterine opening was finally broken open under her own fierce impact, and Xiao Wu's glans would be tightly jammed every time. The sound of water in the pussy also changed from puff puff to gurgling sound, and the intercourse between the two has already flowed a lot of lewd water, Liu Yan's butt and Xiao Wu's bed sheets have been smashed. The water got wet.

"Kiss my son... make mom cool... big cock son... fuck... mom... fuck mom... mom's pussy..."

In the record of the camera, a beautiful woman with a naked upper body, sitting on a teenager's body and doing random checks at a high speed, Liu Yan's fair flesh trembled, and her breasts were in the air. Draws a wicked arc in it.

"Papa...papapa...papa", Liu Yan fucked her son like a mad dog.

" me go, I can't help it...", Xiao Wu endured so hard that he was already crying.

"Good son...good son...and mom...let's cum together..."

"Huh ah ah ah ah ah..."

A wave Called, Liu Yan climaxed under the impact of bursts of pleasure. The uterus and vagina contracted violently, as if it was about to pinch off Xiao Wu's cock, and a stream of filthy water spurted down, hitting Xiao Wu's glans fiercely. The glans stuck at the mouth of the uterus suddenly swelled, "Puuuuuu", and the hot concentrated sperm spurted out, hitting Liu Yan's uterine wall fiercely.

"Oh oh oh oh ... so hot and hot ... I went again and again ... Liu Yan was sent to the tide again by the hot semen. The body was panting and resting, but the lower body was still stuck together, and the semen was leaking out little by little.

Rest for a while, the crackling will start again! Once, twice, three times... , the cumming fluid spread out on the sheets.

"No way...No way...Mom let me go", Xiao Wu Disi begged bitterly.

"No, no... how can this..."


Only the camera recorded the poor boy suffering from the oppression of prostitutes look.
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